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  •  Multinational companies in Nigeria

    Written by Stephanie Obasanho

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    Multinational company – is a company or corporation in the field of business or manufacturing which acts in several countries and have employees far beyond the country of its creation taking into account characteristics of national markets of foreign countries.

    Multinational companies in Nigeria

    Nowadays in Nigeria, there is a great number of multinational corporations and top multinational companies. Here in the article, you will be able to see the list of multinational companies in Nigeria.

    Top 10 multinational companies


    Unilever is a company which represents well-known manufacturers of household chemicals and food products. The sphere of influence of such company includes a variety of brands in the category of personal care products and home care, for instance, Dove, Rexona, Timotei, Sunsilk, CLEAR, Domestos, CIF. Everything becomes possible only because of always available and dedicated staff which constantly monitors the market for finding ways on how to improve or establish new ways of production.

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    Today it is hard to imagine a product which isn’t connected with Nestle Company. This is one of the top multinational companies in Nigeria which deals with baby food, culinary products, coffee, chocolate and many other products which are in high demand all over the world. More than 60 countries are consumers of products manufactured by Nestle.

    For the first time Nestle products were created by Henri Nestlé in 1867, and since then, on the basis of his own fundamental research and development of the sphere, Nestle Company has developed a great variety of baby food.


    This multinational corporation which deals with brewing was founded in Dublin, Ireland by Arthur Guinness. "Guinness" beer is produced in 50 countries and sold in more than 150 countries worldwide. There are 16 varieties of Guinness beer, 14 of them are produced on a regular basis. Varieties differ in taste and strength depending on the country for which it is manufactured. For this beer production breweries use over 100,000 tonnes of Irish barley annually.

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    Chevron Corporation — is the second after Exxon Mobil integrated energy company in the U.S., one of the largest corporations in the world. The company was ranked 3rd in Fortune 500 list and is also included in the Fortune Global 500 list. The company is headquartered in San Ramon, California (USA). Chevron Corporation produces oil and gas in various regions of the world. It owns five refineries in the U.S. and three of them are abroad (Thailand, South Africa, Canada), as well as non-operating stakes in five foreign refineries (in South Korea, Singapore, Australia, Pakistan and New Zealand). Chevron is the co-owner (50 %) of one of the leading American petrochemical companies "Chevron Phillips Chemical Company". The Group owns an extensive network of filling stations worldwide under the trademarks "Chevron", "Texaco" and "Caltex". Proven oil reserves of Chevron — 13 billion barrels.


    Once a small English company involved in oil transport, merged with Royal Dutch, which was engaged in its production, and has become one of the major players in this sector.

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    Multinational company Shell today has more than 2000 branches and is represented in 143 countries, it employs more than 90 thousand people. Every day it serves about 25 million customers, and its annual profit is 179 billion dollars. In a short period of time, the company solemnly signs a contract for Texas oil for a period of 21 years. Then Shell starts working with Jan Kessler, Hugo Loudon, and Deterding Henry.

    Procter & Gamble Co. (P&G)

    Procter & Gamble (P&G) is an American company, one of the leaders in the world market of consumer goods. The company was founded in 1837 in Cincinnati (Ohio, USA), and today has offices in more than 140 countries. The company is public, its shares are traded on the new York stock exchange.

    British Airways

    British Airways is thought to be the largest European carrier, which occupies the third place of rating of carriers in Europe according to a volume of sales.

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    This is one of few companies which deals with flies to all 6 continents. Today British Airways Park has more than 260 aircrafts, which tend to fly to more than 200 points. The company's fleet mainly consists of new and reliable airliners – Airbuses and Boeings.

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    British Airways domestic airport is in London Heathrow, it is one of the largest airports in the world. For regular customers, the airline has developed a program called "the Executive Club". This program is designed for passengers who traveling on flights operated by British Airways on a regular basis and other members of the Alliance “One world”, British Airways is a part of this huge corporation.


    MOBIL - a world leader of engine oils sphere. Engine oil and other Mobil products gained international fame thanks to their high quality and effective innovative solutions. A characteristic feature of Mobil brand is the use of advanced technologies. That is why Mobil producers are trusted manufacturers of the famous brands all over the world. For many years customers choose Mobil – reliable products and services for life and business.

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    Mobil is also a recognized leader in the field of high-tech lubricants. Mobil brand has become synonymous with Motorsport, where the efficiency is in the first place.

    Engine oil Mobil is popular with consumers wishing to deal with the high-tech brand of top quality, offering them the best in the field of lubrication. Mobil brand lubricants meet the most stringent requirements of industrial standards and the requirements of manufacturers of complex equipment.

    British American Tobacco

    Nowadays British American tobacco is supposed to be world's second largest international tobacco corporation in accordance with market share. The products of this company are sold in more than 200 countries.

    British American Tobacco includes more than 200 brands of cigarettes. About one billion of planet population are smokers, it is proved that every eight smoker chooses the cigarettes produced by the companies of the Group. "British American tobacco" retains stable market positions in each of the regions, and is a leader in more than 60 markets.

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    British American tobacco has been an active player on the stage of providing planet population with cigarettes for over one hundred years. 1902 - was the time of creation of this Business.

    At present times multinational company in Nigeria includes 46 cigarette factories in more than 41 countries. Besides cigarettes, they are aimed at producing cigarillos, tobacco for self-made cigarettes and pipes.

    Today such a company employs more than 57 thousand people around the world. Its dedicated employees belong to different cultures, so there is a created structure where each company has wide freedom of action.


    Its main specialization is search of information in global computer network Internet.

    The Corporation was founded in 1998 by Stanford Ph. D. students Larry page and Sergey Brin. The company name comes from the mathematical term Googol (a googol). The use of this term by Google reflects its attempt to organize search of vast amounts of information on the Internet

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    The main product of Google Corporation is search engine, which contains a complex query language that allows you to limit your search to specific domains, languages, file types. In addition to search engines, google.com represents the number of other free services, including: Google Mail, statistics sites for webmasters, Google Analytics, Youtube, online service Google translator, the system of contextual advertising, Google AdSense etc.

    So, now you have seen the list of top 10 multinational companies which act not in one country in the world, but in a great variety of places, in particular, in Nigeria.

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