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    Lance is Epitome of inspiration..

    and i could not find a better fitting person.

    ü start believing in yourself and you can stretch the realms of possibility to infinity”

    ü “In a phase of adversity, its easy to be disheartened or devastated, but better be disappointed, because disappointment breeds champions”

    ü “ If you don’t risk anything you are running the biggest risk of your life”

    ü “ Vengeance is sweeter than honey!, but unfortunately not fruitful”

    ü “ If your will is superior, destiny crumbles”

    ü “Theirs a pleasure in being mad , Theirs a pleasure in being mad which few big mad men know”

    ü “You are not given dreams just because you don’t have the power to fulfill them”

    ü “No man is great,

    the challenges that lie ahead of him are great, which in turn make him great”-inspired from movie VIRRUDH

    ü “At times you might be too close to the trees,

    to see the woods and at times you might be so far away from woods that you cant see the trees”

    ü “ Average is equally near from the top as from the bottom

    the choice is yours”

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