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    s extensive experience in a variety Generalist Human Resource Roles including Recruiting, Retention, Talent Management, Policy and Procedure, Organization Compliance, Employee Development, General Management and Executive Management.

    She has experience in Industries that include Hospitality, Health Care, Technology, Retail and Professional Services.

    Doreen has a keen eye for balancing the needs of the organization with the performance capabilities and interests of Associates in order to support Business Partners in achieving their Business Goals. This includes strategic support for key business initiatives and process design for integration and implementation of Associate affected organization focus.

    Clients appreciate her professional, yet direct communication and clarity about complex Human Resource and Business issues. She quickly takes the murky gray of tough issues and helps them become more obvious in their black or white decision zones. This helps create full understanding of what is at stake and the elements needed to achieve successful resolution.

    The Social side of Social Media requires a deft hand at the integration level, because cultural and process inconsistencies will surface and need to be addressed quickly and effectively. This is an area that Ms. Jaress brings a great deal of experience and a deft hand at application. Driving change without losing focus on the end game.

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