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    Our vision is to see marriages being restored. The family unit (dad, mom and children) is the corner stone of our society and being attacked on a daily basis. God created the marriage union together with family unit. It is sacred in His eyes. We offer counselling to married couples, couples embarking on marriage, divorced people and single parents.

    ― Paddick Van Zyl

    - Roelien Van Zyl

    - Paddick Van Zyl

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    Scripture of The Week

    1 "Go ahead and make all the plans you want, but it’s the Lord who will ultimately direct your steps.

    2 We are all in love with our own opinions,

    convinced they’re correct.

    But the Lord is in the midst of us,

    testing and probing our every motive.

    3 Before you do anything,

    put your trust totally in God and not in yourself.

    Then every plan you make will succeed." Proverbs 16:1-3 The Passion Translation

    "2 For we all stumble in many things. If anyone does not stumble in word, he a [ a ]perfect man, able also to bridle the whole body. 3 [b ]Indeed, we put bits in horses’ mouths that they may obey us, and we turn their whole body. 4 Look also at ships: although they are so large and are driven by fierce winds, they are turned by a very small rudder wherever the pilot desires. 5 Even so the tongue is a little member and boasts great things.

    See how great a forest a little fire kindles! 6 And the tongue a fire, a world of [ c ]iniquity. The tongue is so set among our members that it defiles the whole body, and sets on fire the course of [ d ]nature; and it is set on fire by [ e ]hell. 7 For every kind of beast and bird, of reptile and creature of the sea, is tamed and has been tamed by mankind." james 3 2-7 NKJV

    Daily Devotional by Ray C. Stedman -


    Ephesians 5:22-33 TPT

    22 For wives, this means being supportive to your husbands like you are tenderly devoted to our Lord,

    23 for the husband provides leadership for the wife, just as Christ provides leadership for his church, as the Savior and Reviver of the body.

    24 In the same way the church is devoted to Christ, let the wives be devoted to their husbands in everything.

    25 And to the husbands, you are to demonstrate love for your wives with the same tender devotion that Christ demonstrated to us, his bride. For he died for us, sacrificing himself

    26 to make us holy and pure, cleansing us through the showering of the pure water of the Word of God.


    to make us a mature church for his pleasure, until we become a source of praise to him—glorious and radiant, beautiful and holy, without fault or flaw.

    28 Husbands have the obligation of loving and caring for their wives the same way they love and care for their own bodies, for to love your wife is to love your own self.

    29 No one abuses his own body, but pampers it—serving and satisfying its needs. That’s exactly what Christ does for his church!

    30 as members of his body.

    31 For this reason a man is to leave his father and his mother and lovingly hold to his wife, since the two have become joined as one flesh.

    32 Marriage is the beautiful design of the Almighty, a great and sacred mystery--

    of Christ and his church.

    33 So every married man should be gracious to his wife just as he is gracious to himself. And every wife should be tenderly devoted to her husband. (TPT = The Passion Translation)

    Who is God? Listen to Ray Comfort, Emeal ("E.Z") and Mark Spence discuss this www.livingwaters.com/who-is-god/  Worth the watch...

    “Love calls you to be silent when you want to speak, and to speak when you would like to be silent. Love calls you to act when you would really like to wait, and to wait when you would really like to act. Love calls you to stop when you really want to continue and it calls you to continue when you feel like stopping. Love requires you to lead when you really would like to follow, and to follow when you really want to lead. Love again and again calls you away from your instincts and your comfort. Love always requires personal sacrifice. Love calls you to give up your life.”

    ― Paul David Tripp

    "Marriage always involves two flawed people living with each other in a fallen world. Yet many couples say “I do” with unrealistic expectations, leaving them unprepared for the day-to-day difficulties of married life. ..."

    - Paul David Tripp

    What Did You Expect? Redeeming the Realities of Marriage

    "Somehow, someway, every marriage becomes a struggle. Everyone’s marriage becomes something they didn’t intend it to be. Spending time together is radically different from living together. Reasons for attraction now become sources of irritation. At some point you need something sturdier than romance. You need something deeper than shared interests and mutual attraction. You need something more than marital survival skills. In every marriage either giddy romance wanes and is replaced with a sturdier and more mature love, or the selfishness of sin reduces the marriage to a state of relational détente."

    - Paul David Tripp

    Marriage: Realistic Expectations? A Q & A With Paul Tripp

    What is Biblical Counselling?

    When we refer to Biblical counselling, we refer to combing secular counselling with biblical concepts as well as values from the Word of God. The following is a definition of biblical counselling

    http:christiancounceling.com ,

    developed by and agreed upon by experts in the field of biblical counseling via Dr. Jeremy Lelek's (Ph.D.) dissertation:

    The Gospel in nutshell:

    When WE reach out to GOD

    He reaches down to US

    and Changes us from the INSIDE

    Out so we can GO and touch

    others with HIS LOVE

    That's why Jesus died on the Cross...

    Don't wait a moment longer - invite Jesus

    into your heart!

    We are Members of :

    National Association of Christian Ministers

    Association of Clergy International

    Partnering With

    Rev.Dr.C.V.Jagan and Mrs.Daisy Mohan Maloya Prayer House Ministries - Chandigarh India

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    “Planning is a skill and an art which takes a lifetime to master”

    "You can't get to the destination if you are not willing to make the trip"

    "Observe a pomegranate - a tough shell protects the most delicious, delicate layered and beautiful jewel-like seeds that glow in the sunlight. But when the pomegranate falls to the ground, it will never be the same again, much like Alzheimer's and Dementia

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