• Dear Friends, March 2020

    As I write this letter, we find ourselves in the midst of a pandemic panic! You don’t need me to rehearse all of the changes that are happening because of COVID-19. But isn’t it a wonderful comfort that we can trust our all-wise, all-loving, all-powerful God to do what is best for us? I suspect that one of His reasons for this situation is to help the lost recognize their complete lack of control over anything. Let’s do our part to keep turning the eyes of the world back to the Savior they (and we) so desperately need!

    On the home front, our days have been busy with ministry opportunities. Mike completed a roofing job for a small independent church in Dudleyville, AZ in February. A friend, Dave Wilbur, who is from South Carolina, came all the way out here to volunteer his help. And he was indeed a huge blessing! We met Dave through our connection to Tim and Ruth Bixby in France and had the opportunity of working with him there last January. We rejoice in God’s provision for this project!

    Immediately upon completing the roof, our family left for a few days in California. We were able to give an update at LifePoint Baptist Church in Apple Valley, as well as survey a few projects for Pastor Randy Fox in Orange. We have partnered with both of these ministries before, and it was a tremendous encouragement to see how God has grown and matured them. The church in Apple Valley is in the process of acquiring the plot of land next door to their current location, in hopes of building again to accommodate their growing congregation. Please be in prayer with us about this opportunity and whether or not we will have a part in this project.

    We were home for just a few days when Mike traveled to High Level, Alberta, Canada to survey yet another project. Pastor Barkley and Jen May are the friends that God has placed in this remote, needy community. Jen is the daughter of one of our faithful couples here in Rimrock, Bob and Natalie Holmes. Mike has done some drawings for the church in High Level, and now we are awaiting the deacons’ and pastor’s decision on how they want to proceed. We would like to be able to do this project, if the Lord allows.

    Mike flew from Canada directly to Denver, Colorado, where the rest of the family met him for a missions conference at Grace Baptist Church of Parker. This church has faithfully supported and prayed for us for over ten years! It is always a blessing to return and catch up with friends, as well as meet new ones that the Lord has brought into the church. We thoroughly enjoyed our week there, and we were challenged by the ministries of Bob and Gayle McQueary and George and Lexi Binoka, as well. It was a wonderful opportunity to rub shoulders with these precious servants of the Lord.

    Currently, Mike is working at the Bill Rice Ranch Westbranch camp in Williams, Arizona. He will be constructing a rodeo arena and an Old West stage front for weekly fun times and teaching services. There is a small group of volunteers coming next week from Apple Valley, CA to help with this project. He has allotted six weeks for this project, which is only about one hour and 10 minutes from our home. By the time he completes this job, it will be nearly time to head to Wyoming for our daughter Bethany’s wedding.

    Time keeps marching by! Every year seems faster than the previous one, doesn’t it? What are we doing to redeem the time for our Lord and His kingdom? Thank you for investing in our family and ministry, whether financially or through prayer. We praise the Lord for each of you!

    In His Care,

    Mike and Stephanie Smith

    Rachel, Drew, and Katelyn

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