• New Home-Business Website Offers 100s of Opportunities for Business Seekers

  •  New Home-Business Website Offers 100s of Opportunities for Business Seekers


    There's a brand-new home business search site on the web--and it's already the talk of the home-business industry.

    HomeBusinessConnection.com, launched by The BizOpp Network (a division of Cutting Edge Media) is making waves as the newest and most extensive home-business search site on the internet. Visitors to the website can view hundreds of home businesses and work-at-home opportunities, as well as search by multiple categories to find the best fit for them.

    "We call this site a portal," says Trisha Hawthorne, Director of Affiliate Marketing, "because it really shows a business-seeker what's available out there. People don't realize how many home-based opportunities they can start for free or for a very small investment. We have hundreds of opportunities for people who really want to make money for themselves."

    In addition to business categories like Travel, Legal, Franchise, Start-Up, and more, HomeBusinessConnection.com also features a Spotlight Opportunity, a newsletter subscription, and dozens of free articles containing tips and advice from home business experts.

    "Even though home business listings provide the meat of our site, we want people to get access to more than just opportunities," Hawthorne says. "So we've added plenty of extra content for anyone who's already started a business or is looking for some free business advice and expert training before getting started."

    Long-recognized as the home business and network marketing experts, The BizOpp Network and Cutting Edge Media provide this new home-business search site free to anyone looking for a home-based business. The site is also a place for business owners to advertise their opportunities and showcase what they have to offer.

    "Any business or opportunity listed on HomeBusinessConnection.com is going to get immense amounts of targeted traffic every day--and that's huge," says Hawthorne. "Targeted traffic is absolutely essential for home business marketers, and HomeBusinessConnection.com provides access to the 'niche market' that everyone's looking for."

    Visit the new home business portal at

    http://www.HomeBusinessConnection.com .

    For advertising information, call 1.800.304.0682.

    About Cutting Edge Media, Inc.

    Cutting Edge Media, Inc. offers unique marketing and lead-generation solutions to network marketing, direct sales, franchise, and business start-up companies around the world. Founded in 1991, the company reaches out to business prospects via internet advertising on sites like homebusinessconnection.com and freemlmleads.com, plus a diverse line of direct mail publications. CEM works with top distributors from many direct sales, network marketing, and MLM companies, including USANA, YTB, Quixtar, Herbalife, Melaleuca, Pre-Paid Legal, and Xango.

    More information about Cutting Edge Media is available at http://www.cemedia.com .


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