• Alex Tana - Business and Life Coach
  •  Alex Tana - Business and Life Coach

    Born in London, educated in Italy, I soon learnt how to be independent and make the most of my life, regardless of circumstances. After 13 years as museum curator and 5 years as management consultant, I started my own business, actually several of them! On the journey I made many mistakes but learnt a lot on how people think and behave and how successful businesses should be structured, managed and made successful. Facing all kinds of challenges led me to discover my hidden potential and my passion for personal empowerment.

    This discovery led me to qualify as a Business Coach, then as a Life Coach and finally as an NLP practitioner. Over 25 years I have worked with hundreds of businesses and private individuals. I am passionate about what I do and seeing the transforming power of coaching on both businesses and people. That’s my mission in life.

    Have the best support to develop your own personal life, find a new empowerment and confidence, achieve your goals and reach your dreams.

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