• A business with no money?

  • One of the greatest perceived challenges of many potential entrepreneurs and start-up businesses is that they need money to start and run their business. Even more so they will need lost of it! But is this really true? Or is it a false assumption? I strongly believe it is and want to briefly show you why and explain what I mean.

    The general idea is that you will need to "purchase" and "rent" and "hire" and "pay" if you have a business. The truth is actually very different and there are many real examples of existing businesses that have started with almost no money at all. And in some cases I am not talking of small businesses either!

    Let me start with a well-known example. Some twenty years ago a retired colonel of the US army was so poor that he had nowhere to live but his old car. He had nothing but a meagre pension to live on. But, unknown to him right then, he had a treasure in his pocket. He had a scrap of paper with a strange recipe to cook chicken. One day he decided to invest the whole of his $ 60 and buy a little trolley where he could cook chicken on the street and then sell it to the public. Well, I think you may know the rest of the story. The name of the man was Colonel Saunders, the founder of Kentucky Fried Chicken, Since then KFC has grown to be an international business worth over two billion dollars. But it all started with...$ 60!

    Or what about the 19 year old guy here in England who invested £200 to buy some fruit and then cooking his grandmother's recipe for jams in his kitchen? He then gave them to try out to a number of local coffee shops and other similar venues. What happened next? The jams were so popular that he has now orders not just from those shops but from a series of specialised shops as well as from Waitrose Supermarkets. In a year the business has grown to be worth one million pounds. And it all started with £200!

    Or what about the American guy who created a website full of one inch squares which he sold to potential advertisers for a mere ten dollars per square. Result? The site has become so popular and so visited that it has not only generated business for the people advertising on it but it has created a business now worth 3 million dollars. But it all started with the guy just creating a website with a novel idea. How much did it cost him? Almost nothing!

    These are just some striking examples of what I mean by "starting a business with no money." In fact I want to take it one step further and challenge any potential entrepreneur out there reading this article. Let me ask you: do you need money to start a business? No, you don't! The only thing that matters is whether you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur.

    This the key element of all the stories I mentioned and the many many more I could share. And that is having a creative idea that is bound to generate a profit making business. The fact is that too many of us want to do the old same things in the same old way. And if that is the case then guess what? You will be joining the same old rat race and the same old competition and the same old "struggling for business" scene. In which case the only thing I could say to you is... good luck! You will need plenty of it!

    So what is the only positive alternative? Become an entrepreneur! And if you need to learn how to do that and/or need support there is where I come in. I am a specialist in supporting potential entrepreneurs and start-up businesses to launch, develop, grow their business and making sure that it becomes successful. That is my challenge. Your challenge? To believe in yourself and the dream you have within you, getting the right support to turn your dream into reality and to focus on what really matters; and money does not necessarily matters... if you have the ideas and the will for success. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

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