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  •  How was your week?

    I'm sitting here on a Saturday attempting to psych myself up to deal with the grocery order I have just placed for delivery later this afternoon. I'm hoping not to have to contact Amazon regarding a blocked front door and delivery people not following instructions. They have made their customer service online very hard to use.

    Things here are otherwise quiet. My meditations this week have gone well except for one which was a Zoom group suddenly "bombed" by a party who had somehow obtained the password and inserted live sexually explicit video on our screens. This was turned off and the group finished quickly.

    You really do have to wonder about people who feel the need to hijack Zoom meetings with this type of content. In the spirit of the meeting, I elected to send our meditation to this entity. Supposedly, if sent, this meditation can be felt by the receiver.

    May you be peaceful and happy

    May you be safe from harm

    May you be as strong and healthy as you can be and

    May you live with the ease of well-being.

    I am still catching up on sleep.



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