• How To Make Money With Google AdSense
  •  Google Adsense is one of the most popular website of earning money in online. But everyone poses some question, is this true or possible? Can I always make money from Google Adsense? Can I continue with everything I earn from there? Today's answer to all these questions will show you how successful bloggers are making money from Google Adsense on their blogs.

    Google Adsense Key: Everybody in the Internet world knows more and more about Google Adsense. Google Adsense is an Internet-based advertising company operated by Google itself. Google AdSense accounts for 25% of the money it earns. It's completely free for Publisher. You don't have to spend any money if you want to be a publisher. You can easily make good money by displaying this ad on your blog.

    What you need to earn money from Google Adsense: Publishers pay 68 percent of the money Google earns from Adsense ads, and the rest 32 percent of their own money. So do you understand how you can make money? The following are some of the key things you need to do to earn money from Google Adsense

    Good quality content: Before writing about content I am suggesting that in order to get Google Adsense, your blog must be linked to English language content. Cannot use Google Adsense on Bangla Content Blog. Besides, I always say that if you want to be a good blogger, then of course you publish new articles on good quality blog. Publish content that you do not copy and paste from someone you know and understand well. Because Google Adsense always likes new articles like crazy.

    Good quality website : You can not be a good blogger by just writing about articles that mean bad things. This will not increase the quality of your blog. Whenever you write about the topic of good quality, your blog will get good value. They pay very reliably the money they earn from Google Adsense. That's why they don't want to show their ads on any type of low quality blog.

    Visitor: No matter what you are blogging about, your goal is to get visitors to the blog. When you get a lot of visitors to the blog, your effort will be successful. Because a visitorless blog does not make any sense. Moreover, depending on the amount of money you get from Google Adsense, the more visitors come to your blog, the more your revenue will increase.

    Keywords bachaih blog to get more traffic to select Keyword. You need to select high quality keywords according to your blog content. This will increase the visitor click on your blog as well as increase the click rate of the ad. In this case you may need help with the Google Keyword Research Tool. From here you will find out which keywords your blog is using in relation to which keywords the visitor is searching in search engine and which keywords are of high quality. From there you will use high quality keywords on your blog.

    Google AdSense policies: You may be thinking that you have a Google AdSense account, so you can use any dishonest way to maximize revenue. But keep in mind that it's not as difficult as approving a Google AdSense account, but more difficult. This is because your account may be disabled if you do something in violation of Google AdSense policies. Once the account is disabled you will not be able to activate it again. So, before you Apply and Approved AdSense, try to read and comply with the Google AdSense Policies.

    Then your account will be trusted by Google and will never be disabled.

    Is Life Possible in AdSense Money: In response to this question, I would say that it is not possible to have 100 percent of life from AdSense or continue a family. Because there is no guarantee that you will always be able to make good money from here. You may find that you have been able to make some money in a month, and in some months you have been able to earn a little money. But I can say with certainty that if your blog is of good quality, good quality content and large number of visitors then you will be able to earn a Smart Amount from here on a regular basis. Which will help a lot even if your family is not able to manage it.

    Conclusion: Since AdSense is one of the biggest and trusted ways to make money online, I think you can spend a little bit of time using blogging as a career but not as a hobby. Which will be helpful in addition to your writing or reading profession.


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