• Here Come Immunotherapy for Cancer Patients in Delhi Written by aastha kaur

    Immunotherapy is one of the highly regarded cancer treatment plan utilised worldwide and change the Delhi sees high intake of Cancer patients immunotherapy is considered the best option because it have very minimum side effects because it aims to boost the immunity of body to fight the cancer cells. It helps in prevention of growth and killing of Cancer.

    Immunotherapy has been recently introduced in India and now the use of immunotherapy is increasing in Delhi also. In recent study it was found that it was successful in 15% of the people with non small cell lung cancer.

    Its utilisation is being checked and researched.

    Selection of immunotherapy is based on the patient’s response because immunotherapy involves the alteration of the immune system. So not every patient but few patients may or may not be susceptible with this treatment regimen.

    But before looking for the immunotherapy it should be considered that its success rate is yet to be determined. One can go and talk to the doctor regarding the immunotherapy benefits and its side effects.

    Doctors in Delhi are also trying this method but it is better to talk with them to have a better idea.

    There are some side effects associated for immunotherapy for example high blood pressure, kidney diseases and skin problems.

    Immunotherapy in combination with other therapies looks effective but the alone use of immunotherapy is not yet widely accepted.

    This is the latest treatment regimen doctors are the best one to decide for the type and kind of treatment, patient can be involved but they should not decide the treatment type.

    There are doctors in Delhi which offers the Immunotherapy treatments independently and they are hospitals as well which are providing such kind of latest treatment options to the patients.

    Summarising all immunotherapy is a personalized form of treatment for cancer.

    There are dedicated immunotherapy cancer clinics in Delhi available, if one is seeking treatment for cancer, one must go and discuss this to the immunotherapies specialist.

    Before going for any kind of cancer treatment it is recommended to discuss with the doctor and if necessary secondary opinion can be taken from other healthcare experts as well.

    It is also recommended to the patients to understand the cancer treatment protocols from the physician and if necessary they must obtain a handbook for written cancer care protocol book from the physician.

    Help them decide to go for the most suitable treatment and it should be discuss with the doctors frequently.

    Since cancer is a life threatening condition in the treatment involves the large number of side effects doctors considered every patient as a special patient and they give decisions basis on that patient only. Remember that a patient doctor knows more about the body of the patient than the patient itself. however if the patient wants to go for any specific kind of treatment they must tell that to the doctor and then let the doctor decide to go with the most suitable form of treatment whether it is immunotherapy chemotherapy or radiotherapy.

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