• Dare to dream

    How many of you have ever dreamt about something you always wanted to do? Perhaps you have dreamt of having your own business or doing something different, or travelling to somewhere you always wanted to go. Or perhaps you have dreamt Or perhaps you have dreamt of writing a book or learning something new. What ever your dream may have been and possibly still is, what have you done about it? Many of us will answer a disappointing... nothing!

    What holds us back from turning our dreams into reality? Fear is the number one answer. Let me share a true story. My father was a true self-starter and over time learnt to overcome any limiting though and behaviour. He never went much further in education that achieving a diploma in accounting after years of evening school. Yet before he retired from work he had become European Director of a major multinational company. In addition he started a number of private businesses, he started his most successful one was he was 55 years old!

    You may ask, well what's that got to do with me? The fact is that it doesn't matter what level of education you have achieved, your age, your racial or social background or anything else of this kind. There is only one limiting factor when it comes to fulfilling your dreams and that is... you! We all live the paradox that we can be the best champions of our success but we can so easily also be the worst enemies of it. So, let me ask you, before we go any further: are you ready and willing to REALLY turn your dreams into reality? Then... get up from your chair and ... JDI (just do it)!

    The major limiting factor is our own lack of courage and/or faith in ourselves. Each of us has the ability to create a comfortable, rewarding life for ourselves. Many people who do not like what they do for a living or how they are living their lives are afraid to change. But we create our reality with our thoughts, beliefs, emotions and actions. So as long as you fear a negative outcome, that is what you will create.

    Every great accomplishment, every human endeavour and discovery began as a dream in somebody's mind. As someone rightly said, "all things are created twice: first in your mind, then in your life. Dreamers allow their minds to wander outside the boundaries of what is, creating a mental picture of what could be." That means that dreamers may not always be the most talented or the best educated or properly equipped or the wealthiest people. Far from it. But these are people who just refuse to put brackets on their thinking and their circumstances or to limit themselves by what others have done, or failed to do.

    But this requires courage, lots of it! On the heels of every dream there is a demon of doubt. No sooner is our dream conceived than our minds are suddenly filled with all the reasons why it would not work. Certain people around us will be quick to confirm those fears! But in spite of that, we must forge ahead and dream. For example, I know from experience that it's impossible to lead without a dream. When leaders are no longer willing to dream, it is only a short time before followers are unwilling to follow. Equally, the moment that you stop dreaming about your own life or the business you want to start that is the time when you will persist in the status quo and blocking any chance for change.

    Living your dream means facing your Self; finding out who/what you are, why you are here. Then, finding the courage to create your dream, no matter how many steps you have to take. And the first step in starting to live your dream is to admit to yourself what it is. It took me years to learn how to open up and let life lead me to my heart's desire. As I learnt how to dump the emotional baggage I was carrying around I have learnt to create my life in a new and wonderful way. It is not always easy because I often have to struggle with myself and my old beliefs about what I deserve. But it is worth the effort of finding out and following my heart, no matter where it may lead. .

    So dream! Dream big. Dream often. Somewhere in those random ideas that flood your mind is one that will capture your heart and imagination. And that seemingly random idea may very well evolve into a vision for your life. It may be something for yourself personally or for your family, your job/business. It may be doing something totally new and unexpected, something that was buried in your heart and mind for a long time. But what ever it is, grab it, hold it and start turning your dream into reality. You can do it!

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