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  • BookSteam is Calendar and scheduling-related software accessible to businesses as a web-based service (also called, "web application" or "software-as-a-service (SaaS)") through a monthly subscription.

    Product overview

    BookSteam.com is an online scheduling tool for businesses. Clients can schedule their appointments, classes, tours, events, groups, workshops, etc, etc any time of the day 24-7-365. Clients can also pay full amount, put a deposit or leave card on file when they schedule their appointments.


    1 user/1 location is $19.95, 5 users/5 locations is $29.95, 10 users/10 locations is $39.95, 20 users/20 locations is $69.95

    The Small Business Web


    BookSteam is a member of The Small Business Web , a loose coalition of independent web-based Software as a Service companies that provide services to small businesses. The software offered by the participating companies, some of whom compete with one-another, all utilize open APIs and are intended to integrate information and workflow data seamlessly among the various products.

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    Calendar and scheduling

    External links

    http://www.booksteam.com - Official website

    http://thesmallbusinessweb.com - Website of The Small Business Web

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