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    Founded MySuccess, Inc. after 12 years in computer industry sales operations, developing successful marketing strategy for hardware and software resellers of big names such as Satellite Software, Wang Laboratories and Data General. Because of that experience, Bob Smith became very interested in the dynamics that occur in Working Relationships, Communication and Performance Strategy the fields of Marketing, Sales and Executive Leadership.

    He applied studies from program work at MIT Systems Thinking Lab, along with Organization and Growth Strategy and beyond with MAP (mental Aptitude Patterning) Relationship and Communication tools. Bob now works with key individuals and teams within companies that want to boost performance through Relationship

    He has provided corporate and executive strategy for industry leaders such as Marriot Corporation, Sears, Northwest Airlines, Children’s Hospital, Pulte Homes, Staples Inc., GAP Inc. and numerous startups and fast growth companies.

    Since 2007, the emergence of Social Media as a viable Communication and Relationship engagement component of marketing has become the next great focus for doing business in a Global Economy. This is where the need for Strategy, well-formed use of Applied Technology and solid tracking measures have opened company growth paths to all kinds of clients. Bob spends the majority of his time integrating these particular dimensions. Bob has a large family and resides in Las Vegas.


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