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    Probably you have heard about bright, innovative and creative Google offices all over the world. What about Google Nigeria office in Lagos? Does it correspond the general conception of the company?

    Google Nigeria office in Lagos

    The world's largest Internet search engine, Google, was once the usual educational project of Stanford students Larry Page and Sergey Brin. 15 years have passed and Google has become one of the most unmistakable brands in the world. The company controls more than a million servers in data centers around the world, and processes more than a billion search queries and 24 petabytes of user data every day, bringing overwhelming profits to its owners. Part of this income is invested in creating the most comfortable and joyful working conditions and inside-office atmosphere that every worker can only dream about.

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    Currently, the corporation's assets are billions of dollars and the most creative staff. Naturally, the interiors of the offices of Google Inc. represent a mix of designer fantasy and the most advanced technology.

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    Google Nigeria office in Lagos

    The main headquarters of Google Inc. is situated in the state of California in the city of Mountain View. Over the years of its existence (since 1998), Google's offices have been opened around the world. Their interior is always unique. According to the decision of the company's management, the office should always correspond to corporate policy, which welcomes creativity, non-standard thinking, and charisma. On the other hand, any office should convey the national flavor of the country in which it is located. Google has more than 70 offices in 50 countries. There is also present Google office in Nigeria.

    Google office is Nigeria is situated in Lagos, 3rd Floor, Mulliner Towers 39 Kingsway Road.

    Google Nigeria office in Lagos

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    Google Nigeria office in Lagos

    If you will ask us to describe the Google Nigeria office in one word, then probably it will be “modest”. If to compare Google office, Nigeria with other big offices worldwide, of course, it will be obvious, that it is smaller, the interior is not astonishing and there is now all these cool devices and rooms for rest, meditation and other. There is no also a big full of different tasty snacks and various food canteen for the employees.

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    Google Nigeria office in Lagos

    Despite all this, there is still an important thing - the main idea of the company is preserved, comfortable conditions for the employees are created. They have all they need to enjoy the working process and to create new interesting projects, to feel free and come to work with a smile.

    Hope that in future we will be astonished by new creative modern Google Nigeria office. Probably it is only a matter of time.

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