• Its Different ! ! !
  •  Its Different ! ! !

    We always try to be different, at least try to be apart from crowd.

    But why some of us do that, it was true in my case as I dint want to work with any IT major , as I will be sitting in the same old cubicle, I will be lost in the crowd.

    Aaaahaana!!, so is it the fear of not being notice makes us this way, where we push ourselves to be different. This is for sure we all love to leave a mark, an impression in whatever we do.

    And it takes courage not to follow the sheep herd mentality, yes we all think differently but very few have actually the courage to be different.

    And those who try to be different have been successful, at least most of them , to name a few Warren Buffet, Georg Soros, and all most all the entrepreneurs have the ability to think differently and go against the God’s and the odds to convert the perceptions of vision into realm’s of reality.

    Now thinking differently stems from two types of personalities, one of them are who have fear of being noticed, the inherent motivator for them is fear. And the other who try to stay away from limelight!

    Lets not go too far the famous networking site, and one of my friend Kailash Bajaj ( poster boy of Dara Shaw & Co. and one of the most famous, admired, respected and celebrated (amongst students) student at IBS HYDERABAD ) has the words “ less u knw me better is 4 u” on his orkut profile and is flocked by mob in IBS and everywhere he goes.( again he does not do this to garner attention.... he runs awy from lime light and still adulation follows him!)

    The reason may the charisma that is created by being different, where people have their profiles overflowing with information and you write few words , it does creates that enigma which is inexplicable.

    So being different does it work? Yes if you have the courage to create an identity for you apart from the crowd it can be a real plus.

    This article is being inspired by an unknown female on orkut by the name of

    Bharvi Pandya.

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