• Don't be Anonymous Anymore: 7 Ways to use Orange Snowflakes to Increase Traffic and Internet Profits
  •  Don't be Anonymous Anymore: 7 Ways to use Orange Snowflakes to Increase Traffic and Internet Profits

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    Author: Johannes Garrido

    Out of the over 1 billion web pages on the net, exactly HOW do you plan to get your site noticed?

    The Answer - Orange Snowflakes.

    Out of the myriad of marketing techniques and approaches, do you KNOW what's the #1 source for internet profits today?

    The Answer - Again, it's Orange Snowflakes.

    And just what are Orange Snowflakes? Orange Snowflakes are classified ads that compel your prospect to stand up and take notice to your unique offer. Whether it's ezine advertising, email advertising, direct mail, ebooks, discussion groups, affiliate programs, or even search engines...

    ...classified ad copy either makes people respond to your offers...

    ...or, it doesn't.

    Your ability to create Orange Snowflakes will, to a great extent, determine your success on the internet. Here are 7 ways to create Orange Snowflakes that gets more qualified prospects to take notice to your offer, visit your site, and purchase your product.


    Start by gathering all the relevant and important information regarding your topic. Analyze your market, your market's deepest desires, and the benefits you can offer to this market. Then, isolate your most impressive and unique competitive advantage. In other words, single out your MAIN BENEFIT. Try and encapsulate this main benefit into your headline and classified ad.

    2. CREATE A "Must Get More Information" HEADLINE.

    If your prospects are anything like the average web surfer, then you'll have just a few seconds to capture their attention to get them to read on. Your headline MUST draw the reader in to want more. Amazingly, bi- polar headlines (headlines that start off negative but ends positive) work best. Example: Don't Waste Another Dollar - Discover How to Increase Your Sales by 1700% with Killer Classified Ads. This headline will draw anyone who is struggling to make sales with classified ads to want to read on. It's a negative headline that promises a positive result...


    This may seem redundant, but it's vitally important step. Your first headline probably won't be your best work. But as you continue writing, you'll discover better ways to express your thoughts in a more compelling and provocative fashion. Experiment with several different styles of expression- from questions to combination-style headlines. Don't worry about perfect spelling or presentation -- just let your ideas flow. After you've created about 50 possible headlines, choose your top 3 to 5 headlines and test to see which gets the best results.


    You might find it hard to believe, but one capitalized letter in your ad may mean the difference between 50 people responding or 100. Stay away from using CAPS or BOLD CAPS... if possible. Instead Capitalize the action or key words in your sentence. Also, use bold to emphasize and underlined to really emphasize your points.


    Save all the good classified ads and sales letters you come across and throw away those don't capture your attention. A good place to start are the ones that got YOU to purchase a product. Take notice of the elements that got you to bite on their offer. Next, copy the structure of the ad and change the wording to reflect your offer. Get in the habit of doing this and eventually... you'll have some great copy! Remember, don't copy word for word... you might get into legal problems with copyright infringement. Just imitate the structure and format.

    6. THINK "Connect the Dots"

    Write your copy so that each point flows smoothly to the next. This is very important otherwise you'll lose your reader. You want your first sentence, usually your headline, to flow smoothly to the next sentence. Think of it this way. The purpose of the first sentence is to get your prospect to read the second sentence. The purpose of the second is the get them to read the third... and so on until they read your final offer and click to your order page. A good test - after you write each sentence, ask yourself "Does this make me want to read the next sentence?"


    When I first started out on the net, I placed a number of ads, submitted to search engines, wrote articles, posted to classifieds, etc.. And as a result of all my hard work, I made a few sales. BUT, and this a big BUT, I had absolutely no idea where the sales originated from. Without knowing which advertising methods were working and which weren't, I continued down this path: working hard and making a few sales. It was only when I decided to test and track my hits and sales ratio that my sales 'GREATLY' improved. Moral of the story - understand where your hits and sales are coming from. Drop the advertising that produces little to no results and cultivate the ones that create the most sales for you.

    I can't stress it enough - Your ability to create "Orange Snowflakes" will make or break your career on the net. Learning how to create killer classified ads is a fundamental practice that you have to master in order to truly succeed on the net. So, take the seven recommendations listed above and start implementing them into your own classified ad copy. The impact it can make on your business can dramtic and immediately profitable.

    About the author

    Johannes Garrido is creator of the 'Killer Classified Ads Magic System' http://www.roibot.com/w.cgi?R351_Article1 . "STOP Wasting Your Precious Time and Money - Discover How to Increase Your Sales by 1700% with Killer Classified Ads. 100% Guaranteed." http://www.roibot.com/w.cgi?R351_Article1

    This article was posted on January 16, 2002

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