• Never “Too Busy to Pray”

    “Pray incessantly.”​— 1 Thess. 5:17 .

    1, 2. (a) What is prayer? (b) What danger is there is not praying?

    SPEECH is the natural bridge to understanding and friendship between men. Prayer is the spiritual bridge to understanding and friendship between man and Jehovah God. It is described as a precious privilege, but is so often neglected. Are you at a loss for words as to what to say and how to say it to your Father in heaven? In the pursuit of life and happiness it is not wise to forget to talk to the Source of life, our Creator and God, Jehovah.

    2 Did you forget to talk to God today? Do you find yourself overwhelmed by circumstances so that you overlook the need to pray? We are living in the midst of an ungrateful world. There is an ever-present danger of becoming a forgetter of God, saying in effect that you have no need of him. What impression are you giving to the “Hearer of prayer,” the One to whom all people should come?​— Ps. 65:2 .

    3. When “too busy” to pray, what may one actually be saying?

    3 Your prayers mirror your dependence on the Life-Giver. Can anyone really “be too busy” to pray and actually ignore God? By your silence it may be that you are saying in effect, There is no God, or he is dead or not interested in man. Modern science has accomplished much, but gives little or no credit to the Creator of all things. Should we let their accomplishments and their products distract us from talking to God? Of all times, today we need to stay awake to our privilege of prayer.​— Luke 21:34-36 .

    4. Should prayers be repetitious, or what should they reveal?

    4 By your requests God knows what is on your mind, what concerns you most. He knows whether you keenly desire the things asked for or if you merely recite words. We are admonished in Matthew 6:7 : “But when praying, do not say the same things over and over again.” Some may find it difficult to talk to someone they never saw; others may feel they have nothing to say to the One who already knows everything. But should a Christian reason that way?

    5. (a) Give examples of men of prayer. (b) Who is our best example?

    5 The Bible, the book of prayer, tells of outstanding men of prayer such as Moses, Daniel and David. King Solomon asked for wisdom and discernment so as to judge properly. Daniel used prayer very effectively in Babylon. (Dan. 9:4, 5, 18, 19 ) Although we could point to many men of prayer, we can with surety say that no man appreciated prayer like Christ Jesus. Prayer was a prominent part of his life. Even with supernatural powers at his disposal, he always looked to his Father in heaven for wisdom and strength, as well as voicing praise and thanksgiving.​—

    John 5:19, 30 .

    6. (a) What pattern for prayer is there? (b) How should prayer be viewed?

    6 We have the simplest yet the greatest pattern of prayer in the sermon on the mountain. (Matt. 6:9-13 ) The master teacher talked to his disciples about prayer, and he himself found quiet places to meditate and commune with Jehovah. He was not careless about prayer nor was he ever too busy to pray, even in his active life. He emphasized the need always to pray and never to give up. (Luke 18:1 ) The apostles likewise stressed the subject. (Eph. 6:18; 1 Pet. 4:7 ) With all the Scriptural emphasis, we should appreciate the value of talking with our heavenly Father. Is it your desire to reach the lofty throne of Jehovah often with your voice of thanks, praise and petition? What a wonderful gift to man, this privilege of prayer! Day and night in any language you can speak to God, accepting his invitation to approach him, telling him what is on your heart and mind.


    7. How can decisions be made in harmony with Jehovah’s will?

    7 Prayer helps you to stop and think when making decisions. Remember, Jesus spent a whole night in prayer prior to choosing his apostles. (Luke 6:12, 13 ) Daily you are faced with decisions that affect yourself, your family, your brothers and your relation to God. It is appropriate to ask for direction to do God’s will. Then when you know what is pleasing to him, act decisively and with confidence that you are doing what is right.

    8. How is prayer a protection, and what might you ask for?

    8 Included in the model prayer is the request to be delivered from the wicked one. (Matt. 6:13 ) Keep asking for God’s help to be strong and endure temptation, so that you might have the courage to say

    No to deceptive desires, trends, and snares of the old system. (1 Cor. 10:13, 14 ) We should pray for one another to be on guard against the one who wants to bring Jehovah’s people down to defeat. (2 Thess. 2:9-11 ) If we practice badness, the Hearer of prayer will not be listening to our petitions. (Prov. 15:29 ) Thinking on divine principles and laws will help us to see the approved way to go. Ask that you might recall scriptures and Bible examples of faithfulness to keep you away from the borderline of compromise and temptation.

    9. (a) What will help in maintaining spiritually? (b) What is often neglected?

    9 Never hesitate to pray to keep spiritually alive. Our expressing ourselves in this vein will keep us alert to ways to maintain our spirituality. You are aware of your physical needs such as food, sleep, work and recreation. However, the spiritual needs can easily be neglected, such as the need to pray, to study God’s Word and to share it with others. (Matt. 5:3 ) As a minister of God, to fulfill your objective in life, rather than taking a natural view of things, endeavor to obtain Jehovah’s elevated viewpoint, to the end of fully pleasing him.​—Col. 1:9, 10 .

    10. (a) Why should we ask for Jehovah’s spirit? (b) What will it aid us to do?

    10 To be alive and alert to privileges of serving the only true God, it is vital to have his holy spirit. Do you find yourself asking for it? Christ Jesus recommended doing just that: “How much more so will the Father in heaven give holy spirit to those asking him!” (Luke 11:13 ) Pray for

    it, rely on it, work for the fruitage of the spirit, for it will motivate you to preach the Kingdom good news. (Luke 4:18, 19 ) Just think what would be accomplished by a free flow of the holy spirit in each one’s life, helping one to grow in love, goodness

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