• Meetings to Help Us Make Disciples


    Song 11

    10 min: Local announcements. Enthusiastic invitation to all, especially the youth, to share in second Saturday of month magazine work. One or two brief demonstrations of young publishers presenting magazines using current

    Watchtower article, “Can You Talk with the Dead?” in the series “God’s Word Is Alive.”

    10 min: Review offer for September, using

    My Book of Bible Stories. If time permits, an experience in presenting this offer may be related.

    15 min: “ Seize the Opportunity to Defend Our Faith! ” To be handled by the service overseer. Demonstrate how parent might approach the teacher of his or her child with September 22, 1981, Awake! As time permits, consider how to contact personally principals, members of school boards and agencies concerned with education and public schools that are located in congregation’s territory. May express concern over what child is learning about the origin of life. Respectfully refer to points in article.

    10 min: Discuss with audience talking points on September 15, 1981,

    Watchtower and September 22, 1981,

    Awake! that may be used in house-to-house and street work. Emphasize need of being well-prepared by getting the

    ideas we want to present clearly in mind. Then it will be easy to convey these ideas

    to others. For example, the September 15

    Watchtower considers ideas on the questions “When God Speaks, Do You Listen?” and “Does God Really Speak Today?” Use these to capture the interest of the householder.

    Song 91 and prayer.


    Song 112

    10 min: Appropriate Announcements from

    Our Kingdom Service, local announcements and accounts report.

    15 min: “ Cultivating the Spirit of Self-Sacrifice.” Question-and-answer discussion of article. As time permits, when considering paragraphs may have additional experiences on blessings of adjusting affairs to share in first Sunday and second and fourth Saturday witnessing.

    13 min: How Youths Share Good News in School. (If more appropriate, How Good News Can Be Shared at Work.) How can

    being different lead to sharing the good news at school? What are some of the ways we are different? How could taking Bible study aids to school help us to share the good news? What topics discussed in the classroom could lead to a Bible discussion? (Chairman should seek out local experiences among youths who have had success in school witnessing or he can have young ones relate or enact experiences from publications. See 4/1/79 w, pp. 18, 19; 7/15/75 w, pp. 442, 443; and so forth.)

    7 min: Service arrangements, including encouragement for adults to work with youths this weekend.

    Song 109 and prayer.


    Song 81

    8 min: Local announcements. Encourage full support for magazine activity this Saturday.

    15 min: “ Training Children in the Way of Life.” Talk and audience discussion. May have parents who have had good

    success in training children offer suggestions prepared in advance.

    12 min: Local needs, or give talk on article “Missionary Zeal—A Mark of True Christians” in the September 1, 1981,


    10 min: Theocratic News. Also discuss congregation’s August field service report. What potential is there for growth locally? Are Memorial attenders still being helped? Encourage field service this weekend.

    Song 60 and prayer.


    Song 76

    5 min: Local announcements. Encourage all to share in field ministry on first Sunday of month.

    15 min: Magazine day experiences. Also experiences from second and fourth Saturday and first Sunday of the month field service activities. Include experiences enjoyed in connection with special activity involving the September 22, 1981, Awake!

    13 min: “ Presenting the Good News—With

    The Watchtower and Awake! ” Questions and answers. Have demonstration of older publisher helping youth prepare meaningful presentation.

    12 min: “ Contributing Toward an Accurate Report—Part II.” Discussion with audience. Elder handling this part should apply material to needs locally. Commend brothers for their fine efforts in the ministry. Help all to appreciate importance of regularly reporting their field service activity each month.

    Song 62 and prayer.

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