• What makes us special

    You are special! Yes, I am talking to you and talking of you. You are special! And no, I am not trying to sell you anything or get any favour from you; I am just telling you the truth. And that is that... you are special. Now, you may not believe my words, which is a very common reaction, or find it difficult to realise the fact. But you are special. In fact, let me take it further, you are very special. Actually you are unique. The sad thing about all this though is that so many of us do not feel special, they don't believe to be special or just cannot believe that they might be special. So let me start from the beginning.

    1. What does "being special" actually mean?

    To put it very simple it means that you have qualities and personality traits, you have an experience and an expertise that make you "valuable" and hence... special. We tend to associate the word "special" with such things as a special occasion, a special event and so on. But we also talk of someone being a special person because he or she is close and dear to us in a greater way than many other people around us. With this in mind, let me say it again: you are special!

    2. Why am I special?

    Because there is no one else like you. You are unique, a single item in life's production line. You have qualities and abilities that have been blended together into a unique cocktail. Your personality traits are unique to you and no one else has exactly the same. In fact even if you were to be cloned they could reproduce your body but not your mind, your thoughts, your feelings, your experience, your story. There isn't and never will be, another one like you. You are special!

    3. How does being special affect my life?

    Because you are unique, one of a kind with specific skills, qualities and personality you do not need to be anyone else but yourself. Some people try desperately to become something that they are not and never will be. Judy Garland once said, "Why be a second hand copy of someone else when you can be the best that you can be." How true! And that means that you have a wealth within you that no one else has. And it's that wealth that makes you so special. Sure, you may not see it or feel it. But let me challenge you a bit: would it not be great if you could feel and live "special?" Well, it's up to you. Just re-discover the real you, that precious, valuable you and toy will see what I mean. Ready to be special again?

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