• Love your work

  •  Love Your Work!

    Real motivation comes from within, real drive comes from within we always try to derive inspiration from others, we read success stories, all of us love a story of an outright underdog who pushes himself to glory.

    The key for success actually lies within you, and it’s the journey and not the destination that is more important. “We all are looser in some way or the other”, is what one friend of mine use to say always, he was of the belief the coolest guy in the college is a looser at something or the other and that’s what pushes him to be cool. A nerd pushes himself towards books because he believes , books are the only thing that will make him successful, so is it fear what helps us to push ourselves, fear , fear of failure , fear of not being popular, fear plays a crucial role in motivating us.

    Wait a minute is it right, should fear motivate me? Or passion motivates me?

    I leave this question to you, but if one thing for sure if fear does motivate you, you don’t enjoy things, you don’t enjoy the journey called life, whatever you are is just because of that two letter word ‘what if?’

    Man is a social animal, and trusts me you hate it or love it, deny it or accept it we have herd mentality, if someone says something is good and you just accept it “ hey is that good, good for me?” this is a question we seldom ask. To cite an example I don’t have to go too far away in my b-school every Tom Dick, Harry and Sally wants to be either an Investment Banker or wants to be an Equity Analyst. Without even knowing what it is all about?

    It’s Innovation that liberates and not imitation, I came across another sect of people, who sincerely believe success is a function of GPA, and there is this elite class of people who walks with their head held high and are immortals in the campus. If we have to run a regression equation its simple one depended variable is their academics, on which their life depends. And these immortals also include list of people who have worked over the years in corporate, but I don’t blame them since they have been groomed in the similar environment. Then there is a breed of people like me who totally believe that formal education and set patterns can upset you, as you are caught up in Shackles’ which you can never really break, and stops you indulging in innovation. By saying that I am not advocating my beliefs and saying there should be no diligence and there should exist complete chaos. No method to the madness is must, but let’s has madness at the first place; I always say that there is a pleasure in being mad, pleasure which few big mad men know. And Madness stems from passion, passion to learn perform and innovate.

    Coming back to drive and motivation I believe that one should do whatever he or she loves to do,” it’s easy to say that, stakes are high, I got liabilities up my sleeves and for me money is the key”, I totally agree but I propose a hypothesis that , hey if you are not good at something and if you don’t do something with passion you will never outperform in that field, in that job, rather you join a field which you love and are passionate about, your success probability increases. Myopia is a shortcut to disaster.


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