'Come on Church! Wake Up!'

    "Brilliant book! The message, like Christianity itself, is simple. We all sin, and we all need to repent. And if we don’t! Watch Out! It was a challenging read resulting in a salutary experience, for which I thank you."

    Hugh Graham (Journalist, Author and Broadcaster)

    "I finished reading the book and it's truly amazing. So powerful. Well done. Your book definitely needs to be read worldwide! It's given me so much hunger to really pursue God and learn and grow as a Christian. It's just amazing, as a new Christian I feel that reading your book has opened my eyes to just how much God has given us and how much we should all be giving to Him. I can't thank you enough for being strong and brave enough to write it."

    Monique Wills (Gainsborough, UK)

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    'The End of The World '

    "Invaluable and important work. Compelling, well written, easy to understand, insightful and presented with a sincere heart of pleasing God. This significant book will cause you to think as well as add a vault of knowledge to your understanding of end time's Bible prophecy."

    Amazon Book Review (5 Stars) by Capt. Dale Black - Author of "Flight To Heaven", "Life, Cancer and God", & "How God Heals" www.daleblack.org

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    'The Gospel of Deception – Counterfeit Christianity and the Fate of Its Followers'

    "The world is changing around us at an astonishing rate, and unfortunately the Church has been tagging along for the ride. Michele Neal is sounding a trumpet blast for all who will hear and heed the warning: it is time to wake up! The Church has been lulled to sleep by the cares of this world and its rapidly changing moral climate. It is time to come out of Babylon lest we be swallowed up by her destruction.

    Many great writers and revivalists have written about similar problems in their countries in times past, but something is different today. For the first time, this is not only a British problem. It is not just an American problem. It is not even a Western problem. It is a worldwide phenomenon. And that is new.

    That makes the time we are living in that much more critical to pay close attention to. We are in Michele’s debt for sounding this alarm and I only pray millions will heed it. I pray you will be changed and challenged by the clarion call to return to the Lord with all your heart. I pray she will inspire many more authors, speakers and revivalists to join in her call to wake up."

    Foreword by Darren Hibbs - Author of several books including The year of the Lord’s Favor?; A Diary of Dreams and Visions and Spiritual Gifts: Are They Still For Today?

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    "A salutary and timely message! Hard hitting, straight to the point and with no holds barred. Meticulously argued and backed up with scripture upon scripture. Warning: This book is not for the itchy-ear Christian! It is for anyone willing to allow the Lord to rebuke, chasten and bring them back to their first love in these last days."

    Endorsement by Jason Carter - Author of Trumpet Blast Warning and Beyond Earthly Realms, and Radio Host of End Time Hour.

    "Michele has clearly and thoughtfully exposed the counterfeit Christianity that has engulfed the Church today without compromise or excuse. It’s refreshing and encouraging to know there are authors who speak the truth found in God’s Holy Word. This book will convict many hearts, and it should."

    Endorsement by Rev. Jack Munley - Founder and Lead Pastor of Rescue & Restore Church, Olyphant, Pa. Also, hospice chaplain for Home Health Care Professionals and Hospice, and Author of The Church in America is Dying… But is All Hope Lost?

    The Gospel of Deception is a warning to the church; individually and corporately to spiritually prepare ourselves for the coming days ahead.

    What is coming is already here, yet the Scripture shows us that there will be a sudden onslaught of pure evil in the last days. These forces will be directed against true believer's to deceive them and take their heart and minds away from the true Word of God. The message is plain; the Church cannot become a part of this world. This world's days are numbered. The author makes a dire warning of consequence to the ever-growing deceptions creeping into the Body of Christ, the church. She dives into the Christian church becoming theologically illiterate with less interest in spiritual principles and more desirous of pragmatic solutions to today’s life and times. This is very dangerous ground and only welcomes further deceit. Chiefly, the concern today is for the church to remain steadfast to the true Gospel as we were given and less tolerant of world views of acceptable and spiritually dubious behaviours all in the name of trying to make everyone feel they have a place in the Kingdom. This is a very dark day. The clarion call of The Gospel of Deception is clearly for the church to stand up for the true faith, fight this raging war against our core foundation, of which there can be no negotiation to appease. I definitely recommend this book. The author nails the true issues facing the church today with a crying in the wilderness call for repentance, before it is too late.

    5 Star Amazon Review by Pat McGlennon – Author of Last Call for the Church

    'When Healing Doesn't Happen'

    "Michele has approached this all-important topic and burning issue, “When Healing Doesn’t Happen” with great sensitivity and clarity. Using her own experience of long-term illness, she is able to work through deep issues in a meaningful and practical way. Having read Michele’s previous books, as always, she meticulously backs up her insights with Scripture upon Scripture. Read with an open mind and receptive spirit, this book can be used of the Lord to strengthen both those with long-term health problems and seemingly unanswered prayer, as well as those acquainted with people who are experiencing this problem. My prayer is that this book will be a great blessing to many and that our Lord Jesus will mightily use it to His honour & glory."

    Foreword by Day Ashton – Author of Moments of Encouragement, Freelance Writer and Bible Teacher, Blogger for Day’s Meditations (daysmeditations.wordpress.com) and In Defence of the Truth (dayashtonuk.wixsite.com/indefenceofthetruth)

    "I spent 8 years in a wheel chair when my six children were small, desperately looking for God’s healing, so I identified deeply with this book. The most important thing about it for me was Michele’s powerful testimony of the way she brought God into the centre of her pain and healing."

    Jennifer Rees Larcombe – beautyfromashes.co.uk and author of many books, including Beyond Healing, Unexpected Healing, and Turning Point.

    "Michele’s book takes us on a powerful journey through her own courageous, yet intimate, battle of suffering and pain to reveal to us a God who has a purpose and plan for everything in our lives and will still use us for His glory, when we allow Him."

    Rev. Jack Munley – Founder and Lead Pastor of Rescue & Restore Church, Olyphant, Pa. and author of The Church In America Is Dying, But Is All Hope Lost?

    "Michele writes using biblical truth, wisdom and authenticity as someone who continues to experience suffering in her life, yet keeps her eyes on Jesus through it all. For anyone who is going through or has experienced suffering, or knows of someone who is, this book will bring comfort and insight, addressing important truths with grace and boldness."

    Ruth Clemence – ruthclemence.com, Writer, Premier Digital award-winning blogger, and cancer survivor.

    'Watchmen... or Wolves?'

    "I am delighted to be able to commend this important book… This book rekindles the prophetic vision of what the Church is called to be and what the principles of the Kingdom are as we find them set out in the revelation of Scripture… The Church in the West is at the most critical moment in its history for the last 500 years. Voices like those of Chris and Michele Neal are badly needed if the prophetic call to repent is to be heard."

    Excerpt from the Foreword by The Right Reverend Dr Gavin Ashenden, former Chaplain to Her Majesty the Queen.

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    "Chris and Michele Neal’s latest offering to the people of God is a no excuses course for our times that clearly states where and how the Church is operating in compromise and without the necessary fear of God that, when in place, is meant to be the counterculture to what is commonly accepted amongst modern-day Christians. If you have never understood the difference between a watchman or a wolf, this book defines what they each are and provides Scriptural references for what God has already told us about them in His Word. This is a must-read for every church leader!"

    The Reverend Charlynne M. Boddie; Minister, International Speaker, and Author of ‘No Appointments Necessary’ and ‘True Grid’. (charlynne.com)

    "The title of Chris and Michele Neal’s new book, ‘Watchmen … or Wolves?’ illustrates the disturbing trend within churches today to conform to the world, ignore the Truth of God’s Word and deceive those attending these churches. This excellent book leaves no stone unturned. It is both disturbing and challenging. Thoroughly researched, backed up with powerful Scripture references and providing plenty of up-to-date examples, this book exposes the incredible assault on the Truth of God’s Word and on those who would uphold the Truth. And, as the title implies, the assault is coming from within the Church; ‘Watchmen’ who are in reality Wolves in Sheep’s clothing! Whilst many in the Church are falling prey to the deceptive schemes of the Enemy and unbiblical thinking, this book can be counted among the top clear voices sounding a clear warning AND call to action for those willing to heed. This book will play a profound role in helping the reader discern God’s Truth and will be a valuable resource in this post-modern culture."

    Day Ashton; Author of ‘Moments of Encouragement’. Freelance Writer and Bible Teacher. Blogger for ‘Day’s Meditations’ – daysmeditations.wordpress.com and In ‘Defence of the Truth’ – (dayashtonuk.wixsite.com/indefenceofthetruth)

    "A timely wake-up call to a Church gone adrift from its Biblical moorings."

    The Reverend Melvin Tinker, Senior Minister St Johns Newland, Hull. Author of ‘That Hideous Strength: How The West was Lost’.

    "In these days, perhaps the greatest need for those who seek to stand faithfully for the gospel of Jesus Christ, is not just to see things clearly but to take action in line with this sight. We cannot approach an essentially spiritual problem by all too human pragmatic or political means. We know this from scripture. Rather, by the light of the Bible, the sword of the Spirit, we can see and act in the Holy Spirit’s grace and truth, like our Lord. Our struggle is not against flesh and blood and so our response must be likewise spiritual, full of grace and truth. Chris and Michele Neal have done us a great service in gathering the relevant scriptures together, in helping us to see their contemporary application and so equipping us to take a stand. It may not be comfortable reading, but for every faithful disciple it will refresh our sight and make us all the more dependent on the only one who was, and is, full of grace and truth."

    The Reverend John Parker

    "This book is like a Braveheart trumpet call to the church in our generation. It’s written with a caring heart for the souls that Christ purchased with His own blood. Written with boldness addressing the issues, but with longing to see the Church be the free Bride that Christ will return for. I congratulate Chris and Michele on this excellent book."

    Francois Botes; Prophetic and Music Ministry. (www.francoisbotes.org)

    "This is a timely book, helping us all to get back to the foundations of what we believe. It is a book to re-read frequently, and its length and straightforward style will help many who are struggling with the current issues the authors clearly address. In the name of Jesus our Saviour and Lord, I thank you both for your labours and faith and courage."

    The Reverend Canon Stuart Holt B.Ed.

    "Sizzling tough love with brave energy, identifying and classifying the most up to date areas of abandonment and departure infiltrating the Church, with scriptural warnings. Deceptive times, watch and pray."

    Patricia C. McGlennon, Author of ‘Last Call for the Church’



    Prophecy Today - Book Review

    5.0 out of 5 stars book review

    Time is running out faster than you may think! Wake up, tomorrow might be too late!

    Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 19 June 2020 by retired Church of England vicar.

    Verified Purchase

    Watchmen or Wolves really is an “I couldn’t put it down book”.

    Excellent presentation. Message clear and simple. Ignore it at your eternal peril.

    Excellent method of checking information on You Tube.

    Excellent bibliography at the end. I may well buy all the J C Ryle books. I wholeheartedly recommend The Reshaping of Britain, by Clifford Hill.

    It is helpful having full quotations from the Amplified Bible. In other words we are not just left with a string of Bible references to look up.

    The depth and scope of material is comprehensive.

    I thought I knew a lot about ‘heretical’ movements, this was a real eye opener. I thought I could not be shocked by anything any more, but what the authors said about some churches was the worst that I have read so far.

    This book should be sent to every Anglican Bishop in the Land. If I had the money I would pay for this. It would be interesting to know how many would read it, act on it or just chuck it in the bin. That would really sort out the wheat from the chaff. I feel sadly there is more chaff than wheat among the bishops.

    I had never heard of Chrislam before, but it fits in with the Satanic “One World Religion” plan. Talk about doing the impossible, drinking from the cup of Christ and the cup of demons.

    I wish I had had this book back in the 1980s. It crystalizes and summarizes so much of what I felt when I was in full time church work.

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