• The 10 commandments of entrepreneurship

  • Ever wondered what might be the "10 commandments of entrepreneurship"? Well here they are for you!

    1. Don’t start a company for the money. Start a company for the mission and the money will follow.

    2. Don’t think small and start big. Thing big and start small.

    3. Don’t sell to people you don’t love, products they don’t need. Find people you love, and serve them what they need.

    4. Don’t ask “how can I make money”. Ask “how can I help others make money”.

    5. Don’t find a team to work for you. Find a team you want to work with.

    6. Don’t ask “what to I need to do”. Ask “What do I need to help others to do.”

    7. Don’t measure your wealth by quantity of money. Measure it by quality of time.

    8. Don’t have an “exit strategy” where you win when you end. Have an “enter strategy” where you win when you begin.

    9. Don’t set a goal to achieve a goal. Set a goal so you can be the person you need to be to achieve that goal.

    10. Don’t climb mountains so the world can see you. Climb mountains so you can see the world. Lo

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