• Importance of Oxygen Gas Generation Plant For The Medical Sector

    By Jitender Sharma Kumar on October 11, 2020 0

    Yes, hospitals can easily obtain gas cylinders for their requirements, but experts emphasis on having their own oxygen gas generation plant. Want to know why? Check the article to find your answer.

    Oxygen gas is a necessity in the hospitals. No matter how big or small a medical centre is, they need oxygen gas for all the beds. Widely, hospitals rely on oxygen cylinders obtained from suppliers to meet their requirements. But experts suggest that hospitals should invest in their own oxygen generation plants. These make a perfect alternative to traditional liquid supply or filled gas cylinders. In addition to the quick and timely supply of gas, there are various other benefits experts give to replace the cylinders with gas plants. Check out the top seven reasons why hospitals should give importance to gas plants than cylinders.

    Reasons whey hospitals should prefer oxygen generation overusing oxygen cylinders:

    Bulk need

    Though the oxygen you get from the cylinder is also pure and available all the time, when you need it in bulk, having your own gas generation plant is considered better. Although the oxygen obtained from the plant has Argon, but this is not harmful to the patients in any way.

    Low risk

    Safety of the staff and patients is the biggest responsibility of the hospital. As compared to the cylinders, oxygen creation produces low pressure hence the risk of explosion is also minimized. The process of filling gas with pressure increases the risk of explosion in cylinders if not handled carefully. To err is human, so no matter how carefully the staff handles cylinders, there is always a fear of explosion and serious accidents.


    Hospitals with a large number of beds can save a lot by having their own oxygen plants. By contacting the top oxygen plant and air dryer manufacturer in India, you can save the money paid on obtaining oxygen cylinders now and then. The money spent on the plant is worth the investment for large hospitals, especially during this pandemic when the number of patients getting admitted to emergency wards has increased drastically.

    Easy storage

    Just imagine storage and protection of gas cylinders in bulk in hospitals. In addition to extra space with good ventilation, you also need resources to ensure the safety of that area. Instead, you can create a space for oxygen generator plant and get the gas as and when needed without relying on external supply.

    No supply constraints

    When buying oxygen gas cylinders from a third-party, you can never rely completely on them. There can any time be supply constraints that can put your hospital's reputation at stake. Further, having own plant also saves you from the usual logistic constraints like creating purchase orders, invoices, delivery slips and inventory management.

    Reduced environmental impact

    Taking social responsibility to protect the environment is also the hospital's duty. With your gas generation plant, you reduce or completely avoid the truck rotations for oxygen delivery. It helps you create reduced environmental impact and play your role in saving the environment.

    Wastage of gas

    There are times when gas cylinders are not empty, but the staff replaces them without bothering to double-check it. Though it might be little gas, over time, it causes huge losses which you can easily avoid by having your gas plant at the hospital.

    The importance of investing in its own oxygen gas generation plant has further increased during this COVID-19 situation. Hospitals are now demanding improved energy-efficient generators and turn-key on-site pressure swing adsorption plants. Along with the oxygen gas plants, air dryer manufacturers in India have seen a rise in demand for other supporting products as well. So, if your hospital has a high number of patients, opt for an oxygen generation plant to ensure a steady flow of oxygen.

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