You are betting your future on every key hire. You are also betting the overall success of the company or project on them as well.

    Since most Org Charts can’t keep up with the rate of change that businesses go through these days.

    The primary strategy of filling the roles listed in an Org Chart is a waste of time.

    Companies now use transparency to build more than trust. They use it to create clarity so that everyone can know their connection to the results the company is seeking in order to become successful.

    Start with the future in mind. Declare the result you want to achieve and then define the general tasks that need to be accomplished in order to achieve the result.

    For example, if you need a Front End Developer to help you produce your product or service, then you want that Developer to understand what their work is supposed to make possible for the Company and for the Customer.

    Success comes from the applied use of the Developer’s work, so you want to find a Developer who understands your intended Application and doesn’t get lost in the coding process of a technical language. You need them to care about the User Experience enough to know how they are affecting it and to care about keeping it accessible for updates and support.

    The role, skills, abilities, needs and expectations of all key positions is continuing to change. So make your hiring process support your clear business objectives and don’t just fill an org chart.

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    By MRMysuccess June 14, 2017

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