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    Student News Network (SNN) is one of the Iran's official news agencies that is most known for publishing university and students news. [1][2] All of SNN's content is free content and Creative Commons licensed.


    Student News Agency was founded on 2002 by Hadi Ghasemi . Ghasemi is the current CEO of SNN.[3][4][5] SNN's name in early years of its activity was

    "Student News Network" but later after receiving official news agency license from Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance , it renamed to "Student News Agency". [6]


    Besides university and students news, SNN also produces and publishes content related to a variety of subjects, including:

    Science and Technology









    Graphic and Caricature

    Controversial works

    Student News Agency has been one of the most active and marginalized media in the field of news and has caused controversial events in each of the governments of the Islamic Republic of Iran.

    Doctor Salam

    The most marginal product of SNN is the political satire series "Doctor Salam", which deals with the current affairs of the society, criticizes the actions of government officials and has always been criticized by them. Every year, the anniversary of the launch of this product is held by Student News Agency, and thousands of enthusiasts and fans of this comic collection participate in places such as the 7th of Tir Martyrs' Stadium and other places. [7]

    The celebration has always been accompanied by various fringes. Among them is Dr. Salam's five-year birthday party, which was scheduled to take place at Azadi Indoor Stadium . However, with several sabotages by the officials of the Ministry of Ershad, the license to hold the program at Azadi Stadium was revoked and it was held at the Imam Ali Stadium of the

    Islamic Azad University .[8][9][10][11]


    So far, more than 180 episodes of this collection of socio-political satire have been produced and presented through the Student News Agency website .

    Press Exhibition

    Every year, Student News Agency participates in press and news agency exhibitions, and its presence in this exhibition has always been accompanied by various news and margins.

    For example, the presence of this news agency in the 2015 Press Exhibition was accompanied by various controversies. In this exhibition, the booth of Student News Agency had become one of the most newsworthy topics. To protest the policies of the exhibition, the agency's officials closed the exhibition by pulling purple ribbons around the booth and refusing to attend the exhibition.[14][15]

    Key people

    CEO: Hadi Ghasemi

    Editor-in-Chief: Mohammad Amin Salimi

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