• What Does My Alexa Rank Mean? r
  • What Does My Alexa Rank Mean?


    site's Alexa Rank is a simple number representing the popularity of your website when compared to all other live websites. It does not measure your site's rank within your own industry, although you can make these comparisons yourself by checking the ranks of other sites. Most small businesses will find that their websites' Alexa Ranks are in very high numbers, meaning low popularity in comparison to other sites, but this is not a cause for concern. Consider that your Alexa Rank compares your website to the entire internet, which is home to over 1.7 billion websites ! That's why Alexa Rank is best used as a benchmarking tool to help identify your site's rate of growth — as your business grows and you earn more traffic, your rank will increase.

    If you want to see the top-ranked sites, Alexa.com maintains a live list of website rankings you can view globally or filter by country or category. Currently all the top global spots are taken by huge companies like Google, Yahoo, Facebook, Netflix, and several staple Chinese websites. All users can see the first 50 results with the complete list available to premium accounts.

    What is the Difference between Alexa Rank and Google PageRank?

    People often confuse Alexa Rank and Google PageRank, but the two ranking systems focus on different aspects of websites in general. While Alexa ranks websites based on traffic and engagement, Google PageRank measures the authority of a website — in short, how useful the website is considered to be. Google determines a website's authority based on its SEO keywords, content quality, backlinks, and other variables for the purpose of ranking websites in search results. In contrast, Alexa.com measures popularity via traffic and engagement only, not by any SEO method.

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