• Developing the right image

    Talking of "image" in the business world and at a time of recession and great competiveness means a number of things that need to be considered.

    1. Business image

    Does the business have the right name, the right branding, the right colours to attract customers? Today more than ever people are attracted by "images" and colours and presenting your business, branding your business the right way is a key issue for your success. And that is why at the beginning of the year i put together years of experience in this field with "Colour coaching" to support businesses brand themselves the right way.

    2. Professional image

    This is an area that is often overlooked by small businesses, the vast majority of my business coaching clients, but actually it's one of the keys to the success of a business. I am talking of how you present yourself in a public environment, how do you interact with your clients/customers, how sound you appear to be in your knowledge, how confident you demonstrate to be in your business. this means being aware of one's potential, training, experience and skills at all times and making sure that these play their part in your business performance.

    3. Personal image

    No, I am not talking of how you dress.... I too, where appropriate, wear jeans and an open collar shirt like Richard Branson! I am talking of self-confidence, personal awareness, assertiveness, interpersonal skills, leadership skills (where appropriate) team spirit, excellent customer service and so on' all aspects of who you are that can make or break your business. How confident are you for example doing public speaking or giving clear instructions to your staff or reprimanding someone, or dealing with a complaint? Many of my business coaching clients have with my support found ways to address all these issues and more.

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