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    Drs. Roland & Susie Hill


    Thank you for checking out The International Association of Godpreneurs. It is our vision to inspire, grow, and coach a global network of Christian business men and women based on the economy of God (Theo-Economics).

    As a Pastor, Theo-Economist, and Family Scientist , we want to help you get rid of the guilt complex about wealth. We want to excite you with God's clear instruction on work, wealth, and living the prosperous life. We want to teach you biblical principles that have allowed us to enjoy a debt-free life, a deep spiritual walk with God, and a happy and fulfilling marriage for 45 years, while parenting two wonderful children.

    Start Your Business

    * Turn Your Talent into Cash

    * Become the Job

    * Take Charge of Your Financial Future

    * Increase Your Income and Your Self-worth

    We created The International Association of Godpreneurs because we have seen the need of ministering to business men and women. Pastoring on the frontline of ministry for over 40 years, we have seen that the church must take the lead in teaching members how to create wealth and start and grow their own business.

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    The IAG Affiliate Program

    The IAG Affiliate Program is a business opportunity for IAG Members Only. This business opportunity helps a member turn their talent in to cash through:

    * Residual Income

    * Identifying Intellectual Property

    * Harvesting Intellectual Property

    *Developing Intellectual Property

    * Monetizing Intellectual Property

    The IAG Affiliate Program helps you become a part of the $336 Billion "Knowledge Product" Industry.

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    To re-educate entrepreneurs transforming them from entrepreneurs to Godpreneurs; to train and deploy a network of Godpreneurs to affect economic change by operating profitable businesses and distributing the message of Theo-Economism; to provide a forum for growth, training, and discussion for Godpreneurs.

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