• Leave your comfort zone
  •  Leave your comfort zone

    Dealing with challenges in life often brings us face to face with the reality that we live day by day. We are torn between the often pressing needs of the moment and the desire to go forward and change. We want to keep the joys of the present and yet we are unsure about what the future may bring. Often we are afraid of change, afraid of stepping out of the boat, afraid of venturing into an unknown territory. The "going where no one has gone before" can be scary at best of times, especially when the pressure is on us to perform, produce, come up with the solution to our needs.

    Yet often we are just one step away from reaching something special for us. And that is why we cannot afford to stay where we are, to stay put. The fact is that we all have a tendency to cling on to what is familiar, what is already known and experienced, what makes up our comfort zone and dig in.

    It is certainly good to enjoy every moment of our present life and relax where we feel safe and secure. It is good to treasure every moment of our life, whether good or bad. But the fact is that when we are no longer being stretched we begin to shrink, we accept situations as unchangeable and stop growing and moving further. And that is not a healthy place to be.

    Some of us may be feeling restless in a job that we do not like any more, in a relationship that does not satisfy us any longer. Or you are sick and tired of not having enough money or time to do what we would like to do. If what I am saying resonates with you, you feel it touching you, you can see what I am talking about and how it applies to your life then perhaps the time has come to move on. Or we may have come to realise that there is more in life than what we have right now, that life can be different and more fulfilling, that we can rediscover a lost peace and joy in our life. Then, perhaps it is time to face down some old fears and walk through them into some new experiences, new relationships and new opportunities.

    Many of us have been for far too long on the familiar turf whilst the grass has been growing tired and yellow. And if we are in that place time has surely come to re-evaluate our positions and what is happening in our life and move on. It is time to keep the good that life has been and has given us, declutter the rubbish and move on. For many of us that may well mean leaving the familiar in order to fulfil our destiny. And just like the early explorers venturing into unknown territories we have to become new explorers in our life in order to reach what is awaiting for us.

    Sure, it takes guts to leave our roots and what is "comfortable." And it is especially hard when our roots have turned into ruts and hiding places. It will be hard when we feel that our rut has in a sense rewarded us with a comfortable lifestyle. But if we want to experience the best that is in us, the riches that life can give us, what will stretch us and make us grow, then we have to be ready to leave our comfort zone and follow the path of our dreams. Are we ready? Remembering that ... the best may well be yet to come! So you have a choice here: do you want to stay put in the average that you have or move forward to the extraordinary that life can give you?

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