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  •  Dear entrepreneur, run the business, don’t let it run you! 👏🏽👏🏽 One of my goals for this month is to be more active and not let this quarantine beat me physically and mentally 😩💪🏽 It’s hard trying to fit in extra curricular activities such as working out when you have 6 brands of your own you’re building, along with other clients too! // _ I’m my biggest critique, & I don’t believe in no such thing as “no days off”. Especially when I’m trying to make this a million + dollar year. So yeah I rescheduled this evening phone consultations, hair pickups for tomorrow and took myself out the house from behind my computer 👩‍💻 into some fresh air. // _ ** DISCLAIMER ** Don’t reschedule obligations you made with people without checking with them first! Run a integral business & they should be absolutely fine 🥰

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