• Building a positive team

    Whether you are in business or not we all need to have a strong, positive supportive team around us. A team of people who can walk alongside us and enable us to achieve the goals we want to reach. A team of people who share the same ideals and vision that we have. A team of people who are motivated by a variety of things but who create the right environment for us to operate. A team of people whose skills, abilities and talents enable a strong synergy to take place. I focus on the "personal team" in another article. Here though I want to focus on the "business team". So, let me ask you a question: what are the best characteristics of a positive "business" team? There is much that could be said and this is what I do in my team workshops; but I will share here some brief points.

    1, Create and share the vision

    People need to know what you "see" in the future so that they can learn to see it too. Successful teams work together because they share the same vision of what they want to achieve, though they may differ on their contribution and at times the strategies to get there. So Make sure that they catch the dream that you had and that they can bolt on it their dream.

    2. Develop a purpose

    Every team member needs to know why they are in the team. Partaking in the vision is great, but it's not enough; you need to communicate the purpose why you need them to be together. Praise their contribution and give significance and meaning to their presence in the team.

    3. Release their potential

    Make sure that you are aware of each member's potential, skills, knowledge and abilities. Then used them accordingly in the role that would best enhance their experience and potential.

    4. Delegate, delegate, delegate

    Why so many leaders and managers fail? Because they do not delegate or not delegate to the right people. But if you have followed the principle above then delegate to others what you are not good at or simply do not feel inclined or wish to do. They can make a success of what you can mess up!

    5. Develop a team spirit

    Or in other words, make sure that every member feels that he or she is important, relevant, key to the success of the whole team. Develop friendship between members, communicate with them and make them part of what goes on, both good and bad. Make them feel responsible and involve them in choices and decisions.

    6. Be passionate about what you do

    Passion is infectious! If people see your passion they will become passionate too and it's more likely that they will follow you and stick together when the going gets tough. Passion is the best medicine against challenges and set backs.

    7. Reward them

    However passionate you may be about a particular project remember that people need to be rewarded for their commitment and efforts. But remember that not many are just motivated by money. So make sure that you understand what motivates each member and that you reward them accordingly.

    8. Be daring

    No success has ever been achieved by keep doing the same things over and over. Step out of your comfort zone, take risks, dare to cross into the unknown and experiment new products, new services, new methods, new approaches, new markets, whatever.

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