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    The Fars News Agency is a news agency in Iran . While it describes itself as "Iran's leading independent news agency", [1] it is widely described by Western news media to be a "semi-official" news agency of the

    Government of Iran. [2][3][4] All its content is free content , Creative Commons licensed .[5]


    Fars News Agency was founded in 2003. [6] In addition to Persian reporting, the agency also provides news in English , [7] Turkish, [8] Arabic , [9] and Dari.[10]

    Notable stories

    Interview with Egyptian president

    In June 2012, Fars released an interview with Egyptian President

    Mohamed Morsi in which Morsi is said to have told Fars that he wanted to restore ties with Iran and wanted to "review" the Egypt–Israel Peace Treaty. [11] Morsi later disputed the authenticity of the interview. [11] Fars responded by providing what it said was audio of the interview. [11] Arabic newscaster Al Arabiya quoted unnamed experts who said it was not Morsi's voice. [11]

    Reposted story by The Onion

    In September 2012, the agency picked up a story from The Onion , a satirical newspaper, about a supposed survey showing "an overwhelming majority of rural white Americans would rather vote for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad than U.S. President

    Barack Obama in the upcoming U.S. elections". [12][13] The Iranian version copied the original word-for-word, even including a made-up quote from a fictional West Virginia resident who says he would rather go to a baseball game with Ahmadinejad because "he takes national defense seriously, and he'd never let some gay protesters tell him how to run his country like Obama does." [12][13]

    Fars News Agency later apologized for its mistake, but claimed that a majority of Americans would prefer anyone outside of the American political system to President Obama and American statesmen. [14]

    Time machine story

    In April 2013, the agency carried a story claiming a 27-year-old Iranian scientist had invented a time machine that allowed people to see into the future. A few days later the story was removed, and replaced with a story quoting an Iranian government official that no such device had been registered. [15][16]

    Alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda reports

    In January 2014, Fars posted a series of articles that suggested U.S. security policy was being driven by an "alien/extraterrestrial intelligence agenda" [17]

    [18][19] The report said that proof was found in a Federal Security Service report carried out by Edward Snowden. [17][19] The report said that the United States government had been secretly run by a "shadow government" of space aliens since 1945. [20]

    Salman Rushdie fatwa

    In February 2016, Fars was one of 40 Iranian news agencies that pledged money toward the bounty against

    Salman Rushdie in regards to The Satanic Verses controversy.[21] Fars promised $30,000 for the killing of Rushdie. [21]


    Iranian state News Agency, Fars, an associate of Iran's Revolutionary Guards Corps, has been blocked by the new sanctions applied by US treasury's Office. These sanctions started on 25 January 2020. [22]

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