• Leading your team to success
  •  Leading your team to success

    As an owner manager your success depends on the people you are relying upon to help you achieve the targets that you have set. And whether you are the only person employed in the business or you have a number of staff working with you the same applies. Actually if you have to rely on an “external” team as opposed to an “internal” team what I have to suggest applies even more so. Let me suggest some key questions that will help you understand how best and most effectively lead your team.

    1. Is your team aware of the objectives of your company and the goals you are trying to achieve?

    2. On what basis do you delegate tasks to each member of the team? Is that based on their skills and competence or what?

    3. How do you communicate with them? How do they communicate with you? And does all this guarantee clarity and efficiency?

    4. How do you ensure that each team member performs to the best of their ability, skills and experience?

    5. Bearing in mind that only some people are motivated by “more money” how do you motivate each team member?

    6. How do you ensure that they work as a “team” as opposed to a series of people working side by side?

    7. How do you reward them for work well done, objectives and targets met in good time?

    8. What do you to involve the team in the success of your business?

    9. What plans have you in place to train and further develop each team member?

    10. How do you network, professionally and socially, with “your team?” If you really want your team, and your business, to be successful I am here to support you do just that. But… are you ready for it?

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