• Godpreneurs are getting rebranded by God
  •  💁♀️藍 Gotta love when God speaks to you in your own language. Over the summer God spoke these words to me. He said, "Daughter I'm rebranding you". What was God really saying? Welp, as much as I would have loved a new wardrobe full of fall color sweaters, white v- neck tees, more ripped jeans,and boots---God was talking about something much deeper. Something beyond coloring schemes and outer dressings. There are some things that are in the foundation that shouldn't be there. In other words God is getting to our core and uprooting some stuff that was never supposed to be there! God is going to rebrand you by lifting up your standards, give you some morals + Godly values,mindsets shifts(Sis God is coming to correct your thoughts), He is literally making you brand new! People think they know you(even the saved you) but what God is about to do in your inner life (my God), they won't be able to recognize you. Endure the process Sis💛 Rebranding doesn't happen over night. Oh, and because God rewards the obedient with more than enough---He gonna give you the new wardrobe full of any colors your heart desires💖. S/N: To all my business and branding coaches you see what I did there(better yet what God did)?🤣🤣🤣 Gotta love doing business with God as your CEO. He will have you outside of the box with the thinking🙌🏾🤣😊💕.

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