• Saving the Human Race​—In the Kingdom Way

    1. What good news is there about man, and from what kind of authority and source?

    THERE will be no exit of man from the earth. The human race will be saved to endless life on earth in happiness. Is that not good news? Yes, and it is based on the highest authority and comes from the most reliable information source!

    2. (a) Why do we not mean by that the modern-day scientists? (b) What do we ask about the scientists as authority?

    2 By that do we mean modern twentieth-century scientists? Hardly! The scientists envision a tremendous space catastrophe within the course of some thousands of millions of years in which the earth will be subjected to singeing heat from the sun or from other fiery bodies in space, and earth’s inhabitants will be scorched and shriveled to death and the charred earth will thereafter orbit the sun as a lifeless planet. Such a long-range view of a universal disaster does not disturb the present generation of the human race. But there are also short-range views held by scientists regarding the extinction of the human race. Because of threats to the now-living generation men today have real reason to be disturbed. So from the outlook of modern-day scientists even the near future of all mankind is very foreboding. But are mere human scientists the final authority regarding such a serious matter? By all their experiments to discover new facts and truths, have the scientists at last proved authoritatively what is the purpose of man’s being here on earth?

    3. Why can we cheer up and be of good hope because of the authority and news source here referred to?

    3 Even the scientists cannot gainsay that only man’s Creator knows the purpose of man’s existence on earth, yes, why he created the earth itself. Only the Creator knows why he put man on the earth. Thus the Creator is the Highest Authority. As he never proves to be false, he is the most reliable news source. So we do not put ourselves in a fool’s paradise when we accept from him the good news that our human race will be saved to endless life in happiness on a beautified earth. For this reason we can cheer up and be of good hope.

    4. For that reason, why may we not be unconcerned?

    4 May we, however, for the same reason take it easy, be unconcerned? Not at all! The very subject of our discussion suggests that the human race of which we are a present part is seriously threatened with being blotted out. Its continued existence is being questioned, not by mere ordinary men, but by men of affairs, informed men of the world. Disaster impends. The moon offers no escape route. Man threatens to destroy himself, if he is left to his own devices. And his devices are most destructive in this day of advanced science.

    5. What are modern-day devices by means of which man threatens to destroy himself?

    5 Man’s devices are not just those nuclear and other weapons of modern warfare that are capable of mass killing at high rates of speed. Man’s devices include also his peacetime ways of ruining the earth, namely, by his arranging for man’s living quarters, his making foodstuffs available for human life, his distributing those food supplies, his disposing of the waste products of big industries, his exploiting of the earth’s natural resources, his spoiling of the natural environment of mankind. Warnings of world famine within a few years are not without valid foundation. The weaknesses and limited abilities of the United Nations as an organization for world peace and security are being demonstrated more and more. The repeated advices given to the nations to settle their differences and stop their rivalries within ten years or plunge into world disaster are based on sound judgment and the lessons of history. We are all personally involved.

    6. Evidently, then, what are we to expect from man himself, and to what or to whom may we not look in our own behalf?

    6 Evidently, not the scientific salvation, but the destruction of the human race is the thing to be expected from man himself. We cannot look to what scientists call “evolution of man” to save us if only it is given some millions of years in which to do so. We cannot look to all the psychologists and psychiatrists of the world to change mankind’s way of thinking and to cause men to develop a new personality so as to unite together against catastrophe. We cannot depend upon any international police force to be formed strong enough and independent and impartial enough to make the nations behave and make this earth a safe place in which to live.

    7. (a) To what outside the earth and man himself can we not look in our dire need? (b) To whom could we most reasonably look, and why?

    7 Obviously, although scientists are not willing to admit it, we are obliged to look outside of man himself and outside man’s earthly home for deliverance, if the human race is to be saved. Not, of course, to some mythical “men of Mars” to come from another planet to answer our signals of distress and to come and help us. Nor for our astronauts to set foot upon some planet beyond the moon and bring back some inhabitant thereof of superintelligence and superhumanness who can aid us before it is too late! We must look for salvation to some intelligent person outside who is real and who is bigger than all men put together, not only wise and powerful enough but also loving enough to come to our assistance in our dire need. To whom would it be more reasonable, more sane, more intelligent to look than to the Creator of the human race himself? If the human race is still alive today, surely its superior Creator must likewise be alive today.

    8, 9. (a) What did the Creator not have in mind when creating the earth and putting man upon it? (b) Where and how does he say so?

    8 The very fact that the human race is here proves that the Creator did not create our earth to be or to become a lifeless charred planet orbiting in space. He did not create the human race to destroy itself eventually or to die out and become extinct like the dodo bird. He was not working in vain and defeating himself or exposing himself to defeat when he created the earth and put man upon it. In explanation of his excellent purpose in putting mankind on this earth, he himself has declared:

    9 “This is what Jehovah has said, the Creator of the heavens, He the true God, the Former of the earth

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