• Adhering to a Balanced Diet Plan Written by Sanjay Das


    Obesity has become a common ailment among the masses. Most people find it difficult to do exercises regularly. Moreover, our dietary habits also act as a catalyst for us being unfit. We are too busy with our daily activities to devote time to ourselves. In spite of the fact that doctors always suggest us to do the exercises daily and follow a balanced diet plan, we only take it seriously when we fall ill. That is the time when we try to follow a healthy diet regimen to reduce our weight and stay fit. Whatever diet plans we stick to, we must remember that the calorie requirements of every individual vary.

    We should always have at least full meals, along with some snacks in between. The daily intake should cover a balanced diet, proteins, and water. Men should consume around 2000 calories every day. It should include vitamins, minerals, and proteins. Energy foods like cereals, barley, oats as well as fresh fruits and vegetables are good for health. Similarly, proteins are also needed in the daily diet.

    The Balance Between Healthy Diet and Exercising

    To stay fit and healthy, consuming a sufficient amount of calories is important. Also, it is essential to do regular exercises to get rid of the excess fat. Research has proved that in your balanced diet plan you need to start with a hearty breakfast if you want to stay healthy.

    You can opt for oats or barley or some whole-grain bread along with eggs – boiled or poached. Also, include peanut butter if required. Smoothies are also a great option. You shouldn’t add sugar to the smoothies. Utilize the natural sugars present in fruits. It will also help remove indulgence in sugar and caffeine-based liquids. Making a smoothie is also easy. You will need to out the ingredients in our portable blender. Next, turn on the motor, and the delicious smoothie is ready in minutes. Our bio-degradable blenders also ensure that your carbon footprints are not increased.

    It becomes necessary to have healthy foods to eat before you head to the gym. However, there are different schools of thought. There are some articles that state it is best to have some protein at least one and a half hours before a workout. Others say it is best to have food at least an hour after a workout. It all depends on you and the balanced diet plan you are following. You can have a protein shake whenever you like. Have no fuss about making one! Get hold of one of our protein shaker bottles. The matte technology, coupled with the leak-proof bottle, you will not give up on these shakes. It is made within minutes and can be carried easily.

    What are the foods to eat on a balanced diet plan?

    You are required to have a balanced diet plan with adequate amounts of carbs and vitamins, along with proteins and minerals. Whole wheat is an excellent way to start the day. You may also have some oats along with milk – skimmed or otherwise, along with some fruits and honey. Alternatively, you may have a protein shake made of whey protein. Moreover, have it with some skimmed milk along with some berries – strawberries or raspberries. Also, have some fruits along with it.

    You should not miss out on lunch. Have some tuna sandwiches made from whole bread along with some more milk. Alternatively, you can have a chicken sandwich with some salads. Topping off, have some fruits to keep your tummy full.

    Dinner needs to be a bit lighter. Have some tuna steak along with vegetables of your choice. It is good to have vegetables like beans, broccoli along with mushrooms. Also, include some brown rice. Moreover, as an alternative, you can have some chicken along with bacon in the form of a salad. Include the vegetables of your choice. It is always good to keep your stomach full through some protein shakes or smoothies. Our bottles are always there to help you.

    What about your workout plans?

    To stay healthy, you need to have a regular workout and a balanced diet plan. Along with daily workouts, you should also have the habit of healthy eating. However, before you start, it is better to be in touch with your gym instructor, who could be creating a personalised workout plan for you. So, the typical workout session would cover strength training for three days, for around an hour. On another day, it could be a cardio session for almost 45 minutes. Moreover, go for high-intensity training the other day for half an hour. The sessions should start with warming up for around ten minutes or so.

    Whatever your workout plan could be, it is best to change it every month. In this way, it will not be monotonous for you as you could be mixing and matching the sessions according to your requirements. Moreover, the conditions for your body would change with time.


    When we visit our doctor, they always advise us to do regular workouts and keep tabs on our diet simultaneously. It is always suggested to talk to a dietitian to fix a healthy diet. Also, we should fix up the workout routine with the gym instructor. We should be strictly adhering to the regimen that has been suggested for us. It will help us to keep fit and healthy and ward off any disease.

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