• he Project Gutenberg EBook of One Thousand Ways To Make Money, by Page Fox
  •  The Project Gutenberg EBook of One Thousand Ways To Make Money, by Page Fox

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    Title: One Thousand Ways To Make Money

    Author: Page Fox

    Release Date: November 19, 2017 [EBook #56006]

    Language: English

    Character set encoding: UTF-8


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                                      ONE                              THOUSAND WAYS                                   TO                               MAKE MONEY.


                                   PAGE FOX.


              The Rounds and Bounds of Money-Making; The Arts of             Getting a Living; Old and New Opportunities for              Fortune; A Storehouse of Facts, Hints, Helps             and Practical Ideas, in all Kinds of Business,                      and Hundreds of Trade Secrets                        Never Before Given Away.

                                SECOND EDITION.


                                  Abbey Press


                                      114                              FIFTH AVENUE

                                   NEW YORK

                               Copyright, 1900,



                                  Abbey Press

                                      in                                   the                              United States                                   and                             Great Britain.

                             All Rights Reserved.


    Friend--Are you looking for a place? We tell you how to find it. Are you poorly paid for your work? We tell you how to get better wages. Have you goods you want to sell? We suggest new plans.

    Are the profits of shop, store, office, or farm unsatisfactory? We tell you how to increase your income.

    Do you want to change your business? We suggest a vast number of new ways to make money.

    Have you a boy whom you wish to put to a trade? We tell you what occupations pay the best.

    Do you wish to make money in your own home? We give you a list of 100 paying articles which you can make and sell.

    Have you a little plot of ground around your house? We tell you how to make it yield you a yearly revenue.

    Do you want to know how our rich men made their money? We give the secrets away by the hundred.

    Do you want to know what to do with your savings? We give you a list of the best-paying investments.

    Have you practical ideas? Are you skilled in the use of tools? Would you like to take out a patent? We present to you a list of over 300 inventions needed, and in some cases even suggest how the article should be made.

    Have you literary ability? or reportorial talent? or advertising genius? We mention 100 ways by which you may be able to make a living by the pen.

    In short the 1,000 ways of money-making in this book are 1,000 nails to hang your fortune on. Others have profited by these suggestions. Why may not you?




    HOW TO GET A PLACE.                                                 PAGE

    The Secret of Work. Nature’s Furrow. General Details. The Prismatic Brain. The Bridled Tongue. Studying the Stair Above. The Missing Factor. The Magnifying Glass. The Microscopic Eye. Scoring a Point when off Duty. The Study of Men                                                13



    The Minimum Basis. The House-to-House Canvass. The Choice Location. The Maximum Basis. The Personal Equation                                  21



    The Interlined Advertisement. The Picturesque Name. The Pictorial Wreck. Red-Letter Day. Class Discount. The Honest Flaw. The Premium Clerk. The Railroad Mileage. The Dial Dollars. First Customer Package. The Carpet Coupon. The House Lot Coupon. Price-Time Grade. Sales Bulletin. Best Reason Prize. Birthday Calendar. Conspicious Price-List. The Early Discount. The Money-Space Counter.                                    24



    The Puzzle. The Toy Imitation. The Cartoon. The Conjurer. The Striking Figure. The Advertising Story. The Word-Builder. The Popular Pun. The Political Guesser. The Geometrical Group. The Pictorial Comparison. The Open Challenge. The Book Gift. Sunday School Supplies.                30



    Section 1--Household Ornaments.

    Crystallized Grasses. Leaf Impressions. Vine and Trellis. The Suspended Acorn. Moss and Cone. The Tumbler of Peas. The Hanging Turnip. Bleached Leaves. The Artificial Plant.                                         35

    Section 2--Tea Dishes.

    Delicious Ham. Choice Tongue. Artificial Honey.                       39

    Section 3--Pastry.

    Angel Cake. Dominos. Soft Gingerbread. Doughnuts.                     41

    Section 4--Sweetmeats and Confectionery.

    Walnut Candy. Chocolate Caramels. Peppermint Creams. Molasses Candy. Blanched Almonds. Fig Paste. Fig Layer Candy.                         42

    Section 5--Preserves, Pickles, and Jellies.

    Orange Marmalade. Brandied Peach. Ox-Heart Cherry. Pound Pear. Grape Jelly. Sweet Pickles. Chow-Chow. Pickled Walnuts.                     44

    Section 6--Toilet Articles.

    Rose Oil. Cologne Water. French Face Powder. Night-Blooming Cereus.                                                               47

    Section 7--Varnishes and Polishes.

    Stove Blacking. Shoe Blacking. Furniture Cream. Leather Polish.       48

    Section 8--Soaps and Starches.

    Poland Starch. Glue Starch. Gum-Arabic Starch. Starch Luster. Hard Soap. Savon D’Amande.                                                       50

    Section 9--Soft Drinks.

    Root Beer. Ginger Pop. Lemonade and Orangeade.                        51

    Section 10--Dairy and Other Farm Produce.

    Golden Butter. Fresh Eggs. Sweet Milk. Sparkling Honey. New Cheese. Clean Lard. White Pork. Poultry to Order.                             52

    Section 11--Garden Vegetables.

    Cut-to-Order Asparagus. Quick Market Strawberries. Round Tomatoes. Pint Peas. String Beans. Green Corn.                                       54

    Section 12--School Supplies.

    Book Covers. Artificial Slates. Cheap Ink. School Bag. Pen Wiper. Children’s Luncheon.                                                  56

    Section 13--Christmas Presents.

    Sofa Pillow. Jewel Tray. American Flag. Hair-Pin Case. Chair Cushion. Lamp Shade. Bookmark. Handy Work-Box. Pincushion. Catch-Bag. Court-Plaster Case. Postage-Stamp Holder. Photograph Frame. Match Safe. Wall-Pocket. Glove Box.                                               57

    Section 14--Miscellaneous Articles.

    Hot Gems. Sliced Watermelon. Toothsome Pies. Ice Cream. Pork and Beans. Tomato Ketchup. Mince Meat. Dried Apples. Peanuts. Cigarettes. Tallow Candles. Lung Preserver. Poison Killer. Mucilage. Pop Corn.           61



    Money in Pears. Greenbacks in Greenings. Plums of Gold. The Raspberry Acre. Profits in Big Peaches. Easy Tomatoes. Assorted Strawberries. Livings in Lettuce. Sovereigns in Spinach. Thousand-Dollar Celery. Fortunes in Water-Cress. The Dollar Blackberry. Nickels in Pickles. The Beet Lot. The Roasting Ear. Paying Peas. Grated Horseradish.          69



    The School Store. The Hand Album. The Novelty Bakery. The Front Yard Snap. The Pet Dog. The Box Lunch. The Hairdresser. Typo and Steno. The Sewing School. Flat Hunting. A Tea Room. Dress Mending. Lace Handling. Intelligence Office. Professional Mending. The College Cram. Shoe and Wrap Room. General Convenience Room. Sick-Room Delicacies. Shopping Commission. School Luncheon. Hatching Birds. Butter-and-Egg Store. Saratoga Chips. Fancy Lamp Shades. Bee-Keeping. Cleansing and Bleaching. Fancy Soaps. Home Architecture. Home Ornaments. Doubtful Debts. Dressing Dolls. Fruit Preservers. Mushroom Cellar. Poultry Raising. Home Hothouse. Art Needlework. News Agency. Women’s Wants. Home Printing Press. Short Service Bureau. Delicatessen Room. Miscellaneous Exchange. Cap and Apron Plan. Kitchen Utensils. Wedding Manager. Foreign Homes. Lady Barber. Mineral Collections for Schools. Turkish Bath. Trained Nurses. Traveling Companion. Paper Flowers. French Perfumer and Complexion Expert. A Woman’s Hotel. Guide for Shoppers. Bicycle Instruction. Cooking School. Boarding House. Pen Engraving. Ladies’ Restaurant. A Woman’s Newspaper. Advertising Agent. The Civil Service. Post-Prandial Classes. Women Druggists. Almanac Makers. Women Lecturers. Magazine Contributors. Women Physicians. Paper Box Making. Horticulture. Vocalists. Packing Trunks. Women Costumers. Express Office. Fancy Bakery. Women Grocers. Food and Medicine Samples. Samples in Stores. Samples from House to House. The Woman Beautifier. The Manicure Parlor. The Massage Treatment. Ice Cream Parlor. Flower Packets. Lady Caterer. Delicacies for Invalids. Insect Powder. Rice Cultivator. Yeast Cakes. Physical Culture. House Cleaning. Selling Oysters. Pie Cart. Men’s Neckties. Dancing Teacher. Haberdasher. Lady Architect. Lost and Found Agency.                                                               73



    Section 1--How a Boy Can Get a Place.

    Free Service. Special Department. Show Superiority of Goods. Advertising. Influence. A Trial Week. Commission.                    104

    Section 2--What Boys Can Do.

    The Boy Magician. The Glass-Blower. The Dime Lunch. Cancelled Stamps. The Boys’ Press. Saw and Scroll. The Magic Lantern. Candy-Making. Odd Jobs. General Employment Agency. Collect Magazines. Vacant Lot. Bicycle Teaching. First-Cost Sales.                                          107



    Book Agency. Patent Agency. Commission Merchants. Insurance Agency. Traveling Salesmen. Supply Companies. Agencies for Teachers. Clerical Agency. Matrimonial Agencies. Agency for Servants. Agency for Farm Hands.                                                               113



    Healing Ointment. Spasm Killer. Anti-Malaria. Hostetter’s Bitters. Toothache Ease. Candy Digest. Cough Lozenges. Lovers’ Hair-Oil. Purgative Powder. Consumption Wafers. Beef, Iron and Wine. Spring Tonic. Dr. Pierce’s Golden Medical Discovery. Bed-Bug Exterminator. Catarrh Cure. Lip Pomatum. Ointment for Chapped Hands. Cod-Liver Oil Emulsion. Beauty Water. Cough Mixture. Dr. Sage’s Catarrh Remedy. Diarrhea Mixture. Blood Purifier.                                             120



    City Property. Pleasure Resorts. New Town Sites. Western Lands. The Apartment House. The Sky Scraper. The Jersey Flats. Abandoned Farms.                                                               127



    Crayon Work. Drawing. Photograph Coloring. Oil Painting. Water Colors. Wood Engraving. Book Decoration. Dyeing. Designs. Engraving on Glass. Embroidery. Lace Making. Drawing in Charcoal. Painting on China. Portrait Painting.                                                   132



    Bicycle Factories. Double Profit Furs. Mica Sheets. Artificial Marble. Artificial Whalebone. Artificial India Rubber. Artificial Camphor. Car Building. The Transverse Wooden Pavement.                            137



    Nevada Silver. Aluminum, the New Mineral. North Carolina Mica. Kansas Zinc. Missouri Cottas. Nickel Mines. Mexican Iron. Tennessee Limestone. Fortunes in Copper. German Amber. African Diamonds. Tasmania Tin. Georgia Sapphires. Rock Salt. Asbestos Pockets. Prospects in Platinum. Petroleum Wells. Gold Discoveries. Prospecting for Mines.            143



    Section 1.--Money in Bicycles.

    A Non-Puncturable Bicycle Tire. Bicycle Holder Attachment. The Bicycle Umbrella Holder. A Bicycle Cyclometer Clock. The Double Power Bicycle. The Folding Wheel. A Bicycle Support. The Cushion Saddle. A Bicycle Guard. A Combination Bicycle Lock. A Bicycle Trunk. The Unicycle. A Bicycle Cover. A Package Holder. Handle Bar Cyclometer. The All-Selling Wheel. Toe-and-Heel Clip. The Extension Bicycle. A Bicycle Shoe. The Stirrup Pedal. The Home Bicycle.                                     149

    Section 2.--Money in Building Contrivances.

    The Ornamental Floor. The Secure Window-Blind. The Self-Locking Window. The Adjustable Blind. The Dollar Door Closer. Sectional Window. Adjustable Storm Door. A Hinge Lock. Double Window. Hot-Blast Furnace. The Weightless Window Sash. A Floor Cover. Sash Balance. Painting Machines. The Pneumatic Water Tank. The Wood-Pulp Floor.             154

    Section 3.--Money in the Kitchen.

    The Cheap Washer. A Meat Chopper. Automatic Stove Damper. Potato Extractor. Knife Sharpener. Cold Handle. The Electric Stove. Fruit Jar Holder. Can Opener. Odorless Cooking Vessels. Coal Filled Flat-Iron. Automatic Soaper. Dish-Washing Machine. A Stove Alarm. The Elastic Clothes Line. Combination Line and Pin. A Fruit Press. The Can-Slide.                                                           157

    Section 4.--Money in the Parlor.

    The Chair Fan. The Rocking-Chair Fan. Christmas-Tree Holder. Picture-Frame Fastener. Adjustable Head Rest. Imitation Coal Fire. Music Turner. Roll-Front Fire-Screen. Removable Rockers.                   160

    Section 5.--Money in the Bedroom.

    A Noiseless Clock. A Narcotic Pillow. Electric Fire Igniter. Bedclothes Fastener. Easy-Working Bureau. Extensible Bedstead. Movable Partition and Folding Bed. An Attachable Crib. Pulse Indicator. Dress-Suit Hanger. The Anti-Snorer. The Ventilated Mattress.                            161

    Section 6.--Money in the Cellar.

    Furnace Feeder. Ice Machine. Stove Ash-Sifter. Jointed Coal Chute. Combined Pan, Can, Sifter and Roller. Ash-Barrel.                    163

    Section 7.--Money in the Library and the Schoolroom.

    A Paper Binder. The Correspondent’s Desk. Book-Duster. The Portable Library. Pocket Lunch Basket. The Multiple-Leaved Blackboard.        164

    Section 8.--Money in Meals.

    Butter and Cheese Cutter. Paper Tablecloth. Scroll-Edge Meat Knife. Carving-Knife Holder. Lamp Cooker. Wine Tablets. Extension Table.                                                               165

    Section 9.--Money in the Business Office.

    The Keyboard Lock. Automatic Safe Opener. Paper Binder and Bill Holder. Book Lock. The Perpetual Calendar. The Lightning Adder. Copyholder. Envelope Moistener and Sealer. Multiple Lock. Office Door Indicator. Automatic Ticket Seller. Perforated Stamp.                           167

    Section 10.--Money in the Packing-Room.

    Nonrefillable Bottle. Collapsible Box. Bottle Stopper. Combination Cork and Corkscrew. Collapsible Barrel. Self-Standing Bag. Barrel Filler and Funnel Cut-Off. Folding Crate. Paper Barrel.                         169

    Section 11.--Money in Articles of Trade.

    The Tradesman’s Signal. Barrel Gauge. Elastic Chimney. Air Moistener. Automatic Lubricator. Short-Time Negative. Drying Apparatus. Rotable Hotel Register. Glass Dome. Round Cutting Scissors. Casket Clamp. Self-Winding Clock. Dose Stopper. Faucet Measure. Automatic Feeder. Coupon Cash Book. Gas Detective. Paper Towels. Water Filter. Pneumatic Freight Tube. Storm Warning. Heat Governor. Automatic Oil Feeder. Paint Brush Feeder. Inside Faucet. House Patterns. Extension Handle. Wire Stretcher. Price Tag. Handy Vise. Folding Ladder. Smokeless Fuel. Finger-Ring Gauge. Laundry Bag. Sole Cement. Goods Exhibitor. Shoe Stretcher. Cork Ejector. Lemon Squeezer. Spring Wheel. Plural Capsule. Dose Bottle. Fisherman’s Claw. Pocket Scale. Toy Bank and Register. Paper Match. Illuminated Type. Paper Bottles. Paper Sail.            170

    Section 12.--Money in the Street.

    Street Sweeper. Phosphorescent Street Numbers. Buggy Top Adjuster. Shoulder Pack. Adjustable Cart Bottom. Nailless Horseshoe. Elastic Ring. Heel Cyclometer. Whip-Lock. Rein-Holder. Automobile. Low Truck. Automatic Horse Fastener. Foot-Cycle.                                178

    Section 13.--Money in Farming Contrivances.

    Corn Cutter. Frost Protector. Farm Fertilizer. Postless Fence. Automatic Gate Opener. Corn Planter. All-Seed Planter. Fertilizer Distributor. Bone Cutter. Bucket Tipper. Post Hole Digger. Well Refrigerator. Multiple Dasher Churn. Fruit Picker. Portable Fence. Poultry Drinking Fountain. Poultry Perch. Mole Trap. Seed Sower. Milker and Strainer. Paper Milk Can. Plant Preserver.                                     180

    Section 14.--Money in the Mails and in Writing Materials.

    The Reversible Package. Copying Paper. Word Printing Typewriter. Transparent Ink Bottle. Double Postal Card. Safety Envelope. Combination Cover and Letter. Always Ready Letter Paper. Ink Regulator. Pen Finger Pen Rest. Perpetual Pen Supply. Letter Annunciator. Envelope Opener. Mail Stamper. Rotary Stamper. Invisible Ink.                         184

    Section 15.--Money in Dress.

    Bachelor’s Buttons. Shoe Fastener. Trousers’ Guard. Twentieth Century Shoe. Combination Tie and Collar. Spring Hat. Rear-Opening Shoe. Detachable Rubber Sole. Instantaneous Cement. Elastic Hat Pin. Starch-Proof Collar Band. Dress Shield. Sleeve Holder. Convertible Button. Paper Clothing.                                              187

    Section 16.--Money in Personal Conveniences.

    The Pocket Umbrella. The Million Match. Finger-Nail Parer. The Watch Pad. Pocket Bill Holder. Extension Umbrella. Portable Desk. Flower Holder. Hat Lock. Spring Shoe Heel. Self-Igniting Cigar. Spring Knife. Phosphorescent Key Guard. Knot Clasp. Single Match Delivery. Watch Head Cane. Bookcase Chair. Coin Holder. Pocket Punch. Mouth Guard. Parcel Fastener.                                                            189

    Section 17.--Money in Household Conveniences.

    The Warning Clock. Slot Gas Machine. Revolving Flower Stand. Window Shade Screen. Baby Walker. Detachable Shower Bath. Carpet Beater. Carpet Stretcher and Fastener. Stepladder Chair. Window Fly-Gate. Double Window Shade. Folding Baby Carriage. Scrubbing Machine. Catch-All Carpet-Sweeper.                                                      192

    Section 18.--Money in the Saving of Life and Property.

    Safety Shafts. Pocketbook Guard. Cheap Burglar Alarm. Collapsible Fire Escape. Air Tester. Lifeboat Launcher. Saw-Tooth Crutch. Elevator Safety Clutch. Gun-Guard. Pocket Disinfector. Automatic Fire Alarm. Key Fastener. Lightning Arrester. Window Cleaner. Safety Rein. Rope Grip. Scissors Guard. Double Pocket. Fire Extinguisher.                    195

    Section 19.--Money in the Laboratory.

    Fly-Killer. Artificial Egg. Sediment Liquefier. Fire Kindler. Egg Preserver. Mosquito Annihilator. Artificial Fuel. Flamless Torch. Chemical Eraser.                                                     197

    Section 20.--Money in Tools.

    The Instantaneous Wrench. The Double Channeled Screw Head. The Double Power ‘Screw Driver. The Multiple Blade Parer. Knife Guard. The All-Tool. Nail-Carrying Hammer.                                      199

    Section 21.--Money in the Cars.

    Speed Indicator. Automatic Car Coupler. Fender Car-Brake. Folding Car-Step. Car Signal. Automatic Water Tank.                          200

    Section 22.--Money in Making People Honest.

    The Housekeeper’s Safety Punch. The Unalterable Check. Egg Tester. Umbrella Lock. The Honest Package.                                   201

    Section 23.--Money in Traveler’s Articles.

    The Adjustable Trunk. The Hollow Cane. The Elastic Trunk Strap. The Slide Bag. The Outfit Trunk.                                         202

    Section 24.--Money in Toilet Articles.

    Curling Iron Attachment. The Hinge Blacking Box. The Mirror Hairbrush. The Soap Shaving Brush.                                              203

    Section 25.--Money in Amusements.

    Ducking Stool. Double Motion Swing. Folding Skate. Bicycle Boat.     204

    Section 26.--Money in War.

    Slow Explosive. Transparent Cartridge. Ship’s Bottom Cleaner. Self-Loading Pistol.                                      

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