• The Evil Side of Business Travel


    Anyone who takes trips frequently for work knows that there are pros and cons to business travel. There’s a good side...and an evil side. The good that comes with business travel is often in the form of perks or rewards, like tons of airline mileage, complimentary hotel amenities, and the ability to see new destinations on someone else’s dime. Now, for the dark side. Frequent business travel is exhausting - mentally and physically.

    You have to prepare for the trip, book your trip, pack, get to the airport, attend meetings or conferences, and manage travel expenses . There’s too many things to do, all the while dealing with jet lag, and the only thing that you can think of doing is...sleep.


    Knowing just what to pack for your destination - or remembering to pack, for anywhere - can be a chore. Dufl is an app works by registering and requesting a suitcase that you can fill with clothes you regularly take on a trip. When your bag arrives, you fill it with your frequent or favorite business trip clothing, then schedule for someone at Dufl to pick up your bag. They’ll bring it to their warehouse where they check it into your “closet” and ensure it’s in pristine condition (i.e. they’ll even clean your suit). When you’re ready to fly, request your suitcase, and they’ll deliver it directly to your destination. Then when traveling back home, pack it back up, affix the appropriate shipping label, and they’ll ship your clothes back to your Dufl closet - clean and pressed.

    Available via iOs on the iTunes store and Android devices on Google Play .

    Long Security Lines

    There’s nothing more frustrating than arriving at the airport - already on a time crunch - to encounter a long security line that might make you miss your flight. The estimated travel check is two hours long, and your flight leaves in 45 minutes. What are you to do? Luckily, there’s an app to avoid that scenario.

    GateGuru lets you know the length of security lines so you can plan in advance and better calculate the distance from baggage check to your gate. It gives you detailed airport maps and real-time information on your flights, such as gate changes or delays so that you can travel on business with (a little) greater peace of mind.

    Available for iOs on the iTunes Store , Android devices on Google Play , and the

    Windows Phone Store .

    Flight Delays

    So you’ve made it to the airport, and just happen to get through the security gates, when all of a sudden, your flight gets delayed...for hours. Anyone who frequently travels for business has undoubtedly encountered this at one point or another. It’s not a pleasant experience. But, you can turn it into a pleasant one by using App in the Air to discover the best food and coffee in the airport. Or use it to check into your flight while you go exploring the airport, or keep friends, family or coworkers updated by sharing flight status information. “I’ll be landing in New York at 8:00 pm EST. Anyone there want to get dinner?”

    Available for iOs on the iTunes Store , Android devices on Google Play , or the

    Windows Phone Store .

    Lost Luggage

    The flight has safely landed, and you can’t wait to get off the plan to begin enjoying your trip. Only you get to the bag claim, and one by one suitcase start to disappear off the carousel, with yours nowhere in sight. Has your luggage been lost? What are you to do?

    For road warriors, having your baggage misplaced can be a huge pain, but the show must go on. Goodzer: Local-Shopping is a personal shopping assistant app that lets you search nearby stores for the items that you need, add them to a list, and even order the online. It’s allows you to set user preferences including price, distance, and store name, so when you’re in a pinch, you can get what you need - fast.

    Available via iOs on the iTunes store and Android devices on Google Play .

    Finding Restaurants

    Business travel isn’t all evil. There are lots of great aspects about it too, like discovering new restaurants and cuisine.

    Foodspotting satisfies that taste for something delicious by letting you search for restaurants by location, distance, new openings, popularity and even craving. Pad thai? A swanky wine bar? Vegetarian falafel anyone?

    There’s also a social media component that lets you share your Foodspotting activity, like great new dishes that you discovered to Facebook and other social networks.

    Available via iOs on the iTunes Store.


    Cheap Parking is an app that’s designed to help you make it easier to find that perfect parking spot without all of the hassles in Sydney, New Zealand, and Singapore. The types of areas where you can conveniently find parking include council car parks, shopping centre car parks, hotel car parks and hospital car parks, through private operators such as Secure Parking, Wilson Parking, Interpark, Pri Park, Care Park, Metro Parking, GreenCo and more. Featured parking rates start as low as $6 or up to $89, for four hours of parking, for example.

    Available via web, iOs on the iTunes store and Android devices on Google Play .

    Reporting Expenses

    Expensify is a user-friendly expense management app that lets you quickly add cash expenses, automatically import all card transactions automatically, and capture mileage, time and other billable expenses. It’s compliance-friendly and includes other great admin features such as rule-based workflows, digital signatures and full audit trails, and ultimately, lets you do away with all those messy paper receipts.

    Available by signing up on their website .

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