• 10 Reasons Why MBAs Must Learn Digital Marketing

  • International MBA is the flavor of the month , because MBA admissions have started in several colleges, with classes scheduled to commence from November 2020. Digital Marketing, on the other hand, has been in flavor with professionals across various domains (even with fresher) for a long time now. Digital marketing has eclipsed traditional marketing in such a manner that, today, it is impossible to imagine any business that does not implement digital marketing in its business strategy.

    It’s now established that digital marketing is omnipresent in the business world, but the question arises – why does an MBA need to learn digital marketing? Following are 10 reasons why MBAs must learn digital marketing.

    It’s Easy to Grasp

    Digital marketing is a semi-technical course. Some might say that it is a complete non-technical course, but that’s not true. This semi-technical course is easy to grasp. The basic skills needed to master digital marketing are creativity, data analysis and marketing. MBA students will find this course very useful as it will help them plan, execute and monitor marketing strategies. The best part is that it won’t impede with their otherwise hectic schedule.

    Digital Marketing Industry Requirement

    Every business, micro, small, medium or big, needs to have a

    digital marketing strategy in place to survive and thrive. Also, every sector needs talent skilled in digital marketing. This huge demand supply gap can be filled by MBAs trained in business administration and marketing.

    Different Roles to Fill

    Digital Marketing has diverse roles within it. It has SEO, SEM, social media, content, PPC, affiliate marketing etc. A proper digital marketing team includes all these profiles, and who better to lead this team than an MBA graduate trained in leadership.

    Entrepreneurship Platform

    The internet is galore with examples of professionals who have quit their jobs and started their entrepreneurial journey online. Several MBA graduates have also rejected campus placements in favor of making a living online. Why? Because the digital world is full of opportunities. And, marketing is imperative for entrepreneurship.

    Instant Application of Skillset

    The skills taught in digital marketing can be instantly applied in the online world. Unlike in traditional marketing, MBAs need not wait for internships to apply their skillset to work. For example, students can launch their own website or start affiliate marketing projects and check how their knowledge in digital marketing translates in the online world.

    Diversity and Opportunity

    MBAs with digital marketing skillset will be hired to manage advertising or branding, marketing and sales of the business. This is a diverse profile and a dream role for any MBA.

    Value Addition to MBA

    In this competitive world, an additional skill will give MBA students an edge. MBA degree is not enough these days; companies are looking at the value addition that a candidate brings to the table.

    Gives Resume an Edge

    Continuing from the previous point, a resume with digital marketing has more value to it, than one without it. The rise in demand for online marketing has increased the demand for digital marketers, and candidates with knowledge in digital marketing have a higher chance of getting recruited.

    An Investment with Good Returns

    Spending time learning digital marketing is perhaps the best investment of a student’s time.

    Innovative Marketing Strategies

    The creativity one can apply in digital marketing is immense. MBA graduates can try out different marketing strategies and learn everyday in their career.

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