• Life on a Vent
  •  Life on a Vent

    Death has an invisible strong odor,

    That lingers deep,

    My warm breath blurs my vison ,

    As I make my way in this heavy attire,

    Sealed to the brim,

    Patients look at me with a ray of hope,

     I get up to fight this invisible nemesis,

    Vent pumps up and down,

    The only hope on ground,

    The continuous beep Ohh that dreadful sound!

    I have hope admist this panic of pandemic,

    Suddenly my nursing staff rushes to me,

    Have a choice who gets the vent?

    Young artist or old granny,

    My hand trembles,

    I close my eyes and pray,

    Me being atheist was just a facade I wore,

    As believer within me was invoked,

    The clock stopped on me,

    Nurse shook me from.my slumber,

    She, screamed with tears, "New Vents are here!",

    I just felt I won a battle against the Virus

    I am indiffrent to scars of the facemask,

    Indifferent to my insomnia,

    Indifferent to helplessness,

    Not gonna stop till the War is over !

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