• 5 simple steps to successful goal setting So
  •  5 simple steps to successful goal setting


    me of us do not set goals in the belief that it is a waste of time and/or is restricting their opportunities. Actually, that is really like driving a car without knowing where you are going. My only answer to that is… “Good luck, I hope that you wouldn’t get lost or hurt!”

    Some of us struggle in setting clear goals. The excuse, more or less plausible, is that we really do not know what we want. Actually what you are saying is that you do not know what you “ought” to do as opposed to what you like to do.

    Some others may be nurturing goals in their hearts and minds but have no clue as to how make them become a reality. Even more they may well not know how to develop effective strategies needed to pursue them. The fact is that if the goals you have in mind are not clear what are you going to focus on? And if you are going on by trial and error rather than following clear strategies you may well be going to wonder around in thick fog and … possibly get lost somewhere in the dimensions of time and space.

    So let me help you to get some clear focus and above provide some quick pointers to successfully set and reach your personal and business goals. These are just some little tips out of the gags of tools that I have.

    1. Write a big list of all the goals that you think you should, must or ought to pursue

    The list could include personal and business goals. Things such as for example how to be more successful in your business or personal achievements. Or how to initiate/complete a particular project at work or at home. Or how to improve your relationships, your health, your income. Or how to gain more confidence and self-worth become healthy. Write down anything that comes to mind.

    2. Go over this list and make sure that you are clear as to what you mean by them

    Perhaps you need to define them more clearly, break them down into smaller goals or stages towards a bigger goal. This is where you need to be as clear and as detailed and specific as possible.

    3. Time frame your goals

    You will need to make sure that for each goal that you have selected you put a time frame against them. In other words, by when would you like to achieve this particular goal? This is very important because a goal without a time frame is only a dream!

    4. Think of any obstacle that may prevent you from reaching those goals

    Be as clear as possible what in your mind and knowledge may stop you or cause difficulties on the way to reaching those goals.

    5. Think of who and what may help you achieve those goals

    This is where you need to refer to your network, to your fellow Black Stars, to enable you, support you and encourage you turn those goals into reality. Now, the whole purpose of this simple exercise is to help you identify what you really want to do. And if you are keen to achieve it, if it is exciting, it gives you passion then you surely want to do it. Having done all this relax, take a deep breath and start taking the necessary actions to make sure that your goals turn into reality. You can do it and you owe it to yourself to be successful in all that you do.

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