• Spring Home Inspection Checklist Written by Christina Hopkins

    It might not feel like it yet, but spring is right around the corner in Alberta. That means, the spring cleaning checklist is starting to fill up and we have 5 items for you to add to the list to keep you home in good condition this spring.

    Examine the roof: As a home inspector, this is one of the most common places for us to find damage. For many home owners, the roof is out of sight, out of mind… but it shouldn’t be! Snow builds up on your roof all winter long and the freeze/thaw process can lead to a damaged roof. Visually inspect your roof and check for any detached shingles, bald spots, or any other signs of damage.

    Clean the gutters: Your gutters are the first line of defence your home has when it comes to keeping water away from a homes foundation. Over the fall, they become clogged with leaves and dirt. As snow melts, dirt and leaves that were on the shingles are funneled to the gutters and can clog down spouts. As a home inspector,

    we recommend clearing all debris by hand and to keep an eye for any asphalt pieces. These could be a sign there is shingle wear somewhere on your roof.

    Check Downspouts: It is common for downspouts to break, bend, and warp with the freezing and thawing process. Also, kids and pets can bump them easily with sleds, shovels, and more which can result in them breaking off. Ensure all your downspouts are in good condition and are directing water away from the foundation of your home.

    Check Windows & Doors: Seals around your windows and doors are most affected by the hot and cold since this is where they often collide if a seal has gone bad. This can cause weather stripping to crack, wear out, or even fall off all together.

    Service Your AC Unit – It might be hard to imagine but the +30 days are only a few months away. That means your furnace will be relaxing but your AC will be working overtime! Our home inspectors recommend to clean all dirt and debris off your air conditioning unit and to call a professional for an annual tune up.

    Test Emergency Systems – Although you should be checking these on a regular basis, now is a good time to change out batteries on smoke detectors, CO2 detectors, alarms, and any other safety equipment in your home.

    If you follow these 6 steps from our

    certified home inspectors , your home will be safe and cozy come spring time. This way you can focus on planning your next family vacation and not budgeting for unforeseen major repairs!

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