• Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria

    Defence Industries Corporation of Nigeria (DICON )[2] is the state-run defense corporation of Nigeria and operated by the Nigerian Armed Forces. It is responsible for the production of defense equipment and civilian products.


    DICON was established in 1964 through an act of parliament in the Nigerian National Assembly.[3]


    It makes licensed copies of the Mills M36M (M36) handgrenade , Browning P-35 (NP-1) pistol, Beretta M12 (PMG-12) submachine gun, Beretta BM59 and FN FAL (NR1 Model 7.62) battle rifles, FN MAG (GPMG) machinegun, and RPG-7 (RPG) rocket launcher. The OBJ-006, a copy of the

    7.62mm AK-47 assault rifle, is produced by DICON in 2006. [4]

    DICoN has recently procured rights to manufacture a copy of the Polish FB

    5.56mm Kbs wz.96 Beryl assault rifle, possibly to replace the FAL and/or AK-47 in service. [5]

    In 2012, DICON and Marom Dolphin signed an agreement to establish a joint venture to produce ballistic vests. [6] In 2013, DICON officials denied allegations that Nigerian-made ballistic vests from DICON factories are made under substandard conditions. [7]

    In the coronavirus outbreak in 2020, DICON has produced ventilators, face shields, face masks and hand sanitizers. [8]


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