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  •  Are you struggling to figure out how to use content to effectively engage with your audience?

    You have an incredible community, product, or idea. You know there is an audience out there for it, but

    how do you cut through the noise and get through to them?

    You know that there are a lot of options – blogging, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook, webinars – but only have a limited amount of time in each day for creating content.

    Which platforms should you focus on most?

    What’s more, even when you do start squeezing out content, how do you get your content seen and measure if it is working or not?

    It is enough make your head spin…

    Well, my friends, I think I may be able to help.

    I am running a one-hour FREE webinar designed for individuals, businesses, community managers, marketers, and more that provides a simple, practical framework for creating and delivering content that your audience will love .

    The solution isn’t spending every waking moment creating and publishing content. It isn’t about being on all platforms all the time. It isn’t about trying to chase sky-high subscriber and follower numbers.

    It is instead about really understanding what your audience wants from you and how you can deliver the most value to them consistently, enough to build a relationship. From there usage, growth, sales, and your other goals will blossom.

    In the webinar I will focus on the four most critical elements in doing content well:

    Design For Your Audience

    Understand what your audience

    really wants and create content and engagement for them.

    Create a Schedule

    Create a simple, practical schedule of content that solves their problems and encourages subscription.

    Optimize & Measure

    Ensure your content, personality, and platforms are well-oiled machines for your target audience.

    Amplify & Reuse

    Never publish anything once. Get maximum exposure across multiple platforms and audiences.

    I will guide you step-by-step through the entire process of building out these four areas, laced with examples and plenty of what-not-to-do tips too.

    In addition I will be providing you with a collection of free bonuses including a downloadable content editorial calendar template, a downloadable guide with tips and tricks, free chapters from my book ‘ People Powered ‘, and much more.

    Oh, and let’s not forget one of the best bits – there will be live Q&A with me in the session. I think this is one of the most amazing elements of these kinds of sessions, so you can ask your questions, get crisp answers, and learn together as a group.

    This is all completely FREE.

    So, is this worth my time?

    Good question. I think so.

    I don’t believe in delivering those shitty skirting-around-the-topic webinars that barely present any useful content you can put into action today. If you are investing an hour of your time in something, it should be more than worth your time.

    My webinar will be the opposite. It will be a packed session with a lot of practical recommendations, so be sure to bring a notepad.

    As an example of me focusing on valuable content, the first time I ran one of my other webinars (on how to get your dream community job), here is how many people signed up:

    As you can see, the topic was interesting enough to people, hence a higher than industry sign-up and show up rate.

    The true test though was in whether the people who did show up would stick around and find the content useful.

    Here was the final data after the session:

    As you can see, the vast majority of people stayed for the full session and everyone who reviewed the session gave it a five star rating .

    I have seen similar results with my other webinars too. So, while I can’t guarentee it, I think you will get a lot of value out of the session.

    What’s more, it is completely FREE to join.


    An overview of the optimal methodology for creating a consistent drip feed of content (and avoiding the bumps in the road.)

    How to perform research to understand what your audience really wants so we can deliver the best possible content.

    An overview of the most popular platforms (such as blogging, YouTube, and social media) and where you should focus your content for maximum impact.

    How to tune and optimize your chosen platforms to work as effectively as possible.

    How to create a clear editorial calendar that works for you and your schedule.

    How to brainstorm topics, ideas, and content and prioritize the ideas that will resonate the most with your audience.

    A guide to writing amazing copy that your audience will love so you can ensure your content is as high quality as possible.

    How to create a call to action in your content to achieve your goals such as subscribers, engagement, and customers.

    And much more…

    In addition to the live session, I will also send you:

    Downloadable Editorial Calendar

    In the session I will cover how to create an editorial calendar. Get access to the calendar I use with my clients.

    Two Free Chapters

    I will send you the first two chapters of my award-winning book ‘People Powered’ in PDF format that you can read online or print.

    Downloadable Tips Guide

    Get access to over five pages of tips, tricks, and recommendations for building amazing content.

    Two Free Audiobook Chapters

    I will also send you the first two chapters of ‘People Powered’ in audio format, lovingly read by myself.

    Free Additional Training

    I will send you access to additional free training sessions and content to continue your learning in how to build amazing content.

    Free Additional Best Practice

    I will also send you a collection of additional best practice in building amazing communities, teams, and more.

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