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    BatchBook is Customer relationship management-related software accessible to businesses as a web-based service (also called, "web application" or "software-as-a-service (SaaS)") through a monthly subscription.

    Product overview

    BatchBook is an online contact organizer or customer relationship management software for small business. It was launched in Fall, 2007 by the software company BatchBlue. Features of the software include:

    Contact management: BatchBook allows you to keep track of your business, personal, and social networking contacts and share them with the rest of your team.

    Social media monitoring: In addition to traditional contact information, you can enter information like Twitter usernames, blog feeds and LinkedIn profile URLs on a contact record. When you view the contact record, you will not only have links to social networking profiles, but the last three tweets, last three blog posts, and a LinkedIn summary will appear alongside the person’s contact information and communication history, giving you a more holistic view of their social networking activity.

    Communications tracking: Logs emails, phone call notes, or any other communications with your contacts. Follow the communications stream of your entire team by subscribing to the feed.

    Email forwarding: You can send emails directly to BatchBook and it will automatically store the email as a Communication, attach it to the relevant contacts (and create a new contact, if needed), and retain any attachments.

    Web forms: Customize a web form to capture the information you need from your website and it will added directly into your BatchBook account.


    BatchBook pricing ranges from free for one-user account that allows the user to manage 200 contacts with limited features up to $99.95 per month for a full range of services for up to 50 employees. (Contact the company for pricing if you have more employees than 50.)

    The Small Business Web

    Batchbook is a member of The Small Business Web , a loose coalition of independent web-based Software as a Service companies that provide services to small businesses. The software offered by the participating companies, some of whom compete with one-another, all utilize open APIs and are intended to integrate information and workflow data seamlessly among the various products.

    Other web-based software applications that currently can be integrated with BatchBook:

    Google Contacts





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    External links

    http://batchblue.com - Official website

    http://thesmallbusinessweb.com - Website of The Small Business Web

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