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    by Daniel Dela Dunoo

    5/28/2015 / Career

    After years of studies many graduates are disheartened when the stark realities of unemployment stare them in the face, their relentless efforts at securing a job notwithstanding. I have been through this same path and I must admit it can be extremely stressful, frustrating and exasperating. Over my several months of joblessness, I gleaned some valuable lessons from the ups and downs of my job search and have been burdened to share with the masses of unemployed graduates these lessons.

    Start Early

    When to commence ones job search is an area that many students are sadly uninformed about and thus face harsh consequence. There are no clear cut rules though. However per my experience and that of many others, every student in a tertiary institution desirous of gainful employment after graduation (with the exception of those who are guaranteed job placement) ought to begin prospecting for a job as early as possible; as early as during the final year. This is advantageous because in most cases than not it takes several months of diligence and perseverance for one to land a good job.

    If a graduate has commenced national service already but has not as yet began prospecting for a job, perhaps the time to embark on a focused job hunting drive is now and not later. It can be done concurrently with national service.

    For students who desire to start their own businesses or enterprises, the time to begin is now. You do not have to wait until you are done with school. Business start ups generally take a while to gain customers, break even and begin to make profit. Research into the kind of business you desire to venture into. Begin where you are; start small and start with what you have. Remember, many of the world`s global brands began small. You will eventually discover several months down the line that you made a wise decision and took a prudent step in starting early. Experience has thought me this vital lesson.

    If you are through with both school and national service but never did some of the things I have thus far proposed, don`t lose hope. There is still light at the end of the tunnel. I was once in your place but had to learn the hard way; I had to pick myself up and forge ahead.

    Explore available options

    Many graduates have resigned themselves to fate whiles others have bought into the so called "whom you know" or "who knows you" syndrome. Admittedly, it has worked for some to the detriment of others but I would not advice any one to bang all hopes on it.

    In this day and age, job hunting has been made relatively easier, especially for those who know where and how to search. The internet is a helpful tool in this direction. There are numerous jobs listing websites where job vacancies are posted on a daily basis. Some sites are such that applications can be processed and submitted in a minute. The unemployed graduate can simply Google, "Job vacancies in Ghana-2014" or any such phrase and the various sites will be on display.

    The graduate may also choose to register with a credible recruitment agency. There are many of such agencies. Registration usually goes for a fee of around GHc30. These agencies are then saddled with the responsibility of scouting for jobs that fit the qualifications of the applicant or jobs that applicants are interested in.

    A job seeker may also resort to looking out for job openings that may be posted in newspapers and magazines or that may be advertisement via the electronic media such as the radio and television.

    Family members, friends and acquaintances may also be helpful in pointing out to the job seeker certain job openings that they may be privy to. It will do no harm if the job seeker informs persons in his or her sphere of contact to be on the lookout for job opportunities as they go about their daily endeavours.

    It is an obvious fact that many graduates embark on job hunting drives with their ideal job in mind. It is important that job seekers take advantage of job openings that may fall below their ideal job. This may be seen as a stepping stone and should not be allowed to pass, especially if the income that will be generated will not be less than the cost that may be associated with taking that job.

    Admittedly, the job market is choked and very competitive but the job seeker, who refuses to give up in spite of the odds, is the job seeker who will eventually land his or her dream job. Suffice to add that I have found prayer to be extremely helpful in my route to gainful employment and I trust that you will too.

    Written by Daniel Dela Dunoo

    (Freelance writer, Editor, Proofreader)

    Email: dudelda3@yahoo.com

    I am a freelance writer/editor, blogger & a published author. I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theology from the University of Wales, UK.

    Email: dudelda3@yahoo.com . Blog: http://danieldeladunoo.blogspot.com / http:theroyalwordsmithgh.wordpress.com

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