• Laying Bricks

    by louis gander

    11/22/2014 / Career

    My life, I'd built with heavy bricks -

    each day set on another.

    When mortared in with selfishness

    I stacked them with another.

    So proud I was of what I'd built,

    a life of great success -

    that I had so convinced myself

    that God would surely bless.

    But lies, deceit had ruined me

    by devious elite!

    My bricks came tumbling down one day

    and crumbled 'round my feet.

    Self pity drew long tears for years,

    my future looked so dim.

    No longer good for me to hold,

    I gave those bricks to Him.

    When He accepted all those bricks

    I had no place to hide -

    so humbleness came over me

    and vanquished all my pride.

    Oh, why had Jesus taken them -

    those bricks that gave me loss?

    My sins, my burdens, all those bricks

    had nailed Him to the cross!

    More tears began to soak my cheeks.

    The floodgates opened wide.

    Then Jesus took those very bricks

    and set them all aside.

    He soaked them in His loving grace,

    then paved long streets of gold.

    And then prepared, He more of them,

    much greater to behold.

    If we could only look beyond

    our selfish, little wall,

    we'd catch a glimpse of miracle,

    the greatest of them all.

    It rises up through wonderment,

    past clouds of earthly lies,

    to castle built with bricks of grace,

    that reach the highest skies.

    My tears no longer need to wash -

    my selfish bricks away -

    for I'm inside His castle now,

    "forgiven" you might say.

    Content and happy I am now

    to know He's given me -

    a life to prove my faithfulness,

    through pure sincerity.

    Yes, living in this castle that's

    awash in loving hues -

    awash in grace above it all,

    a place 'the lost' can choose.

    I look outside its window now

    down to the busy street,

    at people who are like I was -

    where Christ, they too could meet.

    But Jesus sees them walking by -

    as they're too blind to see -

    too blind by their distracting walls,

    with lives that are not free...

    ...not free from selfish, sinful bricks

    so mortared tight with pride,

    they cannot see beyond their walls

    to Christ on other side.

    At times I see an infant child.

    For 'wants' they had been sold.

    But Jesus takes them in His arms,

    though motionless and cold...

    ...and there on streets now paved with gold

    where sin can be undone,

    in loving hands, He breathes new life

    into each little one.

    Please tell me, can you shed some tears

    to wash away your bricks -

    your bricks of futile, selfish days

    that only Christ can fix?

    Please tell me, can you shed some tears

    to wash away your days -

    your days of labor laying bricks

    for lighter, joyous ways?

    Copyright 2020 by louis gander.

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