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    This is a list of online newspaper archives and some magazines and journals, including both free and pay wall blocked digital archives. Most are scanned from microfilm into pdf, gif or similar graphic formats and many of the graphic archives have been indexed into searchable text databases utilizing

    optical character recognition (OCR) technology. Some newspapers do not allow access to the OCR-converted text until it is proofread. Older newspapers are still in image format, and newer newspapers are available as full text that can be cut and pasted. Most text is in ASCII, some are using Unicode for diacritical marks not available in ASCII.

    Some local public libraries subscribe to certain online newspaper archives. For instance, some UK public libraries subscribe to The Times Digital Archive and any member of one of these libraries is able to access this resource free from their home computer using their library card number. In many instances, library access may be restricted to in-building use, in the confines of the library itself, and not a service otherwise available away from that structure to cardholders.


    DSpace - Afghanistan Digital Repository & Afghanistan Digital Collections (1873- ) Free in Pasto, Dari and English


    Information Juive [French] (Algiers, Algeria and Paris, France; 1948–1977)

    Maguid Micharim/Le Tétouanais [Hebrew] (Oran, Algeria; 1895–1896)


    Newspapers of Azerbaijan


    Ambito.com (2001-) Free

    Clarín.com (1997-) Free

    Clarín front pages (1945-) Free

    Página/12 (1998-) Free

    Hemeroteca Digital "Fray Francisco de Paula Castañeda" (1911–1979)

    Free . Includes:

    Diario Santa Fe (1911-1933)

    Diario El Orden (1927-1955)

    El Litoral (1930-1979)

    La Nación (1995-) Free

    National Library Collection Free


    - Newspapers of National Library of Armenia collection (1868-1928)

    Free in Armenian (images only)


    National Library of Australia the list of available titles includes more than 500 newspapers Free

    The Age (1854-1989) Free

    The Age (1990–present) Pay

    Police Gazette of Western Australia (1876–1900) Free

    Port Phillip Herald (1840-1902)


    Ryerson Index (1803– ) Free index only for death notices and obituaries

    Sydney Mail (1807-1938) Free

    Sydney Morning Herald (1830-1989) Free

    Sydney Morning Herald (1955–1995) Pay

    University of Sydney student newspaper, Honi Soit (1929–1990)



    Arbeiter-Zeitung (1945–1989) Free

    Austrian Newspapers Online Free

    List of all titles: Anno (Austrian Newspapers Online)

    Kurier (1992–) Pay

    National Library of Israel (19th–20th centuries) Jewish newspapers Free

    Ha-Magid [Hebrew] (Lyck, Berlin, Kraków [Austria-Hungary], and Vienna; 1856–1903)

    Ha-Micpe [Hebrew] (Kraków [Austria-Hungary]; 1904–1915, 1917–1921)

    Ivri Anochi [Hebrew] (Lwów and Brody [Austria-Hungary]; 1865–1890)

    Mahziqey Ha-Dat/Qol Mahziqey Ha-Dat [Hebrew] (Lwów [Austria-Hungary], 1879–1913)

    Die Presse (2001–) Free

    Der Standard (2002–) Free

    Wohlstand für Alle (1907–1914)


    Vienna Times - Austrian English Newspaper (2013–) Free


    - Amrita Bazar Patrika and Jugantar Patrika (1870-1980) Free in Bengali (images only)


    Aalst Digital Newspaper Archive (1836–1992) Free

    Royal Library of Belgium (1831–1950, not all consecutive) 1831–1918

    Free (1919–1950 National Library Only)

    Ami de l'Ordre (1914–1918)

    Bruxellois (1914–1918)

    Courrier de l'Escaut (1846–1950)

    Echo de la Presse (1914–1917)

    Echo de Parlement (1858–1885)

    Gazet Van Brussel (1914–1918)

    Handelsblad (1844–1950)

    Indépendance Belge (1831–1933)

    Indépendance Belge (edited in England, 1914–1918)

    Koophandel (1864–1885)

    Laatste Nieuws (1893–1931)

    Messager de Gand (1831–1856)

    Meuse (1856–1950)

    Nieuwe Gids (1947–1950)

    Nieuwe Standard (1944–1947)

    Nieuws Van Den Dag (1893–1950)

    Ro(o)de Vaan (1921–1950)

    Vlaamsche Nieuws/Vlaamsche Gazet (1914–1918)

    Le Soir (1988– ) Free

    Sud Presse (1991– ) Free

    Historische Kranten ( –1944) Free (papers after 1944 not directly accessible)

    L'Annonce d'Ypres (1854 en 1859)

    Burgersbelang (1910)

    La Commune d'Ypres (1849)

    Le Courrier d'Ypres (1858, 1866, 1884 en 1911)

    De Dorpsbode van Rousbrugge (1856-1857 en 1860-1862)

    De Gazet van Poperinghe (1921-1940)

    Gazette van Yperen (1857-1862)

    De Grensgalm (1895, 1901, 1902, 1904)

    De Halle (1925, 1932-1940)

    De Handboog (1889)

    De Herbergier (1901)

    L’Indicateur (1861)

    Journal d’Ypres (1874 - 1913)

    Den Klappenden Ekster (1850)

    De Kunstbode (1880 - 1883)

    Liberté (1947)

    Le Messager d'Ypres (1890)

    Nieuwsblad van Yperen en van het Arrondissement (1872 - 1912)

    L’Opinion (1863 - 1873)

    De Poperinghenaar (1904-1914,1919-1944)

    Het Poperinghenaartje (1915-1918)

    De Poperingsche Keikop (1917-1919)

    Le Progrès (1841-1914)

    Le Propagateur (1818-1871)

    La Publicité - L'ami du Commerce et de la Librairie - L'Echo d'Ypres (1840 – 1841 - 1842)

    De Raadselbode (1901 en 1904-1909)

    De Strijd – La Lutte (1894 - 1899)

    De Toekomst (1862 - 1894)

    Tuinklokke (1930-1940)

    Het Veld (1914)

    Le Sud (1934-1939)

    La Vérité (1857-1859)

    De Volksvriend (1850-1867)

    Het weekblad van Ijperen (1886 - 1906)

    De Weergalm (1904 - 1914)

    Het Wekelijks Nieuws (1946-1990)

    De Yperling (1853)

    Het Ypersche (1925 - 1929)

    De Ypersche bode (1927-1928)

    Het Ypersch nieuws (1929-1971)

    Het Ypersche Volk (1910-1915, 1927-32)

    The Ypres Times (1921-1936)


    Acervo Folha (1921– ) Free

    Diario de Pernambuco (1825–1924) Free

    Diario de Pernambuco (1980–1995) Free

    Diarios Oficiais Free

    Digital Brasileira (1741–2013) Free

    O Estado de Sao Paulo (1875–2010) Pay

    Globo (2000– ) Free

    Liquid Web - Newspapers (1897–2013) Free

    Jornal do Brasil (1891–1999) via Google News Archive


    The Bulgarian National Library has digitized and opened to the public its complete collection of Bulgarian newspapers since before the

    Liberation up to the end of World War II. See "Продължаващи издания" (Continuing publications).


    "Култура" ("Culture") 1997-2019 HTML-Archives Free


    Phnom Penh Post (1992– ) Free

    Thmey Online News (2012– ) Free

    diamond Online News (2020– )



    Cameroon Tribune (1976–) Pay


    The Canadian grocer & general storekeeper , 1891-1920


    Alberta Heritage Digitization Project (1885–2001) Free (as of April 2018, being migrated to a new platform)

    Lethbridge Herald (1905–1955)


    Peel Prairie Provinces (1871–2013) 106 Alberta newspapers provided by

    University of Alberta Libraries Free

    Southern Alberta Newspaper Collection (1898–1991) 12 Alberta newspapers provided by University of Lethbridge Free

    Wainwright Star Chronicle (1908–2008) Free

    British Columbia

    BC Historical Newspapers (1865–1994) 98 British Columbia newspapers provided by University of British Columbia Free

    Abbotsford Post

    The Advance (Midway)

    Agassiz Record

    Alberni Advocate

    The Alice Arm and Anyox Herald

    Anaconda News

    Armstrong Advance

    Arrow Lake Advocate

    Atlin Claim

    BC Labor News (Vancouver)

    BC Lumberman (Vancouver)

    BC Trades Unionist (Vancouver)

    Bella Coola Courier

    Bennett Sun

    Boundary Creek Times

    British Columbia Federationist

    British Columbia News

    British Columbia Record

    British Columbia Retailer

    British Columbia Tribune (Yale)

    Brooklyn News

    Canadian Farmer Labor Advocate and Canadian Labor Advocate

    Cariboo Sentinel (Barkerville)

    Cascade Record

    Cassiar News (Stewart)

    Chase Tribune

    Chilliwack Free Press

    Citizen - New Westminister

    Clanwilliam Hustler

    Coalmont Courier

    Coast Miner (Van Anda)

    Coast News (Gibsons)

    Columbia Review

    Courtenay Review

    Courtenay Weekly News

    Cranbrook Herald

    Creston Review

    Crofton Gazette and Cowichan News

    Cumberland Islander

    The Cumberland News

    Daily British Columbian

    Daily Building Record (Vancouver)

    The Daily Canadian

    Daily Ledger (Ladysmith)

    Daily Telegram

    The Delta News

    The Delta Times

    The Despatch (Morrissey)

    The District Ledger (Fernie)

    Duncan Enterprise

    East Kootenay Miner (Golden)

    Echo (Duncan)

    Enderby Press and Walker's Weekly

    Grand Forks Sun

    Hedley Gazette

    Hot Springs News (Ainsworth)

    Independent (Vancouver)

    Kelowna Record

    Kootenay Mail (Revelstoke)

    Ledge (Fernie, Nakusp, New Denver)

    Ledge (Greenwood)

    Massett Leader

    Miner (Nelson)

    Mining Review (Sandon)

    Moyie Leader

    Nelson Economist

    Nicola Valley News (Merrit)

    Orchard City Record (Kelowna)

    Peninsula Times

    Phoenix Pioneer

    Prospector (Fort Steele)

    Revelstoke Herald

    Tribune (Nelson)

    Western Call (Vancouver)

    The British Colonist (1858–1980) provided by University of Victoria


    British Colonist

    Daily British Colonist

    Daily Colonist

    Times Colonist

    Genealogical Extracts from BC Newspapers (1861–1875) Free

    transcriptions only (link is forbidden - error 403)

    Herald (Terrace) (1900–2013) Free

    The Outcrop (1900–1907) provided by University of Alberta Free

    Parksville-Qualicum obituaries (1948–1994) Free transcriptions only

    Prince George Newspapers Free

    College of New Caledonia student newspapers (1969–2009, gaps)

    Fort George Herald (1910–1915)

    Fort George Tribune (1909–1915)

    Leader, The (1921–1923)

    Prince George Citizen (1916–1965)

    Prince George Herald (1915–1916)

    Prince George Post (1914–1915)

    Prince George Star (1916–1917)

    Simon Fraser University digitized newspapers Free

    Chinese Times (1915–1992)

    Editorial cartoons collection (1952–present)

    More newspapers (more than 50 various newspapers; 1800s–1900s)

    Pacific Tribune photograph collection (1972–1992)

    The Peak student newspaper (1965–present)

    Thompson-Nicola Regional District Library (1882–2014) Free

    Clinton Lariat

    Kamloops Daily News

    Kamloops News

    Kamloops This Week

    Merritt Herald

    Merritt News

    Vancouver Sun (1920–1980) Free

    Vanderhoof Public Library historical newspapers Free

    Nechako Chronicle (1920–1983)

    Omineca Express (1982–1989, 1991–2007)

    Vanderhoof Herald (1917–1920)

    Victoria newspapers index (1858–1936) Free index only


    Brandon Daily News , 1912-1914

    Brandon Daily Mail (1882–1883)


    Brandon Mail (1883–1897) Free

    Brandon Sun (1961-1977)


    The Commercial , 1882-1903

    Digital Resources on Manitoba History (1869–present) 38 Manitoban newspapers provided by

    Department of Canadian Heritage


    La Liberté (1913–1941) Free also available on Digital Resources site, listed as one publication from 1913–present

    La Liberté et le patriote (1941–1971) Free

    La Liberté (St. Boniface) (1971– )


    The Manitoban (University of Manitoba; 1914–2012) Free

    Le Métis (1871–1881) Free also available on Digital Resources site

    Winnipeg Tribune (1890–1950, 1957–1960, 1969) Free

    New Brunswick

    Daniel F Johnson's New Brunswick Newspaper Vital Statistics , Provincial Archives of New Brunswick: transcribed excerpts from several English-language New Brunswick newspapers (1784-1896)

    Mgr Donat Robichaud Genealogical and Historical Research Collection , Provincial Archives of New Brunswick: transcribed excerpts from

    l'Evangeline newspaper (1887-1957)

    The Daily Gleaner , Fredericton, 1901-1925

    Newfoundland and Labrador

    The Twillingate Sun and Northern Weekly Advertiser (1884–1908)


    The Daily News (St. John's) (January 3, 1955 – December 31, 1963) Free

    Nova Scotia

    Nova Scotia Obituaries Free to search and view by given name and surname. Pay to search within text of obituary.

    Nova Scotia Historical Newspapers

    Free Provided by Libraries Nova Scotia (Site is currently under revision so some newspapers are temporarily unavailable)

    The Chronicle Herald Pay

    Transcontinental Newsnet archives

    Pay Access to all of the articles published in Transcontinental Newsnet since April 5, 1999

    Amherst News

    Annapolis County Spectator, The

    Bedford-Sackville Weekly News, The

    Burnside News, The

    Cape Breton Community Post

    Cape Breton Post

    Citizen-Record, The

    Daily Business Buzz

    Daily News, The

    Dartmouth-Cole Harbour Weekly News, The

    Digby County Courier, The

    Farm Focus of Atlantic Canada

    Halifax Weekly News, The

    Hants Journal, The

    Kings County Advertiser, The

    Kings County Register

    News, The (New Glasgow)

    Queens County Advance, The

    Record, The (Springhill, NS)

    Sackville Tribune Post

    Shelburne County Coast Guard, The

    Tri-County Vanguard, The

    Truro Daily News

    Yarmouth County Vanguard, The

    The Truro Weekly News , 1911-1919


    Almonte Gazette (1861–2007) Free


    News Port Credit News (Port Credit, ON, 1927-37)

    Port Credit Weekly (Port Credit, ON, 1938-59)

    The Weekly (Port Credit, ON, 1959-67)

    The Mississauga News (Mississauga, ON, 1965-70)

    South Peel Weekly (Mississauga, ON, 1968-69)

    Mississauga Times (Mississauga, ON, 1969-80)

    Canadiana Discovery Portal Free

    The Alvinston News , 1878-1879

    Ford News , 1923

    Hamilton Times , 1892-1907

    The Imprint (1893–1895) Ottawa typographic industry

    (Toronto) Labor Advocate (1890–1891) Toronto

    (Toronto) Ladies' Pictorial Weekly (1892 only)

    The monetary times, trade review and insurance chronicle , 1882-1920

    (Guelph) Ontario Evangelist (1886–1890)

    University of Toronto Varsity (1880-1912) Undergraduate newspaper

    The Weekly Ontario and Bay of Quinte chronicle , 1913-1921

    Huron County Digitized Newspaper Collection Free

    Bayfield Breeze, 2009-2018

    The Blyth Standard, 1893-1982

    The Brussels Post, 1884-1929

    The Citizen (Blyth/Brussels), 2017-2018

    The Clinton New Era, 1879-1921

    The Clinton News Record, 1898-1945

    Dungannon News, 1915

    The East Huron Gazette (Gorrie), 1892-1892

    The Exeter Advocate, 1888-1924

    The Exeter Times, 1873-1924

    The Exeter Times Advocate, 1925-1926; 2002; 2004-2008

    The Gazette (Mildmay, Bruce County), 1893-1894

    The Goderich Illustrated Signal-Star, 1889

    Goderich Reporter, 1880

    The Goderich Star, 1868-1933

    Greater Goderich, 1918

    The Huron Expositor (Seaforth), 1869-1957

    Huron Gazette (Goderich), 1848-1849

    The Huron Loyalist, 1850, 1853

    The Huron News-Record, 1888-1897

    The Huron Record, 1881

    The Huron Signal (Goderich), 1848-1936

    The Lucknow Sentinel (Bruce County), 1875-1889; 2013-2016

    Seaforth News, 1917-1962

    The Seaforth Sun, 1901

    The Wingham Advance, 1902-1921

    The Wingham Times, 1885-1916

    The Wingham Advance Times, 1922-1935

    The Wroxeter Planet, 1909

    The Wroxeter Star, 1900; 1902-1904

    Zurich Citizen’s News, 1958-1978

    Zurich Herald, 1900-1917; 1919-1957

    Digital Kingston Free

    British Whig (1834–1836, 1844–1845, 1847–1849)

    Daily British Whig (1850–1858, 1860, 1862, 1865–1866, 1868–1873, 1875–1901)

    Kingston Chronicle (1819–1820, 1826–1832)

    Kingston Chronicle and Gazette (1835–1838, 1841–1847)

    Kingston Gazette (1810–1818)

    Kingston News (1868–1873, 1878, 1882, 1887)

    Weekly British Whig (1856, 1858–1859, 1863, 1867–1871, 1874–1875, 1881–1883, 1885, 1894–1895)

    Kingstonist Free

    Guelph Mercury multipaper site


    ygknews.ca Free

    Guelph Mercury (1999– )

    Guelph Tribune (1999– )

    Hamilton Spectator (1991– )

    The Record [Waterloo] (1999– )

    Toronto Star (1985– )

    Hamilton Spectator multipaper site


    Ancaster News (1999– )

    Dundas Star News (1999– )

    Guelph Mercury (1999– )

    Hamilton Mountain News (1999– )

    Hamilton Spectator (1991– )

    The Record [Waterloo] (1999– )

    Stoney Creek News (1999– )

    Toronto Star (1985– )

    Ingersoll newspapers at Oxford County Library Free Accessible from within the library itself; primarily limited to local notices of births and deaths.

    Ingersoll Chronicle BMD index with transcriptions (1854–1919)

    Ingersoll Tribune BMD index with transcriptions (1897–1970)

    Ingersoll Times BMD index with scanned images (1969–1970)

    Metroland Media Group multipaper site Pay

    Newmarket's Digital Newspaper Project Free

    The Era (October 1965–May 1967, 1968–1989, 2010)

    Express Herald (1940)

    New Era (1852–1861)

    Newmarket Courier (26 December 1857–1876)

    Newmarket Era (July 1861–1942)

    Newmarket Era and Express (1942–October 1965)

    North York Reformer (1875–1889)

    North York Sentinel (20 December 1867–1876)

    Era and Post (June 1967–December 1967)

    Semi-Weekly Era (1875)

    Ottawa Journal (1885-1980)


    OurDigitalWorld - INK Newspaper Collection Community newspapers


    The Acton Free Press (1875-1984)

    The Acton Tanner (1992-2001)

    The Amherstburg Courier (1849-1850)

    The Amherstburg Echo (1874-1982)

    The Barrie Examiner (1864-1952)

    The Border Cities Star (1918-1935)

    The Bowmanville Merchant (1871-1876)

    The British Whig (1834-1901)

    Canadian Emigrant And Western District Advertiser (1831-1836)

    The Canadian Illustrated News (1862-1863)

    The Canadian Statesman (1894-1979)

    Le Canadien (1 issue - Jul. 25, 1891)

    The Chatham Daily News (1934-1934)

    The Comber Herald (1892-1917)

    Le Courrier and Le Courrier De L'Ouest (1885-1909)

    Courrier D'Essex (1884-1885)

    La Defense (1 issue - Mar. 7, 1918)

    The Essex Free Press (1895-2011)

    Essex Record (1871-1882)

    The Flesherton Advance (1883-1950)

    The Georgetown Herald (1867-1992)

    The Halton Compass (2004-2005)

    Halton Hills This Week (1992-1992)

    Halton Hills Weekend (1995-1996)

    L'Independent Du Canada (1 issue - Mar. 25, 1892)

    The Independent & Free Press (1996-2005)

    Kingston Chronicle (1826-1832)

    Kingston Chronicle and Gazette (1835-1847)

    Kingston Gazette (1810-1887)

    The Kingston News (1868-1820)

    The Kingsville Reporter (1893-2001)

    The LaSalle Silhouette (1990-2011)

    The Leamington Post (1875-1995)

    The Marine Record (1883-1902)

    The Markdale Standard (1880-1950)

    The Newmarket Era (1863-2010)

    The Northern Advance (1855-1940)

    The Orono Weekly Times (1942-1985)

    The Provincial Freeman (1853-1876)

    The Stouffville Sun-Tribune (1888-2014)

    The Tecumseh Maple Leaf (1931-1958)

    The Tecumseh Tribune (1959-2010)

    True Royalist (2 issues - May. 10, 1860 to Jun. 21, 1861)

    The Voice of The Fugitive (1851-1852)

    The Walkerville Mercury (1890-1891)

    The Walkerville News (1934-1936)

    The Walkerville Times (1999-2015)

    The Western Herald (1838-1842)

    The Whitby Free Press (1971-1996)

    The Whitby Gazette and Chronicle (1912-1941)

    The Windsor Evening Record (1893-1918)

    The Windsor Herald (1855-1856)

    The York Commonwealth (1858-1863)

    OurOntario.ca Community Newspapers Collection Mostly historical community newspapers


    368 publications ranging from 1810-2015

    Acton Free Press (1875–1984)

    Amherstburg Courier (1849–1850)

    Barrie Examiner (1941–1979)

    British Whig (1834–1836, 1844–1850)

    Canadian Champion (Milton; 2012–2014)

    Canadian Emigrant And Western District Advertiser (1831–1836)

    Canadian Illustrated News (1862–1863)

    Canadian Statesman (Bowmanville; 1905–1911, 1919–1922)

    Le Canadien (1891)

    Comber Herald (1892–1917)

    Le Courrier and Le Courrier De L'Ouest (1883–1909)

    Le Courrier D'Essex (1884–1885)

    La Defense (1918)

    Essex Free Press (1895–1968)

    Essex Record (1871–1882)

    Georgetown Herald (1867–1992)

    L'Independent Du Canada (1892)

    Kingston Chronicle (1826–1832)

    Kingston Chronicle and Gazette (1835–1837, 1841–1847)

    Kingston Gazette (1810–1820)

    Kingsville Reporter (1893–2001)

    Leamington Post (1907–1995)

    Marine Record/Review (1883–1902)

    Newmarket Courier/Era (1863–2010)

    Orono Weekly Times (1941–1984 with gaps)

    Porcupine Advance (1912-1950)

    Provincial Freeman (1853–1857)

    St. Catharines BMD index (1831–2015)

    Stouffville Sun-Tribune (1888–2007)

    True Royalist (1860–1861)

    Upper Canada Herald (Kingston; 1819–1847)

    Voice of the Fugitive (1851–1852)

    Walkerville Mercury (1890–1891)

    Walkerville News (1934–1936)

    Western Herald (1838–1842)

    Whitchurch-Stouffville Newspaper Index

    Windsor Evening Record (1893–1918)

    Windsor Herald (1855–1856)

    Paper of Record Subscription-based archive of historic world newspapers with focus on Canada.

    Pickering Public Library

    Bay News

    Bay Weekly Reporter

    News Advisor, Pickering edition

    Pickering News

    Pickering Post

    The Record multipaper site Pay

    Guelph Mercury (1999– )

    Hamilton Spectator (1991– )

    New Hamburg Independent (1999– )

    The Record [Waterloo] (1999– )

    Toronto Star (1985– )

    Waterloo Chronicle (1999– )

    The Review (Vankleek Hill) (1893–1904, 2006–2010) Includes archive of General Advertiser. Pay

    Pages of the Past (Toronto Star, 1892–2008) PDF format Pay

    Thunder Bay Public Library index only Free

    Thunder Bay Sentinel BMD index (1875–1879, 1891–1895)

    Fort William Daily Times Journal BMD index (1900–1913)

    Fort William Daily Times Journal obituary index (1900–1972)

    Fort William Daily Times Journal social news index (1914–1920)

    Port Arthur Daily News/News-Chronicle obituary index (1906–1972)

    Port Arthur Daily News/News-Chronicle social news and 1914 war references index (1915–1942)

    Port Arthur News-Chronicle social news index (1943-1951, 1952-1961)

    Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal obituary index (1972–1989, 1988–1997, 1998–2013)

    Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal social news index (2000-2009, 2010-2014)

    Toronto Star (1985– ) Pay text; free access through Toronto libraries to library card holders.

    Wellington County Museum and Archives

    Arthur Enterprise News , [to date] 1896, 1899, 1903, 1905-1909.

    Drayton Advocate , [to date] 1948-1955.

    Elora Sentinel , 1982; 1990-1995.

    Erin Advocate , [to date] 1909, 1930-1931, 1934-1938.

    Fergus News Record , [to date] 1920-1921, 1923-1927.

    Harriston Review , [to date] 1907-1986 [various issues].

    Mount Forest Newspapers , 1870-1930

    Palmerston Observer , [to date] 1933-1940.

    Wellington Advertiser newspaper , 1968-2018

    Prince Edward Island

    Robertson Library, UPEI

    Island Newspapers Free


    Internet Archive

    McGill University student publications (1874–2001)

    Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec (BANQ)

    various titles

    Canadiana Discovery Portal

    The Canadian Day-Star (1861–1864)

    The Daily record and judicial news , 1891

    The Punch (1878)

    The Quebec Star (1875–1878)

    Keneder Adler (1908–1932) Free

    translated, transcribed obituaries only

    Google News Archive

    Lakeshore Press (1926-1940 - incomplete, starts at December 1934)

    Montreal Gazette (1878-1986)

    North Shore News (1962- 1980 - incomplete)


    Moose Jaw Herald Times (1890–1899) Free

    Le Patriote de l'Ouest (1910–1941)


    The Prince Albert Times (1882–1888) Free

    Qu'Appelle Progress (1885–1900)


    Saskatchewan Historic Newspapers Online Free

    Saskatchewan Obituaries Free

    Saskatoon Phoenix (1902-1928)


    Saskatoon Star-Phoenix (1928-1967) Free


    Der Bote death notices and obituaries index (1924–2008) Mennonite newspaper index only


    Der Bote obituaries index (1950–2004) Mennonite newspaper index only Free

    Canada Gazette (1841–1997) official Canadian government newspaper Free

    Canada Gazette (1998–present) official Canadian government newspaper Free

    Canadian Mennonite death notices and obituaries index (1953–1971, 1997–2002) index only Free

    Connecting Canadians multicultural immigrant newspapers in many languages Free

    Drouin Institute images of obituaries and other documents Pay

    French obituaries, death cards and newspaper archive transcriptions only Free

    English obituaries, death cards and newspaper archive transcriptions only Free

    obituary collection, in French (1995– ) transcriptions only Free

    obituary collection, in English (1995– ) transcriptions only Free

    Mennonite Brethren Herald obituaries index (1961–2004) index only Free

    Mennonitische Rundschau author and subject index (1878–1939) Mennonite newspaper index only


    Mennonitische Rundschau obituaries index (1930–2001) Mennonite newspaper index only Free

    Multicultural Canada contains more than just newspapers Free


    The Barbados Mercury (and Bridgetown) Gazette (1783-1848)

    Free images only

    Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library (titles from various countries, 1900–present) archive of historic and current newspapers from the Caribbean Free

    Curaçao and Suriname searchable as part of Historische Kranten (Dutch National Library) Free

    Amigoe di Curaçao: weekblad voor de Curacaosche eilanden (1883–1976)

    De Curaçaosche courant (1816– )

    Nieuwe Surinaamsche courant

    Suriname: koloniaal nieuws- en advertentieblad (1871–1971)

    Newspapers from Montserrat National Trust archives Free images only

    The Dominica Almanack [1781]

    The Montserrat Observer [01 Sep 1956 & 03 Apr 1948]

    The Montserrat Standard [19 Mar 1952]

    The St Vincent Gazette [12 Dec 1778]

    Leeward Islands Gazette [ [17 Sep 1942](extract) & 02 Mar 1948]

    Virgin Islands Daily News (2002– )


    Virgin Islands Daily News (1930–1980) via Google News Archive


    El Mercurio de Valparaíso (2012-)



    Acht Uhr Abendblatt, periodical for Jewish refugees (1939–1941) Free

    North China Daily News (1850–1951) Pay

    S. Z. am Mittag der Shanghai Post, periodical for Jewish refugees (1939–1940) Free

    Shanghai Echo, periodical for Jewish refugees (1946–1948) Free

    Shanghai Jewish Chronicle, periodical for Jewish refugees (1939–1945) Free

    Shanghaier Morgenpost, periodical for Jewish refugees (1941– ) Free


    El Tiempo (1911-2007, Google news archive, Free )

    Costa Rica

    La Nación (1946-1991, Google news archive, Free)

    Sistema Nacional de Bibliotecas [1]


    Historical Croatian Newspapers - National and University Library in Zagreb (various titles, 1789-1944) Digitised Croatian newspapers Free

    Metelwin Digital Library (various titles, 1867-near present) archive of historic and current Croatian newspapers Free

    Sibenicensia collection that represent heritage of Šibenik’s area (various titles) Collection of Rarities; Public library “Juraj Šižgorić”

    Istarske novine online (various titles,1850.-1963.)

    Karlovački tjednik (1953.-1980.)

    Digitized Zagreb Heritage Zagreb City Libraries' Digital collections portal provides online access to the digital and digitized material deposited at the Zagreb City Libraries' repository

    DIKAZ - Digitalna knjižnica Zadar

    Arhiv Slobodne Dalmacije - digitalni arhiv tiskanih izdanja (1943.-2007.)

    HAZU - digitalna zbirka Hrvatske akademije znanosti i umjetnosti


    Biblioteca Digital Cubana Free

    Cuba Review (1906–1923) English-language journal with news items; volumes 5–21 (volume 11 is incomplete) Free

    Diario de la Marina (1844–1882, 1899–1909, 1930, 1947–1961) Free


    American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee - Cyprus Publications (various titles and languages, 1947–1949) digitized archive of newspapers published by Holocaust survivors detained on Cyprus Free

    Czech Republic

    Digital Library Kramerius digitization project of National Library of the Czech Republic Free, but generally requires one to be accessing them from a library within the Czech Republic

    Ústav pro českou literaturu AV ČR (19th–20th centuries) Free

    Moravská zemská knihovna (Moravian Library), Lidové noviny 1893-1945 Free


    Illustreret Tidende (1859–1924)

    Free browsable magazine-style newspaper

    Mediestream Newspapers from Statens Avissamling (National Collection of Newspapers in Denmark) - volumes older than 100 years are free - view list of titles


    El Mercurio (2011-) Free

    Equatorial Guinea

    La Guinea Española (1903-1969)



    Digiteeritud eesti ajalehed collection of national periodicals, some in German and Russian Free

    DIGAR collection of national periodicals, historical manuscripts, books, images and other digital materials, some in German, Russian or other languages Free

    Esmaspäev (1922-41) Free

    Herold (1932-35) Free

    Hommikleht (1933-34) Free

    Kaja (1919-36) Free

    Läänemaa (1927-30) Free

    Maaliit (1918-39) Free

    Postimees (1888-1946) Free

    Tallinna Teataja (1910-1922) Free

    Tõe Hääl (1930-33) Free

    Üleriiklise Kaupmeeste Seltside Keskliidu Teated (1932-41) Free

    Uudisleht (1927-40) Free

    Uus Eesti Narva Uudised (1936-41)


    Uus Eesti Pärnu Uudised (1936-41)


    Virumaa Teataja (1925-44) Free

    Waba Maa (1918-1939) Free


    Europeana Newspapers Free Access to over 8 million pages historical newspapers. Also includes links to 2m issues at other libraries

    (these links are now out of date)

    Newspapers from National Library of Austria

    Newspapers from University of Belgrade

    Newspapers from National Library of Estonia

    Newspapers from National Library of France

    Newspapers from Dr. Friedrich Teßman Library (Sud Tyrol, Italy)

    Newspapers from National Library of Iceland

    Newspapers from National Library of Latvia

    Newspapers from National Library of Luxembourg

    Newspapers from National Library of the Netherlands

    Newspapers from Hamburg State Library

    Newspapers from National Library of Spain

    Faroe Islands

    The VESTNORD project (1892–2001)


    The National Library of Finland – Digital Collections (1771–1929)


    Helsingin Sanomat (1990– ) Pay & Free

    Helsinki Times, Helsingin Sanomat International Edition (2007–2011)



    Agence France-Presse (1983– )


    Excelsior photo archives (1914–1919) Free selections of some photos from World War I publication

    Image Works collection (51 photos)

    Parisien Images collection (174 photos)

    L'Express (1953– ) Free

    Le Figaro (1997– ) Pay

    Gallica Free Digital collection of the National Library of France. Includes, among others:

    L'Action française (1906–1941) Free

    L'Aurore (1897–1916) Free

    Le Constitutionnel (1819–1914) Free

    La Croix (1880–1944) Free

    L'Écho de Paris (1884–1938)


    Le Figaro (1826–1942) Free

    Le Figaro, supplément littéraire du dimanche (1876–1929)


    Le Gaulois (1868–1929) Free

    L'Humanité (1904–1944) Free

    L'Intransigeant (1880–1940)


    Journal des débats politiques et littéraires (1814–1944) Free

    La Justice (1880–1940) Free

    Le Matin (1884–1944) Free

    L'Ouest-Éclair (1899–1940)


    Le Petit Journal (1863–1940)


    Le Petit Journal, supplément du dimanche (1884–1920) Free

    Le Petit Journal illustré (1920–1937) Free

    Le Petit Parisien (1876–1940)


    La Presse (1836–1935) Free

    Recueil de Gazettes de France (1631-1792) Free

    Le Siècle (1836–1932) Free

    Le Temps (1861–1940) Free

    L'Univers (1867–1919) Free

    La Gazette de France (1786) Free downloadable PDF

    Le Journal de Rouen (1762–1843)


    Libération (1995–) (Search ) Free

    Mercure François (1605–1643)


    Le Monde (1944–) Pay

    National Library of Israel (19th–20th centuries) Jewish newspapers Free

    Bulletin de l'Alliance Israélite Universelle [French] (Paris; 1860–1913)

    Ha-Levanon [Hebrew] (Jerusalem, Paris, Mainz, and London; 1863–1886)

    Information Juive [French] (Algiers, Algeria and Paris, France; 1948–1977)

    Paix et Droit [French] (Paris; 1921–1940)

    The Locus (2016– ) (In English)

    Free [2]

    RetroNews [French] : digital newspaper collection (1631-1945) from the National Library of France


    Rhône-Alpes region

    Rhône-Alpes News and Memory (1807-1944) 35 text searchable PDF newspapers published in the modern departments of Ain, Ardèche, Drôme, Isère, Loire, Savoie and Haute-Savoie Free


    Altonaer Nachrichten (1850 - 1873)


    ANNO - Austrian Newspapers Online Free Although an Austrian collection, includes many newspapers from cities which are now in Germany (but were once in Austria).

    Bavarian State Library digitized newspapers Free Includes, among others:

    Augspurgische Ordinari Postzeitung (1768–1848) Free

    Bavarian Newspapers (1848–1850) Free

    Coburger Zeitung (1854–1932)


    Fürstenfeldbrucker Zeitung (1928–1932) Free

    Grafinger Zeitung (1923–1932)


    Ingolstädter Anzeiger (1922–1933) Free

    Sudetendeutsche Zeitung (1951–1955) Free

    Berlin State Library assortment of digitized newspapers

    ZEFYS – Zeitungsinformationssystem Links to other newspapers available online, searchable database of newspaper bibliographic data

    Berliner Kurier (1995–)

    Berliner Tageblatt (1878-1929) Free

    Berliner Tageszeitung (2004–)

    Deutsche Exilzeitschriften (1933–1945) Free

    Deutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (1919-1922) Free

    DiFMOE German periodicals in Central and Eastern Europe Free

    DigiPress – Digitalisierte Zeitungen Bayerns

    Düsseldorf University digital newspapers & magazines (1769-1937)

    Flörsheimer Zeitung (1906–1932)

    Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (1993–) Pay

    Frankfurter Rundschau (1999–) Pay

    Genios (various newspapers) Pay

    German Press News (1999–) Free

    Hamburger Abendblatt (1948–) Pay

    Henneberger Zeitung (1872–1899)


    Hochheimer Stadtanzeiger (1911–1932)

    Internetarchiv jüdischer Periodika (1806–1938) Free

    Jenaer Volksblatt (1900–1925)

    Morgenpost (2002–) Pay

    Munich Digitization Center digital library (18th - 20th centuries) Free

    There are numerous individual titles included, only some of which are listed on the

    newspaper category page . Many more can be found by searching (tip: search for city name in the title or place of publication).

    National Library of Israel (19th–20th centuries) Jewish newspapers Free

    Ha-Levanon [Hebrew] (Jerusalem, Paris, Mainz, and London; 1863–1886)

    Ha-Magid [Hebrew] (Lyck, Berlin, Kraków, and Vienna; 1856–1903)

    Ha-Zefira [Hebrew] (Warsaw and Berlin; 1862, 1874–1906, 1910–1921, 1926–1928, 1931)

    Neue Hamburger Zeitung (1896 - 1923) Free

    Norddeutsche Allgemeine Zeitung (1872-1899) Free

    Journals & newspapers from the Freiburg region Free Includes, among others:

    Freiburger Zeitung (1784–1943) Free

    Staufener Wochenblatt (1875–1978) Free

    Magazines & newspapers with a local or regional focus on Heidelberg, the Palatinate (Kurpfalz), & Baden (18th - 21st centuries)

    Free Includes, among others:

    Relation: Aller Fuernemmen und gedenckwuerdigen Historien (1609–1610) Free political and diplomatic news clippings

    Nürnberger Nachrichten (1990–)


    Der oberschlesische Wanderer (42 various years between 1828 and 1938) images only Free

    Der oberschlesische Wanderer (33 various years between 1833 and 1936) images only Free

    Passauer Neue Presse (1946-1965)


    Pressemappe 20. Jahrhundert (1900–1945)

    Reichsausgabe (1922-1930) Free

    Regional newspapers from South-, Central-, and Rheinhessen (Süd-, Mittel- und Rheinhessen) (19th & 20th centuries) Free Includes, among others:

    Bergsträßer Anzeigeblatt (1861-1968) Free

    Wormser Zeitung (1843-1876)


    Der Spiegel (1947–) Free Abstract

    Süddeutsche Zeitung (1992–) Pay

    University of Bonn assortment of digitized newspapers

    Die Welt (1995–)

    Wiesbadener Tagblatt (1905–1914)

    Wiesbadener Badeblatt (mit Kurliste) (1867–1933)

    Die Zeit (1946–) Free

    The Gathering Storm online exhibit; Jewish newspapers published in Germany held by the Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica

    The Munich Eye online and print, Munich newspaper in English (2010-) Free

    Links to other German newspaper directories:

    Eurodocs list of German newspapers

    nearly complete list of projects and digital collections


    Digital Newspaper Archives of National Library of Greece : ΑΚΡΟΠΟΛΙΣ (1883-1884), ΕΛΕΥΘΕΡΙΑ (1944-1967), ΕΜΠΡΟΣ (1896-1969), ΜΑΚΕΔΟΝΙΑ (1911-1981), ΡΙΖΟΣΠΑΣΤΗΣ (1917-1983), ΣΚΡΙΠ (1893-1963), ΤΑΧΥΔΡΟΜΟΣ (1958-1977) Free

    Kathimerini (1919–1995) (1996– )

    Free (Page not found on 13 March 2015)

    To Pontiki (1979– ) Free

    To Vima (1922– ) Pay

    Vikelaia Municipal Library (1880-1950) Free


    Pacific Daily News Pay

    Pacific Daily News (2002– ) Pay

    Hong Kong

    South China Morning Post (2006–)


    The Standard (1995–)

    Wen Wei Po [3]

    Hong Kong Public Library Multimedia Information System Free images of historical Hong Kong newspapers, including The Chinese Mail, Wah kiu yat po, The China Mail, The Hong Kong Daily Press, Ta kung pao, etc.


    Arcanum Digitheca (1863–1944)


    Budapesti Hírlap (1887–1939)

    Fővárosi Lapok (1865–1901)

    A Hét (1957–1996)

    Népszava (1873–2015)

    Pesti Hírlap (1841–1944)

    Pesti Napló (1852–1939)

    Színházi Élet - Színházi Hét (1910–1938)

    Tolnai Világlapja(1901–1944)

    Uj Idők (1894–1949)

    Vasárnapi Ujság (1854–1921)

    Helyi Lapok (1842–2007; not all years represented) Esztergom and Pápai newspapers Free

    Eger (1863–1944) magazine with political and other content Free

    Hungaricana Library in Hungarian or English-language version Free

    A Hét (1957-1996)

    Békés Megyei Hírlap (1971-2000)

    Békésmegyei Közlöny (1877–1938)

    Dunántúli Napló (1944-1997)

    Dunántúli Protestáns Lap (1890–1945)

    Esztergom (1895–1932)

    Esztergom és Vidéke (1879–1944)

    Heves Megyei Hírlap (1953-2010)

    Komárom-Esztergom Megyei 24 óra (1966-2000)

    Nógrád Megyei Hírlap (1947-2005)

    Nyírvidék (1867–1942)

    Pápai Független Ujság (1893–1894)

    Pápai Hirlap (1888–1890)

    Pápai Közlöny (1892–1921)

    Pápai Lapok (1874–1919)

    Pest Megyei Hírlap (1982-1994)

    Petőfi népe (1950-2003)

    Protestáns Egyházi és Iskolai Lapok (1842-1919)

    Somogy Megyei Hírlap (1953-2000)

    Szolnok Megyei Néplap (1960-2000)

    Tolna Megyei Népújsag (1953-2000)

    Új Szó (1948–1999)

    "Lucian Blaga" Digital Library Romanian and Hungarian periodicals


    Middle and Eastern European Digital Forum (18th–20th centuries) German-language newspapers Free

    Brünner Tagesbote (1850–1944)

    Die Donau (1935–1944)

    Karpathen-Post (1880–1942)

    Karpathen-Edelweiss (1880)

    Kaschauer Zeitung (1872–1914)

    Marburger Zeitung (1862–1945)

    Preßburger Zeitung (1764–1929)

    Intelligenzblatt für Ungarn (1798–1835)

    Pannonia (1837–1848)

    Pressburgisches Wochenblatt (1771–1773)

    Schrattenthals Frauen-Zeitung (1893–1894)

    Das Riesengebirge in Wort und Bild (1881–1898)

    Der Wanderer durch Ost- und Westpreußen (1904–1911)

    Der Wanderer im Riesengebirge (1881–1943)

    National Library of Israel (19th–20th centuries) Jewish newspapers Free

    Egyenlőség [Hungarian] (Budapest; 1892–1905)

    Pester Lloyd (1891–1904, 1908–1922) Free

    Pressburger Zeitung (1766–1832)


    South Hungary archive (1910–1945) Hungarian newspapers from Szeged and South Hungary Free

    Transsylvanica Romanian and Hungarian periodicals from Transylvania Free

    Vasárnapi Ujság (1854–1921) Free

    Zalai Közlöny (1862–1945) Free


    Morgunblaðið (1986–present)

    Morgunblaðið (1913–2004) Free

    The VESTNORD project (1696–2002) Icelandic, Canadian, Danish, and other newspapers Free


    CBI Roundup/IBT Roundup/Chota Roundup (1942-1946) Free (transcribed to text, most international articles left out)

    Hicky's Bengal Gazette (1781) Free

    The Hindu (2000– )

    The Indian Express (2002– )

    The Indian Express (1933–1994) via Google News Archive

    Indian online newspaper and journal portal (1785–2003)

    The Telegraph (1999– )

    The Times of India (2001– )

    EBM News (2015– )

    Archives of the Press Academy of Andhra Pradesh. Free Includes more than 20 newspapers in Telugu and Urdu. The earliest dates from 1914. Also hosts magazines and periodicals. Newspapers in the archive are: Aawam, Andhrabhoomi, Andhrajanatha, Andhrajyoti, Andhrapatrika, Andhraprabha, Golcondapatrika, Hamara Iqdam, Meezan, Musheer-I-Deccan, Naya Zamaana, Rahnuma-E-Deccan, Raiyat, Siasat, Subh-E-Deccan, The Paisa Akhbar, The Payam, The Sadaqat, The Saltanat, The Tanzeem, Visalaandhra


    Nashriyah: Digital Iranian History (1950–1953, 1979, late 1990's–early 2000's) Free

    Magiran: Bank-i Ittila'at-i Nashriyyat-i Keshvar (mostly covers 2005-present) "Free access for some collections"


    An Phoblacht Online (1997– ) Free

    Ask About Ireland

    Ballymun Concrete News (1998–2006) Free

    British Newspaper Archive (free access within British Library reading rooms) Pay

    Church of Ireland Gazette (1911–1923) Free

    Church of Ireland Gazette (2005–2011) Free

    Conradh na Gaeilge (1893- )

    Connolly Association newspaper archive Free

    Irish Freedom (1939–1944)

    Irish Democrat (1945–2000)

    Dublin Gazette (1750's–1800) Free large PDF's of bound volumes

    Galway Advertiser archive (1970–)


    Irish Examiner (1841–current) Pay

    Irish Catholic

    Irish News "Northern Ireland"

    Irish Newspaper Archives Irish Examiner (1849-current), Irish Independent (1905–current) previously Irish Daily Independent (1891-1904), Sunday Independent (1906-current), Irish Farmers Journal (1957- 2009), Belfast Newsletter (1738-current), Belfast Telegraph (1976-current), Freemans Journal (1763–1924), The Nation (1842–1897), Evening Echo (1896-current), Evening Press (1978-1995), Evening Herald (1891-current), Sunday Life (2009-current), Sunday Press (1978-1989) and more national, regional, and out-of-date newspapers from Ireland and Irish America Pay

    Irish Times (1859–) Pay also contains The Irish Weekly Times, Times Pictorial and Irish Pictorial papers from the past.

    IrishNewspapers.com (from Ancestry.com; 1738–1980) list of newspapers on site Pay

    Radical Newspaper Archives a sister website to Irish Newspaper Archives

    Saoirse – Irish Freedom Newspaper (1987–) Free

    Sunday Business Post (1989- )

    Sunday Freeman (1913-1915)

    Sunday Journal (1980-1982)

    Sunday Review (1957-1963)

    Sunday Tribune (1980-2011)

    Sunday World (1895-1897)

    Sunday World (1973- )

    Trinity News (1953-1970) Free

    Villanova University Digital Library


    Free State (1922)

    Hibernia Magazine and Dublin Monthly Panorama (1810–1811)

    Irish Felon (24 June–22 July 1848)

    Irish Magazine and Monthly Asylum (1807–1808)

    Irish Tribune (10 June–8 July 1848)

    Leprecaun (1905–1909)

    United Irishman (12 February–27 May 1848)

    Walker's Hibernian Magazine (1811)


    Jerusalem Post (1989– ) Free abstracts; Pay text (no images)

    Haaretz (1994– ) (Hebrew) Pay (text)

    Israel Hayom: (2007–present) (Hebrew) Free

    National Library of Israel (19th–20th centuries) Jewish newspapers published in multiple languages and countries Free

    Al HaMishmar [Hebrew] (Palestine/Israel; 1943–1995)

    L'Avenir Illustré [French] (Casablanca; 1926–1940)

    Bulletin de l'Alliance Israélite Universelle [French] (Paris; 1860–1913)

    B'nai B'rith Messenger (1898–1921)

    Davar [Hebrew] (Palestine/Israel; 1925–1981)

    Doar Hayom [Hebrew] (Jerusalem; 1916–1936)

    Egyenlőség [Hungarian] (Budapest; 1892–1905)

    Forward/Forverts [Yiddish] (New York; 1897–2015)

    Habazeleth [Hebrew] (Palestine; 1863, 1870–1911)

    Ha-'Am [Hebrew] (Moscow; 1916–1918)

    Ha-Levanon [Hebrew] (Jerusalem, Paris, Mainz, and London; 1863–1886)

    Ha-Magid [Hebrew] (Lyck, Berlin, Kraków, and Vienna; 1856–1903)

    Ha-Melitz [Hebrew] (Odessa and St. Petersburg; 1860–1872, 1879–1904)

    Ha-Micpe [Hebrew] (Kraków; 1904–1915, 1917–1921)

    Ha-Mizrachi [Hebrew] (Warsaw; 1918–1924)

    Ha-Modia [Hebrew] (Poltava, Russia; 1910–1915)

    Ha-Po’eel Ha-Tsa’air [Hebrew] (Palestine; 1907–1970)

    Ha-Tzofeh [Hebrew] (Tel Aviv; 1937–1953)

    Ha-Yom [Hebrew] (St. Petersburg; 1886–1888)

    Ha-Zefira [Hebrew] (Warsaw and Berlin; 1862, 1874–1906, 1910–1921, 1926–1928, 1931)

    Ha-Zman [Hebrew] (St. Petersburg; 1903–1915)

    Ha-Zvi/Ha-Or [Hebrew] (Palestine; 1884–1901, 1909–1915)

    Hameasef [Hebrew] (Jerusalem; 1896–1914)

    Hashkafa [Hebrew] (Palestine; 1896–1908)

    Haynt [Yiddish] (Poland; 1915–1939)

    Hed Ha-Mizrach: Journal for Sephardic Jewry [Hebrew] (Israel; 1942–1944, 1949–1951)

    Herut [Hebrew] (Israel; 1949–1957)

    Information Juive [French] (Algiers, Algeria and Paris, France; 1948–1977)

    Ivri Anochi [Hebrew] (Lwów and Brody; 1865–1890)

    Israël [French] (Cairo; 1920–1939)

    Jewish Morning Journal [Yiddish] (New York; 1906–1922)

    Kol HaAm [Hebrew] (Tel Aviv; 1937–1950)

    Lebens Fragen [Yiddish] (Tel Aviv; 1951–2011)

    La Liberté [French and Judeo-Arabic] (Tangier; 1915–1922)

    Maariv [Hebrew] (Israel; 1948–1990)

    Maguid Micharim/Le Tétouanais [Hebrew] (Oran, Algeria; 1895–1896)

    Mahziqey Ha-Dat/Qol Mahziqey Ha-Dat [Hebrew] (Lwów; 1879–1913)

    Der Moment [Yiddish] (Warsaw; 1910–1924)

    Moria [Hebrew] (Jerusalem; 1910–1915)

    Noar [French] (Casablanca; 1945–1952)

    Paix et Droit [French] (Paris; 1921–1940)

    The Palestine Bulletin [English] (Jerusalem; 1932–1950)

    The Palestine Post [English] (Palestine; 1932–1950)

    The Occident and American Jewish Advocate [English] (Philadelphia; 1843–1869)

    La Voix des Communautés [French] (Rabat, Morocco; 1950–1956, 1961–1963)

    Die Wahrheit [Yiddish] (New York; 1905–1919)


    Atesia Augusta, Bolzano province (1939–1943)

    Вiblioteca dello sport

    Il Sole 24 Ore (1984 –) pay

    Corriere della Sera (1876–) pay

    l'Emeroteca Digitale (1759–1911) many local newspapers

    Emeroteca Italiana various newspapers and periodicals

    Emilia region newspapers (1848–1950)

    Dr. Friedrich Teßmann Library (South Tyrol) digital newspaper archive

    Le Gazzette Bolognesi (1645–1796)

    Pisa newspapers (Tuscany region)

    La Repubblica (1984–) Free

    Il Secolo (1866-1883, 1885) Free

    La Stampa (1867–) Free

    L'Unità Free


    Japan Times Digital Archive (1897–2014) Pay


    Daily Nation (1998– ) Pay

    Kenya Gazette (1972–1989 Free


    National Library of Latvia (1895–1957) collection of national periodicals, some in German and Russian Free (pre-WW2)

    National Library of Latvia (1886–1949) alphabetical list of newspapers in digital archive Free


    Almustaqbal Lebanese newspaper archive html articles and pdf are available on the website.


    National Library of Liechtenstein



    Vilna Provincial Gazette (1838–1917, a few years missing) published while Lithuania was part of the Russian Empire Free


    National Library of Luxembourg


    Luxemburger Wort (1848–1950)

    Escher Tageblatt (1913–1950)

    Courrier du Grand-Duché de Luxembourg (1844-1868)

    D'Wäschfra (1868-1884)

    De Mitock (1937-1940)

    Das Luxemburger Land in Wort und Bild (1895)

    Various other newspapers

    Images only


    Nyasa Times Newspaper (2006 -)


    Malawi Democrat (2010 -) Online

    Nation Malawi

    Daily Times

    Malawi News


    New Straits Times (1972–1976, 1980–2006) via Google News Archive


    The Independent (1999-)

    Times of Malta (1930 -) (pay)


    Biblioteca Virtual BC (1964–1999)

    ABC (1977–1980)

    El Centinela (1977–1980, 1986)

    La Crónica de Baja California (1990–1999)

    El Mexicano (1977–1980, 1984)

    Novedades de Baja California (1985–1990)

    La Voz de la Frontera (1964–1980, 1993)

    Diario de Colima (1989– ) Free

    El Bravo (1964-1977, 2015- ) Free

    Excelsior (2016- ) Free

    Expreso (2006– ) Free

    El Financiero (2001– ) Pay

    Hemeroteca Nacional Digital de Mexico (1735–1969) historical Mexican newspapers

    El Informador (1917– ) Free

    El Mañana (2013- ) Free

    El Siglo de Durango (2003-) Free

    El Siglo de Torreón (1922–2000) ($)

    El Universal (1999– ) Free

    Lider Informativo (2016- ) Free

    Publimetro (2011– ) Free


    - Digital Archive of Mongolian Newspapers 1990-1995 Free images only


    National Library of Israel (19th-20th centuries) Jewish newspapers Free

    L'Avenir Illustré [French] (Casablanca; 1926–1940)

    La Liberté [French and Judeo-Arabic] (Tangier; 1915–1922)

    Noar [French] (Casablanca; 1945–1952)

    La Voix des Communautés [French] (Rabat; 1950–1956, 1961–1963)


    Online Burma Library Myanmar newspapers since June 2003 (.pdf files; Burmese & English) Free


    Allgemeine Zeitung (2000– ) Free

    New Era (includes archive going back about 20 years) Pay


    Lokale en regionale kranten uit het westelijk Gelders Rivierengebied

    Bommels Weekblad (1969)

    Bommelsch Nieuwsblad (1898)

    Bommelsche Courant (1874-1896)

    Culemborgsch Nieuws- en Advertentieblad (1884-1918)

    Culemborgsche Courant (1860-1950)

    Dag-Bulletin, editie Culemborg (1945)

    De Bommelaar (1979-1980)

    De Bommelerwaard (1942-1965)

    De Kroniek (1945)

    De Midden Nederlander (1945)

    De Schijnwerper (1956-1959)

    De Stimulans (1958-1980)

    De Teisterbander (1942-1945)

    De Teisterbander, ed. Culemborg (1942)

    De Toren (1969-2008)

    De Waalbode (1919-1941)

    Deze Week in Stad en Streek (1965-1969)

    Gratis Advertentieblad (1915-1917)

    Het Goedkoope Reclameblad (1926)

    Het Nieuws (1942)

    Het Weekblad voor Zaltbommel, Bommeler- en Tielerwaard (1927-1941)

    Humoristisch Weekblad (1875)

    Journal du Département des Bouches du Rhine (1810-1812)

    Katholiek Zondagsblad voor Tiel en Omstreken (1908-1910)

    Nieuwe Bommelsche Courant (1891-1896)

    Nieuwe Tielsche Courant (1869-1950)

    Nieuws- en Advertentieblad voor Geldermalsen en Omstreken (1945-1946)

    Nieuws- en Advertentieblad voor Zaltbommel en Omstreken (1936)

    Ons Weekblad. R.K. Orgaan voor Tiel en Omstreken (1910-1919)

    Onze Winkelweek (1926)

    Tielsch Nieuwsblad (1920-1928)

    Tielsch Stads- en arrondissements weekblad (1844-1869)

    Tiels(ch)e Courant (1850-1950)

    Zaltbommels Nieuws- en Advertentieblad (1873-1874)

    Zaltbommelsch Nieuws- en Advertentieblad (1916-1941)

    Zalt-Bommelsche Courant (1897-1933)

    Zaltbommelsche Courant (1935-1940)

    Gemeentearchief Roermond digitaal krantenarchief

    Regional Archive Rijnlands Midden


    Koninklijke Bibliotheek (1618–1995) (Delpher) Free Dutch newspapers from the Netherlands, Dutch East Indies, Netherlands Antilles, Suriname, U.S.

    Krantenbank Zeeland Zeeuwse Bibliotheek Free

    Leeuwarder Courant archive

    Dagblad van het Noorden (2006–)

    Leeuwarder Courant (1752–)

    Nieuwsblad van het Noorden (1968–2002)

    Frisia (1896–1977) and numerous other newspapers

    City of Leiden's newspapers 1720–1995 Free

    Utrechts Nieuwsblad (1893–1967)


    Digital newspaper archive Eemland


    Amersfoortsch Dagblad

    Amersfoortsch Dagblad / De Eemlander

    Nieuwe Amersfoortsche Courant

    Weekblad voor Amersfoort en Omstreken

    De Eemlander

    Dagblad voor Amersfoort

    Amersfoortsche Courant

    De Eembode

    Arrondissementsbode van Amersfoort

    Leusder Krant

    Eemnesser Courant

    Amersfoortse Courant

    De Kampbode

    Le Courrier

    New Zealand

    Digital NZ/A-Tihi O Aotearoa open filters and click "News"; includes items from Papers Past and Upper Hutt Free

    National Library of New Zealand: Papers Past (1839–1948) Free includes some papers published in Apia, Samoa

    Southern Regional News Index (1851–current) Free Dunedin and Otago area index only

    Upper Hutt Leader (1939–1964)



    Digital preservation of newspapers of the first half of the twentieth century in Nicaragua Free images only

    El Comercio 1903-1916 and 1918-1919

    La Noticia 1916-1917 and 1937-1940

    El Diario Nicaragüense 1910-1916

    La Tribuna 1917-1925 and 1928

    La Prensa 1936-1940

    El Liberal 1935-1936

    El Nuevo Diario (September 1998 - ) Free


    Nasjonalbiblioteket – Digitale aviser

    Aftenposten (1860-present) Pay

    Budstikka (1998-present) Pay

    Dagbladet (1869-present) Pay

    Hamar Arbeiderblad (1925-present)


    Stavanger Aftenblad (1894-present)


    Trønder-Avisa (1864-present) Pay (search results free)


    Manila Bulletin [dead link ] (2003-present) Free

    Manila Standard (1987–2003) via Google News Archive

    Philippine Daily Inquirer [ dead link ]


    Philippine Daily Inquirer (2000–2007) via Google News Archive

    Philippine Star [ dead link ] Free


    Baltic Digital Library A collection of 59 413 digital objects (1800-present)


    Czas (1848–1939) (Kraków daily)


    Dziennik Polski (1945–1989) (Kraków daily) Free

    Dziennik Poranny (1935–1939 (Poznań daily) Free

    FBC Newspapers A collection of over 5 000 newspaper titles aggregated from over a 100 of Polish digital libraries (1759-present) Free

    Gazeta Lwowska (1811–1939) (Lwów daily) Free

    Goniec Krakowski (1939–1945) A Nazi-sponsored, Polish-language newspaper, published in the General Government Free

    Ilustrowany Kurier Codzienny (1912–1939) (Kraków daily) Free

    Jagiellonian Digital Library A collection of 412 903 digital objects including ABC Nowiny codziennne (1926–1939 with gaps, Warsaw, daily, virulently antisemitic) Free

    Lodz/Litzmannstadt Ghetto Chronicle (1943–1944) in German and Polish Free

    Nasz Przegląd (Warsaw) death notices (1923–1938) index only


    National Library of Israel (19th–20th centuries) Jewish newspapers Free

    Ha-Magid [Hebrew] (Lyck, Berlin, Kraków, and Vienna; 1856–1903)

    Ha-Mizrachi [Hebrew] (Warsaw; 1918–1924)

    Ha-Zefira [Hebrew] (Warsaw and Berlin; 1862, 1874–1906, 1910–1921, 1926–1928, 1931)

    Haynt [Yiddish] (Poland; 1915–1939)

    Der Moment [Yiddish] (Warsaw; 1910–1924)

    Nowiny Rzeszowskie (later Nowiny)

    (1949–1989) and (1990–1997) ] (Rzeszów daily) Free

    Polona.pl A collection of 1 837 655 Polish-language publications from 19th century.

    University Library in Warsaw Includes several publications, such as sports daily Przegląd Sportowy (1921–1939, 1945–1959), and literary magazine Prosto z Mostu (1935–1939) Free


    Diario de Lisboa (1921–1990) images only, no index Free

    Lisbon Municipal Newspaper Library newspapers, magazines, and more Free

    A Comarca de Arganil newspapers


    Público (2001– ) Pay

    Puerto Rico

    Diario El Nuevo Día

    Gazeta de Puerto-Rico (1837–1893; gaps in coverage) Free


    Clicanoo Pay


    Arheologie Radio-Tv Romanian Radio (since 1932) and TV-Guides (images only) Free

    DacoRomanica Romanian periodicals released by the Digital Library of Romania Free

    The Digital Library of the “Lucian Blaga” Central University Library Cluj Romanian and Hungarian periodicals Free

    Glasul Minorităţilor (1923-1942) Periodical for Minorities (Romanian, French, German) Free

    National Digital Library Romanian periodicals, photographs, historical maps, books and much more Free

    Teatrul (1956-1989) Periodical for Theater Free

    Transsylvanica Romanian and Hungarian periodicals from Transylvania Free


    Вологодские губернские ведомости (1838–1917) "Vologodsiye gubernskiye vedomosti" (Vologda Governorate)


    Магнитогорский металл (1935–) "Magnitogorskiy metall" (Magnitogorsk city) Free

    Олонецкие губернские ведомости (1838–1917) "Olonetskiye gubernskiye vedomosti" (Olonets Governorate, now Karelia) Free

    Советская культура → Культура (1929–) "Soviet culture"→"Culture"


    Odessaer Zeitung (German-language newspaper) index to Mennonite content (1863–1914) Free

    The Moscow Times (1992–) Pay

    Газетные Старости (1901–) Free multiple newspapers; transcriptions

    История прессы (1703– ) Blog with free archives for downloading ;

    multiple newspapers

    Старые Газеты (1926–2010) Free multiple newspapers; transcriptions

    Театральная периодика в Санкт-Петербургской государственной театральной библиотеке Free multiple newspapers

    Театральная периодика Free multiple newspapers

    Дореволюционные газеты Томска (1894–1919) Free ; multiple newspapers

    Опаринская искра Free multiple newspapers;

    Газеты в сети и вне её "Gazety v seti i vne ee"; Russian newspapers published in multiple languages and countries; bibliography project of the National Library of Russia, Free

    Russian Public Historical Library

    Free Multiple old newspapers (1900s - 1940s) from the electronic collection of the State Public Historical Library of Russia (in Moscow)

    Russian State Library Free Multiple old newspapers from electronic catalogue of the Russian State Library (in Moscow)

    Russian National Library Free Calendar of multiple scanned newspapers (1701 - 2016) from the Russian National Library (in Saint Petersburg)


    see the entry for National Library of New Zealand: Papers Past


    Дигитална Народна библиотека Србије (Digital people library of Serbia) Free ; multiple newspapers

    Политика (2006–) (selected articles only) Free

    Sierra Leone

    Early Dawn (1885–1892) published in Bonthe Free

    Early Dawn (1885–1892) published in Bonthe; some issues missing; easier site to use Free


    NewspaperSG Partial remote access

    Berita Harian (1957–2009)

    Business Times (1976–2009)

    Daily Advertiser (1890–1894)

    Eastern Daily Mail and Straits Morning Advertiser (1905–1907)

    Lianhe Zaobao (1983-2009)

    Malayan Saturday Post (1924–1933)

    Mid-day Herald (1895–1896)

    New Paper (1988-2009)

    Singapore Chronicle and Commercial Register (1831, 1833, 1836)

    Singapore Daily News (1932–1933)

    Singapore Free Press (1925–1926, 1930, 1946–1962)

    Singapore Free Press and Mercantile Advertiser (1835–1869, 1884–1942)

    Singapore Weekly Herald (1888–1889)

    Straits Advocate (1889)

    Straits Chinese Herald (1894)

    Straits Eurasian Advocate (1888)

    Straits Mail (1894–1895)

    Straits Observer (Singapore) (1874–1876, 1897)

    Straits Telegraph and Daily Advertiser (1899)

    Straits Times (1845–2009)

    Straits Times Overland Journal (1869–1870, 1871–1874, 1876–1881)

    Straits Times Weekly Issue (1883–1884, 1886–1887, 1889–1893)

    Today (2000–2009)

    Weekly Sun (1910–1913)

    Newslink Pay


    Bratislava University Library Digital archive of historical Slovak newspapers and books Free


    Digital Library of Slovenia Digital archive of historical Slovenian newspapers, old postcards, and images Free

    Gorenjski glas Gorenjski glas (1948- ) "pdf", Free

    SiStory – History of Slovenia Sources, Literature, Digital humanities, History and School, History Citation Index Free

    South Africa

    Daily Dispatch (1997–2008)

    Independent Online (1998–)

    South Korea

    Korea Newspaper Archive (?–1950)


    Chosun Ilbo (1921-present)

    Naver NewsLibrary Maeil Business, Donga, KyungHyang, Hankyoreh (1920-1999)


    ABC (1891–) Pay

    Archivo de la Fundación Pablo Iglesias Free

    Archivo Municipal de Cartagena


    Archivo Municipal de Castellón


    Archivo Municipal de Murcia Free

    Biblioteca Virtual de Castilla-La-Mancha Free

    Biblioteca virtual de Prensa Histórica Free

    Biblioteca Virtual del Principado de Asturias Free

    Biblioteca Virtual Miguel de Cervantes Free

    Colección Digital de Revistas Femeninas Free

    El Comercio (2006–) Free

    El Diario Montañés (2006–) Free

    El Estrella digital (2008/11/27–)


    El Mundo

    El Mundo (1989–) Pay

    elmundo.es (2002–) Free

    El Norte de Castilla (2006–) Free

    El Pais (1976–) Free

    Expansión (2001–) Free

    Gazeta: colección histórica Free

    Hemeroteca de Gijón

    Hemeroteca Municipal de Madrid


    Hemeroteca Digital Free

    Heraldo de Aragón Pay

    Hoy (2006–) Free

    La Verdad (2006–) Free

    Las Provincias (2006–) Free

    La Rioja (2006–) Free

    Museum of the Student (1852–)


    Universitat de Valensia Free

    Público (2007–)

    Revistas de la Edad de Plata Free


    Asociación Cultural Ubetense Alfredo Cazabán Laguna Free

    Biblioteca Virtual Andalucía Free

    Hemeroteca Biblioteca Virtual Andalucia

    El Diario de Jerez (2007/11/27–)


    Sur (2006–) Free

    Ideal (2006–) Free


    ARCA Arxiu de Revistes Catalanes Antigues. newspapers and magazines in Catalan Free

    Arxiu digital de Granollers. newspapers and magazines in Catalan Free

    Arxiu municipal de Lleida Free

    BAUEN Cercador de premsa històrica local digitalitzada Free

    Biblioteca Virtual Joan Lluís Vives


    Fons local de publicacions històriques digitalitzades. Diputació de Barcelona Free

    Hemeroteca històrica digital de la Biblioteca de l'Ateneu Barcelonés


    Mundo Deportivo (1906–2010) Free

    Premsa tarragonina digitalitzada


    Regió7 Hemeroteca digital Pay

    La Vanguardia (1881–2010) Free

    El Periódico de Catalunya (1978–2014) Free

    Hemeroteca digital. Arxiu Històric de la Ciutat de Barcelona Free


    Archivo Municipal de Irun (1909–)


    Armiarma Free

    Biblioteca Municipal Donostia. Hemeroteca digital

    Bizkaiko Foru Aldundia. Hemeroteca digital Free

    El Diario Vasco (2006–) Free

    El Correo (2006–) Free

    El Cuartel Real (1873–1876) Free

    Euskal Prentsaren Lanak Free

    Koldo Mitxelena Kulturenea Free

    Liburuklik Free

    Naiz (2011–) Free

    Noticias de Alava (2013–) Free

    Noticias de Gipuzkoa (2013–) Free

    Sancho el Sabio Fundazioa Free


    Biblioteca de Galicia Free * Prensa Galega

    Real Academia Galega Free

    Canary Islands

    Jable Free


    Diario de Navarra (1903–) Pay

    Sri Lanka

    Journal of the Dutch Burgher Union 1908–2005 Free PDF files; no search


    Suriname Nieuws (2014–) Free searchable text archive of major Surinamese newspapers


    Svenska Dagstidningar Free up to 1905; from 1906, free access within the Swedish National Library and 30 other Swedish University- and Public Libraries. Over 1000 Swedish contemporary and historical newspapers from 1645 onwards. 28 million pages of which 3,6 millions are Public domain.

    DN.arkivet Pay/For subscribers only Digitized version 1864-1992 of the Swedish daily Dagens Nyheter.

    eHP - Hallandsposten Pay/For subscribers only Digitized version 1910- of the Swedish daily Hallandsposten.

    Svenska Dagbladet - historiskt sidarkiv Pay/For subscribers only Digitized version 1884- of the Swedish daily Svenska Dagbladet. The current issue is added daily.


    Archives Domaine Public Free

    Archives historiques de la presse neuchâteloise Free

    ArcInfo (2018-) Free

    Feuille d’avis de Neuchâtel / FAN / L’Express (1738-2018)


    L'Impartial (1881-2018) Free

    Archives historiques Le Temps


    La Gazette de Lausanne (1803–1998)

    Le Journal de Genève (1826–1998)

    Le Nouveau Quotidien (1991–1998)

    Archivio digitale Sbt dei Quotidiani e Periodici On site

    Corriere del Ticino (1891–2014)

    Giornale del Popolo (1926–2014)

    laRegione Ticino (1992–2014)

    Voce di Blenio (1970–2014)

    Bollettino storico della Svizzera italiana (1879–2012)

    Gazetta Ticinese (1821–1996)

    Il Dovere (1878–1992)

    Libera Stampa (1913–1993)

    Radioprogramma (1934–1959)

    radiotivù (1960–1974)

    tele radio 7 (1976–2005)

    Azione (1938–2014)

    L’Azione (1906–1911)

    Popolo e Libertà (1901–2011)

    Illustrazione Ticinese (1931–2014)

    L’Eco di Locarno (1935–1992)

    Bande Mataram "Monthly Organ of Indian Independence" (1913–1914)


    e-newspaperarchives.ch - Swiss National Library and its cantonal partners Free

    Aktiv: CMV/FCOM: Gemeinsames Gewerkschaftsmagazin (1930-1998) Free

    L'Ami du Peuple (1878-1922)


    L’Avenir (1921-1923) Free

    Le Bas-Valaisan (1904-1906)


    Le Bien public (1879-1888)


    Bote vom Untersee und Rhein (1900-) Free

    Briger Anzeiger (1899-1933)


    Bulletin des séances de la Constituante (1839) Free

    Der Bündner Landbote (1845-1847) Free

    Bündner Nachrichten (1885-1892) Free

    Chablais Magazine (1997-2004) Free

    Le Chablaisien (1974-1997)


    Chronik der Stadt Zürich (1899-1918) Free

    Le chroniqueur (1854-1881)


    Le Confédéré (1861-2009)


    Le confédéré de Fribourg (1848-1907) Free

    Construire (1944-2004) Free

    La Contrée (1902-1903) Free

    Courrier de Sierre (1906-1908)


    Le Courrier de Sion (1925-1935) Free

    Courrier du Valais (1843-1844, 1849-1857) Free

    Courrier du Valais (1935-1938)


    Le courrier fribourgeois (1829-1830) Free

    Le Défenseur de la religion et du peuple (1839-1840) Free

    Der Demokrat (1957-1959)


    L’Écho de Sierre (1926-1931)


    L’Écho des Alpes (1839-1844)


    Eidgenössische Zeitung (1838-1864) Free

    Engadiner Post (1893-1990)


    Der Erzähler (1806-1865) Free

    L'Essor (1906-2015) Free

    L'Expression (1998-2005) Free

    Le Falot (1914-1927) Free

    FCOM-Info (1989-1998) Free

    La FCTA (1955-1963) Free

    Fédération textile, chimie et papier (1951-1979) Free

    Der Fenner (1935-1936) Free

    Feuille commerciale de Sierre et du district (1918-1939) Free

    Feuille d'avis de Martigny (1929-1931) (1738-2018) Free

    Feuille d’avis de Sion, Savièse, et des districts de Conthey, Hérens et environs (1924-1930) Free

    Feuille d’avis du district de Monthey (1901-1968) Free

    La Fögl d’Engiadina (1857-1939) Free

    Freiburger Nachrichten (1864–2006) Free

    La Gazette (1968-2006) Free

    Gazette de Berne (1692-1797)


    Gazette du Simplon (1842-1847) Free

    Gazette du Valais (1855-1922)


    Geschäftsblatt für den oberen Teil des Kantons Bern (1876-1938) Free

    Die Gewerkschaft (1901-1992)


    Graubündner General-Anzeiger (1905-1930) Free

    Il Grigione italiano (1852-2011) Free

    Grütlianer (1852-1925) Free

    La Gruyère (1882-1930) Free

    Der helvetische Volksfreund (1799-1801) Free

    L'Indicateur = Der Anzeiger (1914-1923) Free

    Intelligenzblatt für die Stadt Bern (1834–1922) Free

    Journal de Saxon (1882) Free

    Journal de Sierre (1931-2006)


    Journal du canton de Fribourg (1830-1833) Free

    Journal du Chablais (1997-2001) Free

    Journal du Haut-Lac (1968-1987) Free

    Journal du Valais (1848) Free

    Journal du Valais (1977-1978)


    Journal et feuille d'avis du Valais (1903-1968) Free

    Le Jura (1852-1970) Free

    La Justice (1909-1913) Free

    Der Landbote des freiburgischen Seebezirks (1909-1914) Free

    Der liberale Alpenbote (1847-1860) Free

    La Liberté (1871–2012) Free

    Lotta sindacale (1962-2004)


    La Lutte (1901-1903) Free

    La lutte syndicale (1906-1998)


    Der Morgenstern (1841-1843)


    Der Nachläufer (1840) Free

    Le narrateur fribourgeois (1840-1855) Free

    Neues Tagblatt aus der östlichen Schweiz (1856-1873)


    Neue Zuger Zeitung (1846-1891) Free

    Nidwaldner Volksblatt (1866-1891) Free

    Le Nouvelliste (1904-2012)


    Oberländer Tagblatt (1909-1961) Free

    Der Oberwalliser (1929-1936)


    Oberwalliser Zeitung (1929-1931) Free

    L’Observateur (1846-1848)


    Die Ostschweiz (1874-1900)


    La Patrie valaisanne (1927-1969) Free

    Le Peuple valaisan (1927-2012) Free

    Le Pilon (1933-1934) Free

    Le Point (1971-2018) Free

    Le Rhône (1929-1960) Free

    RZ Regional Zeitung (1998-2016) Free

    Le Réveil Anarchiste (1900-1960) Free

    Le Réveil Anarchiste - série clandestine (1940-1946) Free

    Il Risveglio Anarchico (1900-1960) Free

    Die Rote Anneliese (1974-1999) Free

    Der Schweizer Arbeitnehmer (1912-1996) Free

    Schweizerische Tag-Blätter (1798) Free

    La Sentinelle (1890-1971) Free

    Simplon (1907-1908) Free

    SMUV-Zeitung (1902-2001)


    Solidarité (1909-2000) Free

    Solidarité horlogère (1893-1914) Free

    La Soupape (1973-1974) Free

    St. Galler Volksblatt (1856-1900) Free

    St. Galler Zeitung (1831-1881)


    La Suisse libérale (1881-1982)


    SVEA-Nachrichten (1920-1987) Free

    Täglicher Anzeiger für Thun und das Berner Oberland (1877-1907) Free

    Tagblatt der Stadt Thun (1908-1920) Free

    Die Tat (1935-1978) Free

    La Terre valaisanne (1945-2006) Free

    Thuner Tagblatt (1962-1999)


    Thuner Wochenblatt (1838-1907) Free

    Le Travailleur (1926) Free

    La Tribune de Fribourg (1905)


    La Tribune valaisanne (1937)


    Le Valais (1922-1927) Free

    Valais Demain (1970-1997)


    Le Valaisan (1936-1939) Free

    Le Véridique (1831-1833) Free

    VHTL-Zeitung (1904-2004)


    La Voix du pays (1944-1963)


    La voix du peuple (1906-1914)


    La Voix du Rhône (1844) Free

    Der Volksfreund (1878-1885)


    Volksfreund von Simplon (1884-1885) Free

    Die Volksstimme (1959-1961)


    Der Wahrheitsfreund (1835-1858) Free

    Walliser Bote (1861-2008)


    Walliser Nachrichten (1901-1903) Free

    Walliser Nachrichten (1934-1960) Free

    Walliser Volksfreund (1920-1989) Free

    Walliser Volkszeitung (1921-1924) Free

    Der Weckruf (1903) Free

    Wir Brückenbauer (1943-2004)


    Wochenblatt für die vier löblichen Kantone Ury, Schwytz, Unterwalden, und Zug (1814-1849) Free

    Zuger Nachrichten (1886-1900) Free

    Zuger Volksblatt (1861-1900) Free

    Der Zugerbieter (1865-1868) Free

    Zugerisches Kantonsblatt (1849-1858) Free

    Zürcherische Freitagszeitung (1705-1914) Free

    Zürcherisches Wochenblatt (1801-1842) Free

    Europa Star (1959-2019)


    Neue Zürcher Zeitung (1780–) Pay

    réro DOC Digital Library Free

    Confédéré (1839-2009)

    L'Express (1738–2016)

    Freiburger Nachrichten (1865-1920)

    La Gruyère (1882-1930)

    L'Impartial (1881-2016)

    La Liberté (1871-1999)

    Le Nouvelliste (1903-2012)

    La Sentinelle (1890-1971)

    Schaffhauser Nachrichten (1861-2013) (Limited access )

    Scriptorium platform - Bibliothèque cantonale et universitaire – Lausanne Free Access to over 2,5 million pages covering 250 years of published newspapers in canton


    24 Heures (1762-2001)

    L’Estaffette (1862–1895)

    Gazettes Suisses du 18e s. (1732-1800)

    Journal helvétique (1738–1782)

    Journaux satiriques vaudois (1831-1993)

    Lausanne-Plaisirs (1911–1928)

    Le Matin (1892–2001)

    Le Messager boiteux de Berne et Vevey (1741–1798)

    Nouvelliste vaudois (1822-1914)

    Swissdox Pay

    Tanzania (Zanzibar)

    Deutsch-Ostafrikanische Zeitung (1899–1916)


    Bangkok Chronicle (December 1941)

    Bangkok Post (1989-present) [4]

    Bangkok Recorder (1865–1867)

    Buriram Times

    Chino Siamese Daily News (จีนโนสยามวารศัพท์) (1911–1922)

    Krungdeb Varasab Daily News (กรุงเทพวารศัพท์) (1932–1947)

    Krungthep Daily Mail (กรุงเทพเดลิเมล์) (1908–1932)

    Lak Mueang (หลักเมือง) (1940–1941)

    Prachachat (ประชาชาติ) (1933–1943)

    Siam Observer (1916)

    Sri Krung (ศรีกรุง) (1930-1943)

    The Nation (1834–1981, 1996–1998) via Google News Archive

    The Siam Rashdra Daily News (สยามราษฎร์) (1934–1938)

    The Phuket Gazette (1998–2017)

    The Thaiger (2017-)


    National Library

    Milliyet (1950–)

    Cumhuriyet (1930–2005)

    Today's Zaman (2007-)


    Daily Monitor (2003–)

    The New Vision (2005–) (Registration required)


    LIBRARIA Ukrainian Online Periodicals Archive sumanta

    United Kingdom


    AJR Journal (1946– ) Published by the Association of Jewish Refugees Free

    British Library Newspapers OCR searchable newspapers kept by the

    British Library . 19th Century British Library Newspapers and Burney collections. Only accessible remotely via licensed institutions (universities, libraries, national licence agencies)

    The British Newspaper Archive Pay Explore over 200 years of history with 19 million pages dating back to 1710

    Church Times (1863– ) Anglican church newspaper Pay

    Colburn's United Service Magazine (1829–1929) often listed births, deaths, etc. Free

    Daily Express (1900- ), Sunday Express (1921-); Daily Star (all 2000– ), Daily Star Sunday (2002– ); Church Times (1863 - current); The Watchman (1835 - 1884); Daily Worker (1930 - 1945); Morning Star (2000 - current); World War One** (1914 - 1918); The Great War in Kent (1914 - 1918); World War Two*** (1933 - 1945); South Eastern Gazette (1852 - 1912); (members of subscribing public libraries Free ) (via UK Press Online Pay )

    Daily Mail (1994– ) for Daily Mail


    Daily Mail Digital Archive (1896-2004) for Daily Mail Pay

    Eastern Daily Press Digital Archive (1870 - Present) Eastern Daily Press


    Financial Times Digital Archive for

    Financial Times Pay

    Foxearth and District Local History Society newspaper archive (1745–1950) transcribed selections Free

    Bury and Norwich Post

    Bury and Suffolk Herald

    Haverhill Echo

    Ipswich Journal

    Norfolk Chronicle

    South-West Suffolk Echo

    Sudbury Post and Long Melford Gazette

    Suffolk and Essex Free Press

    Gazettes Online: London, Edinburgh, Belfast Free

    Video guide to teach users how to search and use the Gazette online archives

    Georgian and early Victorian regional newspapers (1750's–1870's) extracts and transcripts of English and Irish newspapers, principally concentrating on Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hampshire, London, Lancashire, Middlesex, Surrey, Worcestershire, and Wiltshire


    Guardian (1821– ) and Observer (1791- ) (members of subscribing public libraries Free ) (via ProQuest

    Pay )

    Guardian Century (1899–1999) Free

    Historical Newspapers index Pay

    Historical Index to the New York Times, 1851–1922

    Official Index to The [London] Times, 1906–1980

    Palmer's Index to The [London] Times, 1790–1905

    Palmer's Full Text Online, 1785–1870

    Illustrated London News archive (1914–1919) Free

    The Bystander

    The Graphic

    Illustrated London News

    Illustrated War News

    The Sketch

    The Sphere

    Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic News

    The Tatler

    The Independent Digital Archive

    The Independent (1986-2012) & The Independent on Sunday (1990-2012)

    Internet Library of Early Journals


    Isle of Wight County Press (1884– )


    Jewish Chronicle Free

    Lancashire Evening Post (1990–2009) Free

    Lloyd's List (1990– Pay

    The Middle East magazine (1974–2014) institutional subscriptions only Pay

    National Library of Israel (19th–20th centuries) Jewish newspapers Free

    Ha-Levanon [Hebrew] (Jerusalem, Paris, Mainz, and London; 1863–1886)

    Nineteenth Century Serials Edition (six 19th-century British publications) discontinued 2005–2007 project Free

    English Woman’s Journal (1858–1864)

    Leader (1850–1860)

    Monthly Repository (1806–1837)

    Northern Star (1838–1852)

    Publishers’ Circular (1880–1890)

    Tomahawk (1867–1870)

    Unitarian Chronicle (1832–1833)

    Spare Rib (1972–1993) Free

    News of the World (1843- 2011)

    The Spectator (London) (1828–2008) Subscribers only Pay

    Sowerby Bridge Chronicle (1899–1904) local Yorkshire paper Free

    The Strand (1891–1922) British news magazine; issues 1–384 in PDF


    The Sun (1964-)

    Teesdale Mercury (1855–2005) independent newspaper in County Durham Free

    The Telegraph Historical Archive for Daily Telegraph (1855-2000), & Sunday Telegraph (1961-2000)

    The Times (index for 1863) downloadable PDF book index only


    The Times Digital Archive (TTDA) (clients of subscribing libraries or national licence agencies Free ) (via

    The Times Pay )

    The Sunday Times Digital Archive for The Sunday Times

    Isle of Man

    Manx Newspapers and Publications (1792–1960) Free includes World War I German-language internment camp newspapers

    Castletown Gazette (1952–1953)

    Green Final (1924–1964)

    Holiday News (1957–1966)

    Isle of Man Daily Times (1958–1961)

    Isle of Man Examiner (1880–1960)

    Isle of Man Times (1847–1960)

    Isle of Man Weekly Advertising Circular (1849–1884)

    Isle of Man Weekly Gazette (1812–1824)

    Manks Advertiser (1801–1845)

    Manks Mercury (1792–1795)

    Manx Cat (1847–1848)

    Manx Free Press (1923–1930)

    Manx Liberal (1836–1850)

    Manx Rising Sun (1824–1827)

    Manx Star (1928–1930)

    Manx Sun (1827–1906)

    Manxman (1842 and 1895–1900, separate publications with the same title)

    Mona Daily Programme (1876)

    Mona’s Herald (1833–1960)

    Peel City Guardian (1885–1963)

    Peel Sentinel (1904–1905)

    Ramsey Chronicle (1924–1927)

    Ramsey Courier (1885–1961)

    Ramsey Weekly News (1895–1904)

    Rising Sun (1822–1824)

    TT Special (1930–1961)

    Northern Ireland

    Irish Newspaper Archives

    Belfast Newsletter (1737–1800)

    index only Free

    Belfast Telegraph

    Irish News (1891- )

    Sunday Life (1988- )


    Ayr Advertiser (1803–1835) BMD index Free

    Highland History & Culture index and article summaries Free

    Inverness Advertiser (1849–1885)

    Inverness Courier (1879, 1898–1901, 1920–1939)

    Inverness Journal (1807–1849)

    John O'Groat Journal (1836–1887)

    Scottish Highlander (1885–1898)

    Scotland On Sunday (1988- )

    The Scotsman Digital Archive 1817–1950 (Pay / Free with Athens account)

    The Evening Times (1914–1990) (Glasgow) via Google News Archive

    The Glasgow Herald (1806–1990) via Google News Archive

    Word on the Street 1650-1910 almost 1,800 Scottish broadsides at

    National Library of Scotland Free


    National Library of Wales (1844–1919) newspapers and magazines relating to Wales and the Welsh Free


    British Newspaper Archive (free access within British Library reading rooms) Pay

    Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps (1781) Free?

    annual index (1903–1965)


    Last Chance To Read (18th–19th centuries) c. 3,000 British and Irish newspapers and periodicals; coverage includes Cheshire, Hampshire, Gloucesterhire, Kent, London, Middlesex, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire, Shropshire, Somerset, Surrey, Worcestershire, Yorkshire, and Dublin Police Gazette/Hue and Cry (mainly

    Pay with some Free content)

    Richard Heaton's Index to Digitalised British and Irish Newspapers Online

    Free lists newspapers by county and details which online collection includes the newspaper

    United States


    Alabama Citizen (1913–1918) Free

    Birmingham Newspapers, Jefferson County (1874–1901) Free

    Birmingham Iron Age (1874–1885)

    Weekly Iron Age (1884–1887)

    Weekly Age (1888–1899)

    Pratt City Herald (1899–1901)

    Birmingham area newspapers obituary index Free

    Birmingham assorted newspaper clippings Free

    Huntsville–Madison County newspaper obituary index (1819–2006) Free

    Jacksonville Republican (1837–1895) Free

    Tuscaloosa News (1910–2000) scattered issues Free

    University of Montevallo Free

    Calera Journal (1891–1893)

    Chronicle (1883–1904)

    Montevallo News (1895–1899)

    Montevallo Times (1933–1954)

    Sentinel (1895–1902)


    Alaska Newspapers Index (1901–1999) Free index only

    Alaska Citizen (1912–1920)

    Chena Herald (1904–1905)

    Fairbanks Daily News (1904–1975)

    Fairbanks Daily News Miner (3/23/1909)

    Fairbanks Daily Times (1904–1916)

    Fairbanks Weekly News (1903–1908)

    Hot Springs Echo (1907–1912)

    Juneau Empire (1992–1999)

    Nenana News (1916–1972)

    Northern Light (1906–1907)

    Rampart Miner (1901–1902)

    Tanana Daily Miner (1902–1906)

    Tanana Daily Star (1910–1915)

    Tanana Leader (1909–1910)

    Tanana Tribune (1907–1909)

    Yukon Press (1905–1906)

    Petersburg Public Library (1913–1931) Free

    Petersburg Herald (1924–1926)

    Petersburg Press (1926–1931)

    Petersburg Weekly Report (1914–1924)

    Progressive, The (1913–1914)


    Casa Grande Public Library Archives, Casa Grande, Pinal County (1912–2007) Free

    Little Cowpuncher (1934–1943)



    Ashley County Ledger obituary index (1965– ) index and transcriptions only Subscription required

    Benton Courier obits index (1930–present) Free index only

    Gentry Courier Journal/Journal-Advance (1869–1949) Gentry (Benton County) was formerly known as Orchard City. "pay"

    Pine Bluff, Jefferson County obituary index (1820's– ) Free index only

    Yell County obits images Free

    Dardanelle Post Dispatch and other newspapers (1890's–2009)

    Yell County Record (1997–2010)

    Yell County Record and Dardanelle Post Dispatch (1899–2008)

    Yell County obituaries (1851–present; not all years represented)

    Free transcriptions only


    Bay Area Reporter (2005– ) Free

    Bay Area Reporter Obituary Database (1972– ) Free

    Berkeley Daily Gazette Obituary Index (1894–1979, nonconsecutive)

    index only Free

    California Digital Newspaper Collection Free

    Amador Ledger (Jackson, 1852–1911)

    Antelope Valley Political Observer (Palmdale, 2010–2011)

    Beach and Bay Press (San Diego, 2007–2010)

    Black Voice News (Riverside, 2006)

    California Crusader News (Los Angeles, 2010)

    California Farmer and Journal of Useful Sciences (San Francisco, 1855–1880)

    California Star (San Francisco, 1847–1848))

    California Star & Californian (San Francisco, 1848)

    Californian (Monterey, 1846–1848)

    Daily Alta California (San Francisco, 1849–1891)

    Imperial Valley Press (Imperial, 1901–1911)

    LA Downtown News (Los Angeles, 2011)

    La Jolla Village News Readers Choice Awards (San Diego, 2009)

    La Jolla Village News (San Diego, 2007)

    Livermore Herald (1877–1899)

    Los Angeles Herald (1873–1910)

    Marinscope (Sausalito, 2008)

    Mountain Echo (Fall River Mills, 2011)

    Pacific Rural Press (San Francisco, 1871–1922)

    Peninsula Beacon (San Diego, 2007–2010)

    Placer Times (Sacramento, 1849–1850)

    Sacramento Daily Union (1851–1899)

    Sacramento Transcript (1850–1851)s 1974

    San Diego Downtown News (2009)

    San Francisco Call (1890–1913)

    Santa Cruz Sentinel (2008–2010)

    Sausalito News (1885–1922)

    Trinity Journal (Weaverville, 2008)

    Tulare County Record (Visalia, 1859)

    Visalia Weekly Delta (1859–1861)

    Wide West (San Francisco, 1854–1858)

    California Eagle (1914–1964) Free

    El Clamor Publico (1855–1859)


    Clovis Roundup (2013–2016) Free

    Clovis Roundup (2012–2016) Free

    Collegian (California State University at Fresno student newspaper) Free




    Contra Costa County obituary index (1855–1920) index only Free

    Covina Public Library Archives, Covina, Los Angeles County (1901–1958) Free

    Free Speech Movement selection of issues of several newspapers Free

    Grass Valley Daily Union (1865–1877, 1879–1884) Free

    Hemet–San Jacinto obituary index

    index only Free

    Hemet News

    Press Enterprise

    Valley Chronicle

    Los Angeles Times Collections Free (Collection of non-paywalled articles, search by date or by keyword )

    Monterey Public Library historical newspapers (1846– ) Free

    Neighborhood Newspapers of San Francisco Free

    Glen Park newspapers (1977–2008)

    New Fillmore (1989)

    Noe Valley Voice (1977– )

    North Mission News (1989)

    Potrero View (1970– )

    Richmond ReView (1988–2014)

    El Tecolote (1989–1990)

    Tenderloin Times (1977–1994)

    Visitacion Valley Grapevine (1986–2011)

    Oviatt Library (CSU Northridge) Digital Newspaper Collection (20th century) Free

    Palo Alto Newspaper Collection


    Palo Alto Live Oak (10/28/1896–1903)

    Palo Alto Press (1901–1902)

    Palo Altan (1/5/1906–12/28/1906)

    Mayfield Enterprise (3/5/1870–1906)

    Sacramento Bee (1984– ) in text


    St. Helena Star (1874–2014) Click on "Newspapers & Magazines", then "Browse the St. Helena's Star digital collection" Free

    San Leandro Public Library newspapers index only Free

    San Leandro Journal (November 1995–March 1997)

    San Leandro Times (October 1991–December 2003)

    San Mateo County Genealogical Society index only Free

    obituary index (1960's–2011)

    San Mateo Times Gazette BMD index (1859–1899)

    Santa Cruz County local newspaper index (late 19th–20th century)

    index only Free

    Stanford Daily (1892–2009) Free

    Torrance Historical Newspaper Archives (1913–1969) Free

    Torrance Herald (1913–1964)

    Torrance Press (1950–1963)

    Torrance Press-Herald (1964–1969)

    Tulare County Obituary Index (1859–2012) index only Free

    University of California at San Francisco Synapse student newspaper (1957–2013) Free

    University of Southern California Trojan Family Archive Free

    Daily Trojan (1912– )

    El Rodeo (1898–2012)

    Trojan Family Magazine (1997– )

    Whittier Historic Newspaper Collection (1883–1923) Free

    Whittier District News

    Whittier Graphic

    Whittier News

    Whittier Register


    Colorado's Historic Newspaper Collection (1859–1923) Free

    Estes Park Historic Newspaper Collection (1908–1924) Free

    Fort Collins Coloradoan obituaries (1988–2002) Free

    Pikes Peak NewsFinder (1872–1999) from Colorado Springs Gazette and other local sources Free


    Newspapers in the Connecticut Digital Archive (CTDA) Free

    Shelton Library System newspaper clipping scrapbooks Free

    Plumb Memorial Library Scrapbook (1923–1930) multiple newspapers

    Servicemen's Scrapbook of Shelton Men & Women Serving in World War (1943–1945) Evening Sentinel

    [1] Free


    District of Columbia

    The Capital (1871–1880) Free

    National Tribune (1877–1917) Free

    Quicksilver Times (1973–1985)


    Unicorn Times (1969–1972) Free


    Boca Raton newspaper archive

    Free Google News Archive

    Central Florida Memory newspaper clippings (19th–20th century) Free

    Florida Digital Newspaper Library full text and images of over 380 current and historical newspapers from Florida Free

    Isser and Rae Price Library of Judaica , ; full text and images of various Jewish newspapers including Price Library of Judaica Anniversary Collection and Price Library of Judaica Forverts Collection; online exhibition The Gathering Storm includes copies of Jewish newspapers from 1930s Europe linked to the full digital versions Free

    NewspaperCat: Catalog of Digital Historical Newspapers , University of Florida Free

    Weekly Challenger (1976, 1985–1988, 2009–2016) Free St. Petersburg black community newspaper


    American Civil War Newspapers (1860–1865) Free

    (Macon) Daily Telegraph

    Athens Historic Newspapers (1827–1922) Free

    Atlanta Constitution (1985– ) text


    Atlanta historic newspapers (1847–1922) Free

    Augusta Chronicle (1792–2003)


    Callaway Beacon (1955, 1957) Free

    Columbus Enquirer (1828–1890)


    Dahlonega historic newspapers (1864-1905) Andrew W. Cain Newspaper Collection "Free"

    Georgia State University Signal (1926–1999) student newspaper


    Macon Telegraph (1826–1908)


    Mercer Cluster (1920–1970) Mercer University (Macon) school newspaper Free

    Milledgeville historic newspapers (1810–1920) Free

    North Georgia historic newspapers (1850–1922) Free

    Red and Black (1893–2006) Athens


    Savannah historic newspapers (1809–1880) Free

    South Georgia historic newspapers (1845–1922) Free

    Southern Israelite (1929–1986) Atlanta Free

    Southern School News (1954–1965) Free

    Southern Voice (1988–1995) Free

    Uncle Remus Regional Library System (Greene, Hancock, Jasper, Morgan, Putnam, and Walton counties) Free

    Countryman (1862–1866)

    Eatonton Messenger (1874–2010)

    Georgia Journal (1809–1940)

    Ishmaelite (1883–1899)

    Jasper County News (1882–1900)

    Madisonian (1879–1962)

    Sparta Ishmaelite (1899–2008)

    Walton Tribune (1903, 1928–2008)

    Weekly Madisonian (1886–1902)

    West Georgia Historic Newspapers (1827–1922) Free


    Hawai'i Digital Newspaper Collection (1862–1923) Free

    Historical Hawaiian Language Newspapers (19th–early 20th centuries) images Free

    Hoʻolaupaʻi Hawaiian Language Newspaper Collection (1834–1948) mostly images, some text Free

    Papakilo Hawaiian Language Newspaper Collection (1834–1980)


    University of Hawaiʻi at Mānoa student publications Free

    Ka Leo O Hawaiʻi (1922–1949, 2002–2010)

    Ka Palapala (1920's–1960's)


    Argonaut (1898–2010) Free University of Idaho student newspaper

    Boise Public Library obituary index

    Free index only

    Gooding County obituary index (1946–1947, 1980–2011) Free

    index only

    Twin Falls Public Library Newspaper Archive (1904–2013) Free

    Idaho Citizen (1927–1930)

    Idaho Evening Times (1936–1942)

    Idaho Evening Twin Falls Times (1929–1930)

    Times News (1942–2013)

    Twin Falls Chronicle (1919–1920)

    Twin Falls Daily News (1918–1936)

    Twin Falls Daily Times (1918–1936)

    Twin Falls News (1941)

    Twin Falls Times (1908–1918)

    Twin Falls Times News (1910)

    Twin Falls Weekly News (1904–1927)

    Twin Falls Weekly Times (1915–1916)

    Twin Falls Times (1931–1940)


    Aurora Public Library index only


    Aurora Beacon-News clipping index (1925–1956, 1963–1978)

    Aurora Beacon-News obituary index (1933–2004 with gaps)

    Barrington Review (1914–1930)


    Bloomingdale (DuPage County) Public Library obituary index includes PDF's of many obits Free

    Chicago Foreign Language Press Survey (1855–1938) Free


    Chicago Sentinel (1911–1949) Free

    Chicago Sun-Times ; Chicago, Illinois;

    (1986– ) in text Pay

    The Chicagoan magazine (1926–1935) Free

    Coal City Public Library obituary/death notice index (at least 1884–2017) Free

    Elburn Herald newspapers (1889–2016) Free

    The Elgin Advocate (2/22/1873, 9/6/1973, 5/8/1875, 1/1/1881, 1/15/1881, 12/22/1883) Free

    The Elgin Business Mirror (5/12/1865) Free

    The Elgin Courier (1884-1886) Free

    The Elgin Daily News (1884–1886)


    The Elgin Gazette (various papers from 1850, 1851, 1856-1858, 1860, 1869, 1872, 1873) Free

    Evanston Review (1925, 1966–1972, 1999–2004) index only Free

    The Fox River Courier (8/16/1851, 9/20/1851, 11/1/1851, 11/12/1851, 4/7/1852) Free

    Dziennik Chicagoski, Chicago Polish-language newspaper death notices (1890–1929) index only Free

    Dziennik Chicagoski, Chicago Polish-language newspaper death notices (1930–1971) index only Free

    Dziennik Zwiazkowy, Chicago Polish-language newspaper (1908–1917)


    Flora Digital Newspapers (1883–1926) Free

    Southern Illinois Journal & Weekly Journal (1883–1917)

    Southern Illinois Journal (1907–1908)

    Southern Illinois Record, Flora Record, and Flora Journal Record (October 1912–December 1926)

    Geneseo Public Library newspaper collection (1856–1977) Free

    Geneseo Daily Arena

    Geneseo Enterprise

    Geneseo Journal

    Geneseo News

    Geneseo Republic

    Geneseo Republic and Henry County News

    Geneseo Weekly Sun

    Henry County Arena

    Henry County News

    Illinois Weekly Palladium (10/27/1853, 2/2/1854, 9/14/1854, 11/1/1855, 4/19/1855) Free

    People's Union Mission




    Union Advocate

    Huntley Farmside (1960–2000)


    Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) (1831–2011) Free

    list of newspaper titles

    American Eagle

    Ashton Gazette

    Banker Farmer

    Berkshire World and Cornbelt Stockman

    Better Farming

    Bowen Chronicle

    Broad Ax

    Cairo Bulletin

    Cairo Evening Times

    Chicago Eagle

    Chicago Livestock World

    Chicago Packer

    Daily Illini

    Daily Pantagraph

    Day Book


    F&M College Reporter

    Farm Home

    Farm Press

    Farm, Field, and Fireside

    Farm, Field, and Stockman

    Farmer's Wife

    Farmers Voice

    Farmers' Review

    Farmers' Weekly Review

    Gallatin Democrat


    The Hoya

    Hudsonville Herald

    Illinois Farmer


    Joliet Signal

    Lancaster Farming

    Lee County Farm News

    Lincoln News


    Marion Semi-Weekly Leader

    National Rural and Family Magazine

    New York Clipper

    Ohio Farmer

    Old Soldier

    Ottawa Free Trader


    Prairie Farmer

    Rock Island Argus

    Second District Democrat (Various 1863-1864) Free

    Sangamo Journal

    True Republican

    Urbana Daily Courier

    Valley Chronicle (11/28/1884) Free

    Vaudeville News

    Wallace's Farmer

    Weekly Gazette (1861-1866) Free

    Western Rural

    The Western Rural and American Stockman

    Western Rural and Livestock Weekly

    Illinois Wesleyan University student publications (1856–1977) Free

    Alumni Journal (1870–1877)

    Argus (1894– )

    Athenian (1890)

    Avenger (1888)

    College Herald (1881–1882)

    Elite Journal (1887–1892)

    The Oracle (1888)

    Students' Journal (1877–1885)

    Ventilator (1872)

    Wesleyan Bee (1882–1887)

    Wesleyan Echo (1890–1894)

    Lake Forester (1899–1940) Free

    North Suburban Library (near Chicago) obituary index (~1881–1982) index only Free

    Park Ridge Herald and Advocate 1929-1999 Free

    Park Ridge World War II servicemen clippings Free

    Proviso Township Herald (1941–1945) Free

    Quincy, Illinois ; Quincy Historical Newspaper Archive (1835–1919)


    Quincy Daily Herald, 1853–1890

    Quincy Daily Whig, 1835–1891

    Quincy Daily Journal, ??–1919

    Illinois Bounty Land Register, 1835–1836

    Rock Island County obituary index (2005–2013) index only Free

    Sterling Newspaper Archives (1854–2007) Pay


    AIM Media Indiana Archive Pay

    Brown County Democrat (Nashville; 1914–2016)

    Columbus Herald (1942–1993)

    (Columbus) Republic (1877–2016)

    Columbus Republican (1872–1927)

    (Franklin) Daily Journal (1963–2016)

    Franklin Evening Star (1912–1966)

    (Greenfield) Daily Reporter (1905–2016)

    Greenfield Republican (1971)

    Jackson County Banner (Brownstown; 1870–2014)

    (Pendleton) Times-Post (2007–2012)

    (Seymour) Tribune (1896–2016)

    Elkhart Truth obituary index (1921–present) Free

    Evansville Press (?–1998) Free

    incomplete index

    [2] Free

    Indiana Digital Historic Newspaper Program at Indiana State Library


    Indianapolis Newspapers Database Indiana State Library Free incomplete index

    Indianapolis Herald (1848–1888)

    Indianapolis Journal (1848–1888)

    Indianapolis News (1848–1888, 1979–1991)

    Indianapolis Sentinel (1848–1888)

    Indianapolis Star (1979–1991)

    Hamilton County newspaper index

    Free index only

    Indianapolis Recorder (1899–2005; missing 1917–1925 and January–April 1932) Free

    Muncie Post-Democrat (1921–1950) Free

    Muncie Times (1991–2010) Free

    New Albany local newspapers index (1847–present) Free index only New Albany–Floyd County Public Library

    New Albany Newspaper Database (1848–1855) Free incomplete index Indiana State Library

    Parke County obituary index (1853–2006) Free

    Perry County obituary index (2000–2014) Free transcriptions only

    Plymouth Pilot Daily (Plymouth, Marshall County) obituary index (1922–1983) Free index only

    Terre Haute – Wabash Valley Obituary Index Free

    The Torch (Valparaiso University student newspaper; 1914–1992)


    Vevay/Switzerland County newspapers (1840–1901) Free

    Switzerland County Democrat

    The Vevay Times

    The Vevay Reveille

    The Waynedale News


    Adams County historical newspapers (1876–2000) pay

    Altoona (Polk County) historical newspapers (1890–2000) pay

    Aurelia Sentinel (1886–2003) pay

    Baty Public Library (Jones County) historical newspapers (1865–2004)


    Buffalo Center Tribune Archives, Winnebago County (1894–2007)


    Buffalo Center Globe (1898–1900)

    Buffalo Center Tribune (1894–2007)

    The Buffalo Center Tribune (1949–1951)

    Carroll (Carroll County) historical newspapers (1884–2012) pay

    Cedar Rapids (Linn County) Public Library historical newspapers (1857–1998) pay

    Centerville (Appanoose County) historical newspapers (1857–2014)


    Central College (1876–2006) Free gaps in coverage

    Central College Ray

    Central College Vander Ray

    Central Ray

    Collegium Forense


    Pelican Yearbook


    Scentral Bray

    Scentral Fray


    Dickinson County pay

    Arnolds Park News (1930)

    Dickinson County Mail News (1976–1976)

    Dickinson County News (1999–2013)

    Lake Park News (1916–1987)

    Milford Mail (1886–1980)

    Milford Mail and Terril Record (1929, 1957–1985, 1997–1998)

    Milford Mail Terril Record (1985–1997)

    Spirit Lake Beacon (1870–1999)

    Terril Record (1928–1956)

    Terril Tribune (1900–1903)

    Fort Dodge Public Library (1856–1934) Free

    Badger Herald (1893)

    Barnum Booster (1923)

    Callender Call (1923)

    Callender News (1915–1919)

    Callender Press (1893)

    Callender Times (1896–1908, nonconsecutive)

    Clare Clipper (1923)

    Clare Record (1893)

    Daily Chronicle (1884–1890)

    Dayton Review (1885–1922)

    Dayton Weekly Review (1880–1884)

    Duncombe News (1893)

    Duncombe Dispatch (1923)

    Evening Messenger (1888–1902)

    Fort Dodge City Directory (1908)

    Fort Dodge Daily Chronicle (1893–1912)

    Fort Dodge Daily Messenger (1873–1887)

    Fort Dodge Daily Times (1882)

    Fort Dodge Democrat (1861–1862)

    Fort Dodge Messenger (1872–1917)

    Fort Dodge Messenger and Chronicle (1917–1924)

    Fort Dodge Methodist (1879)

    Fort Dodge Post (1897–1899)

    Fort Dodge Republican (1860–1864)

    Fort Dodge Semi-Weekly Chronicle (1896–1909)

    Fort Dodge Semi-Weekly Times (1873–1876)

    Fort Dodge Sentinel (1856–1860)

    Fort Dodge The Weekly Times (1874)

    Fort Dodge Times (1868–1899)

    Fort Dodge Weekly Chronicle (1893–1911)

    Gazette and Messenger (1879)

    Gowrie News (1889–1922)

    Greenville Times (1900)

    Harcourt and Callender News (1919)

    Harcourt News (1895–1919)

    Iowa North West (1864–1871)

    Iowa Real Estate Register (1872)

    Lanyon and Harcourt News (1918)

    Lanyon News (1915–1919)

    Lehigh Valley Argus (1900–1922)

    Messenger Junior (1903)

    Moorland Monitor (1923)

    Northwest Chronicle (1883–1891)

    Otho Argus (1914–1919)

    Real News (1923, 1934)

    Republican Extra (1861–1862)

    Saturday Evening Messenger (1892–1893)

    Saturday Evening Post (1893–1893)

    Saturday Messenger (1886–1887)

    Semi Weekly Messenger (1904–1909)

    Service Press (1923)

    Somers Sun (1923)

    Tribune (1901)

    Webster County Gazette (1877–1880)

    Webster County Gazette and Fort Dodge Messenger (1877)

    Weekly Messenger (1903)

    General N.B. Baker Library (O'Brien County) (1885-2006) Free

    Sutherland Courier (1885-2006)

    The Calumet News (1928)

    The Weekly Review (1894)

    The Calumet Courier (1928)

    The Calumet Herald (1894)

    Glenwood (Mills County) Public Library historical newspapers (1864–2009) pay

    Granville Newspaper Archive pay

    Granville Denisonian (1898–1899)

    Granville Sentinel (1941–2011)

    Granville Times (1880–1987)

    Granville Times and Denisonian (1899)

    Hamilton County Archive Free

    Daily Freeman Journal 1857-2012

    Webster City Tribune 1886-1916

    Jewell Record 1886-1922

    Williams Wasp 1898-1910

    Iowa City Newspapers thousands of pages from 1840 to 1923 Free

    Iowa Old Press (1800's–1900's)

    transcriptions Free

    Johnston (Polk County) historical newspapers (1971–2005) pay

    Jones County historical newspapers Free

    Anamosa Eureka (1856–1979)

    Anamosa Journal (1885–1979)

    Anamosa Journal-Eureka (1979–2010)

    C Press (Olin) 1928–1931

    Cascade Courier (1895–1896)

    Cascade Pioneer (1876–2011)

    Cascade Pioneer Advertiser (1939–2000)

    Midland Times (Wyoming; 1973–2010)

    Olin Recorder (1916–1933)

    Oxford Mirror (Oxford Junction; 1942)

    Wyoming Journal (1870–1942, 1949, 1951, 1952)

    Wyoming Weekly Journal (1875)

    Le Mars Public Library Digital Archives (1876–2009) Free

    Floyd Valley News

    Iowa Liberal

    Le Mars Daily Liberal

    Le Mars Daily Sentinel

    Le Mars Globe-Post

    Le Mars Semi-Weekly Post

    Le Mars Semi-Weekly Sentinel

    Le Mars Sentinel

    Le Mars Weekly Sentinel

    Mills County historical newspapers (1864–2009) pay requires registration

    Fremont-Mills Beacon-Enterprise (Tabor; 2000–2002)

    Glenwood Opinion (1868–1908)

    The Glenwood Opinion (1865–1950)

    Glenwood Opinion Tribune (1961–1971)

    Glenwood Opinion-Tribune (1927–1967)

    The Glenwood Tribune (1949–1950)

    Malvern Leader (1884–2001)

    The Malvern Leader (1960–1999)

    Malvern Republic Leader (1882–1883)

    Mills County Journal (Glenwood; 1883–1894)

    Mills County Republican (Malvern; 1879–1880)

    Mills County Tribune (Glenwood; 1891–1922)

    Opinion Tribune (Glenwood; 1971–2004)

    Opinion-Tribune (Glenwood; 1969–1987)

    The Opinion-Tribune (Glenwood; 1981–1984)

    Our Opinion (Glenwood; 1864-1864)

    Monroe County historical newspapers (1859–1987) Free

    Mount Vernon-Lisbon historical newspapers (1860–2012) Free

    Museum of Danish America newspapers (1873–2012) Free



    Den Danske Pioneer


    Lauritz Melchior scrapbooks

    O'Dell's Abstracted Newspaper Index (1859–2014) covers newspapers of southwest Iowa and northwest Missouri Free

    Roland Historical Society (Story County) historical newspapers (1895–1975) pay

    Seymour (Wayne County) historical newspapers Free

    Seymour Democrat (1906–1908, 1911–1912)

    Seymour Herald (1918–1999, 2003–2012)

    Seymour Leader (1904–1906, 1915–1918)

    Seymour Press (1890–1891, 1893–1906)

    Sioux County historical newspapers (1893–2014) Advantage Preservation Free

    Sioux County historical newspapers (1872–2008) Newspaper Archive


    Spencer (Clay County) historical newspapers (1884–1959) pay

    Sumner (Bremer County) historical newspapers (1881–2001) pay

    Taylor County historical newspapers (1867–2009) pay

    West Branch newspapers (1878–1934) Free

    Local Record

    West Branch Local Record

    West Branch Times


    Rossville Community Library Free

    Obituary index (Excel file)

    Obituary collection (scanned)

    Rush County obituaries index (1874–1951) Free index only

    Bison Bee 1902–1918

    Bison Courier 1930–1938

    McCracken Midget 1949–1951

    McCracken Republican 1900–1902

    Rush County Leader 1895

    (Walnut City) Democrat

    Walnut Valley Standard 1874–1901

    Walnut Valley Standard 1893–1896

    Walnut City Gazette 1886–1890


    Big Sandy News (Lawrence County) obituary index (1885– ) index only'


    Floyd County Times, Floyd County Public Library Free

    Kentuckiana Digital Library, all newspapers in image Free

    Adair County News (1908-1920, Columbia; 1170 issues)

    Bluegrass Blade (Lexington; 424 issues)

    Bourbon News (Paris; 1,086 issues)

    Breathitt County News (Jackson; 212 issues)

    Central Record (Lancaster; 670 issues)

    Citizen (Berea; 573 issues)

    Clay City Times (463 issues)

    Earlington Bee (801 issues)

    Frankfort Roundabout (270 issues)

    Frankfort Weekly News and Roundabout (26 issues)

    Hartford Herald (1875-1922, 1818 issues) [3]

    Hartford Republican (566 issues)

    Interior Journal (Stanford; issues)

    It (Lawrenceburg; 6 issues)

    Liberty (LaCenter; 1 issue)

    Mountain Advocate (Barbourville; 208 issues)

    Mount Vernon Signal (522 issues)

    Ohio Valley Worker (Louisville; 1 issue)

    Owingsville Outlook (196 issues)

    Record (Greenville; 99 issues)

    Reporter (Owensboro; 1 issue)

    Richmond Climax (447 issues)

    Semi-weekly Interior Journal (Stanford; 545 issues)

    Springfield Sun (303 issues)

    Vindicator (Owensboro; 1 issue)

    Winchester News (220 issues)

    Lexington Public Library Kentucky Room Local History Index index only' Free

    Northern Kentucky Newspaper Index, Kenton County Public Library, all newspapers in image Free

    Covington Journal (1848–1862, 1868–1876)

    Daily Commonwealth (1877, 1879–1884)

    Freemans Journal (Feb, Mar 1848)

    Kentucky Enquirer (1862–1869, 1899– )

    Kentucky Post (1892– )

    Kentucky Times Star (1902–1958)

    Licking Valley Register (1841–1847)

    Newport News (1978–1981?)

    Sunday Challenger (2004–2006)

    Ticket (1875–1878)


    Ascension Creole (2012– ) Free

    Centenary College of Louisiana (Shreveport) student publications


    Educational Echo (1899)

    Maroon and White (1902–1921) and The Conglomerate (1922– )

    Le Tintamarre (in French; 1996–2013)

    Courrier de la Louisiane (1810-1936) Free

    Current Sauce (1914-2013) Northwestern State University (Natchitoches) student paper Free

    Louisiana Biography and Obituary Index references obituaries and death notices published in New Orleans newspapers from 1804–1972


    LSU Special Collections - Newspapers Full-text-searchable images of 70+ Louisiana newspapers, 1830-1923 Free

    New Orleans Bee (1827–1923) Jefferson Parish Library Free browse only; no index

    New Orleans Christian Advocate (1850-1946) Free Methodist newspaper

    Southwestern Christian Advocate (New Orleans; 1879–1885) Free ads from former slaves looking for family members and friends

    Times Picayune of New Orleans (1837–1988) Pay


    The Bridgton News (1871-1880)


    Bridgton Weekly News (1870-1871)


    Brunswick newspapers (1853–1960) index only Free

    Brunswick Telegraph (1853–1903)

    Brunswick Record (1903–1960)

    Gardiner Public Library Free

    Christian Intelligencer and Eastern Chronicle (1827-1834)

    Cold Water Fountain (1844-1845)

    Cold Water Fountain and Gardiner News Letter (1847-1848)

    Fountain and Journal (1850-1853)

    Northern Home Journal (1854-1858)

    Gardiner Home Journal (1858-1892)

    Kennebec Reporter (1866-1891)

    Reporter Journal (1893-1913)

    Daily Reporter Journal (1893-1911)

    Gardiner Independent (1900-1902)

    Gardiner Journal (1918-1930)

    Mt. Desert Island Newspapers (1881–1968) Free

    Lewiston Daily Sun (1890–1989)


    Lewiston Evening Journal (1861–1980) Free

    Lewiston Sun Journal (1988–2002)


    Lewiston Sun Journal (2002– ) Free

    Old Orchard Mirror (1900, 1901, 1903, 1904, 1914) Free summer newspaper

    Old Town Public Library "Free"

    Old Town Enterprise (1888–1897, 1901–1904, 1928–1929)

    Old Town-Orono Times (1979–1984)

    Orono News (1941)

    Penobscot Times (1934, 1936–1944)

    Sherburne News (1926)


    Annapolis Capital (1887–2016, noncontinuous) Pay

    Baltimore Sun (1837–1986) in image and (1990– ) in text Pay

    Maryland Early State Records newspapers (1802–1965) images only; no index Free


    Andover Memorial Hall Library historical newspaper collection (1853–1967) Free

    Andover Advertiser

    Andover Townsman

    Lawrence American

    Barnstable Patriot (1830–1930)


    Boston College historical newspapers Free

    885 (Newton College of the Sacred Heart student newspaper; 1952–1973)

    C21 Resources (Boston College's Church in the 21st Century Center essays; 2003–2013)

    The Heights (Boston College student newspaper; 1919–2013)

    The Sacred Heart Review (Cambridge/Boston Catholic newspaper; 1888–1918)

    The Sisyphus Papers (Jesuit Conference's Office of Social Ministries newspaper; 1975–1977)

    Boston Globe (1872–1922) in image and (1980– ) in text Pay

    Cambridge Newspapers (1846-1923) Free

    Cambridge Chronicle (1846–1923)

    Cambridge Press (1887–1889)

    Cambridge Sentinel (1903–1912)

    Cambridge Tribune (1887–1923)

    Chatham, Eldredge Public Library historical newspapers (1871-2016)


    Chatham Monitor

    The Chatham Shopper News

    The Chatham News

    Lower Cape Cod Chronicle

    Cape Cod Chronicle

    Diário de Notícias, New Bedford (1919–1973) in Portuguese Free

    Falmouth Enterprise (1896-1962)


    The Gatepost (April 1932-1997), Framingham State University. As PDFs, launching in May 2016 Free

    The Harvard Crimson (1776–present) in image Free

    Jewish Times (Boston; 1945–1975)


    The Justice, Brandeis University (March 1949–May 2004) in PDF


    Lincoln Public Library obituary index (1959–recent) Free

    Concord Journal (7/11/1974–12/31/1984)

    Fence Viewer (9/17/1959–12/26/1974)

    Lincoln Journal (1/1/1985–most recent microfilm reel)

    Newburyport Public Library historical newspapers (1959–recent) Free

    Daily Herald

    Herald of the United States

    Herald Office

    Newburyport Daily Herald

    Newburyport Daily News

    Newburyport Herald

    Newburyport Herald and Commercial Gazette

    Newburyport Herald and Country Gazette

    Newburyport Herald Commercial and Country Gazette

    Thomas Massachusetts Spy or Worcester Gazette

    Orleans, The Cape Codder (1946-2001) Free

    Portuguese-American Digital Newspaper Collections (1885–1940 Free newspapers from California, Hawaii, and Massachusetts

    Provincetown Advocate (1918, 1931–1934 and 1936–1967) Free

    Quincy Sun (1968-2010) Free

    Smith College Alumnae Quarterly (1909– Free

    The Wanderer (Mattapoisett; 1992–2016) Free

    Whalemen's Shipping List and Merchants' Transcript (1843–1914)


    Yarmouth Register (1847-2017)



    Allegan County

    Allegan County Record (1869-1871) Free

    Commercial Record, Saugatuck-Douglas (1868–1977) Free

    Otsego Union (1897-1922)


    Weekly Union (Otsego; 1875-1888) Free

    Alpena County

    Alpena Argus (1893-1909)


    Alpena News (1899-1910) Free

    Alpena Weekly Argus (1871-1893) Free

    Labor Journal (1885-1890)


    Michigan Labor Journal (1884)


    Antrim County

    Antrim Review (2006-2008, scattered issues) Free

    Baraga County

    L'Anse Sentinel (1890-1924)


    L'Anse Sentinel (post 1923)


    Bay County

    Bay City Times (1889-1922)


    Benzie Shores Library , Benzie County Free

    Benzie Banner (1888-1972)


    Benzie Record Patriot (1905, 1910-2013) Free

    Benzonia Citizen (1870-1871)


    The Elberta Alert (1911–1912)


    Frankfort Express (1907) Free

    The Frankfort Times (1886)


    South Frankfort Alert (1911)


    Berrien County

    Benton Harbor Daily Palladium (1896-1903) Pay

    Benton Harbor Evening News (1896-1901) Pay

    Benton Harbor Herald Palladium (1975-1977) Pay

    Benton Harbor News Palladium (1905-1975) Pay

    Benton Harbor Weekly Palladium (1899-1901) Pay

    Berrien County Record (1868-1939) Free

    Buchanan Argus (1900-1909)


    Buchanan Banner (1897) Free

    Buchanan News (1917-1918)


    Buchanan Reporter(1880) Free

    Buchanan Weekly Union (1863-1865) Free

    Coloma Courier (1880-1969)


    Michigan Independent (1892-1893) Free

    News Palladium - Benton Harbor (1921) Pay

    The Niles Enquirer (1858-1860) Free

    The Niles Gazette and Advertiser (1835-1837) Free

    The Niles Intelligencer (1838-1841) Free

    The Niles Republican (1858-1884) Free

    Saint Joseph Herald Press (1943-1973) Pay

    Saint Joseph Weekly Press (1906-1909) Pay

    St Joseph Herald (1868-1889)


    St Joseph Herald Press (1966-1974) Pay

    St Joseph Traveler Herald (1884-1885) Pay

    Tri-City Record - Coloma (1984-2016) Free

    Watervliet Record (1890-1983)


    Calhoun County

    Adventist Review and Herald - Battle Creek (1855-1998) Free

    Battle Creek Enquirer (1846-current) Pay

    Calhoun Country Patriot (1838-1840) Pay

    Daily Chronicle (Marshall; 1891–1893) Pay

    Daily News - Marshall (1903–1930) Pay

    Daily Statesman - Marshall (1881) Pay

    Democratic Expounder - Marshall (1851–1895) Pay

    Evening Chronicle (Marshall; 1912–1927) Pay

    Evening Statesman (Marshall; 1887) Pay

    Marshall Daily Chronicle (1879-1910) Pay

    Marshall Daily News (1899-1903) Pay

    Marshall Democratic Expounder and Calhoun Patriot (1841-1875) Pay

    Marshall Evening Chronicle (1900-1949) Pay

    Marshall Evening Statesman (1887-1914) Pay

    Marshall Expounder (1885-1908) Pay

    Marshall News (1898-1912)


    Marshall News Statesman (1914-1919) Pay

    Marshall Statesman (1843-1914) Pay

    Marshall Western Statesman (1839-1843) Pay

    Michigan Tribune (1871-1882)


    The Pleiad (Albion College; 1883-1999) Free

    Semi Weekly Marshall Expounder (1886) Pay

    Semi Weekly Statesman - Marshall (1887) Pay

    Weekly Statesman - Marshall (1887) Pay

    Cass County

    Cass County Republican - Dowagiac (1858-1880) Free

    Charlevoix County

    Charlevoix County Herald (1904-1921) Free

    Charlevoix Courier (Scattered, 1908-1962; 1964-2016) Free

    Charlevoix Journal (1883-1890) Free

    Charlevoix Sentinel (1877-1933) Free

    Northern Islander - St. James (1850-1856) Free at subscribing libraries and Web sites

    Northern Islander - St. James (1850-1856) Pay

    Cheboygan County

    Cheboygan Democrat (1880-1926) Free

    Northern Tribune - Cheboygan (1875-1885) Free

    Chippewa County

    Evening News - Sault Ste. Marie (1901–1923) Pay

    Sault Ste Marie Democrat (1887) Pay

    Sault Ste. Marie Democrat (1887) Pay

    Sault Ste. Marie News (1888-1900) Pay

    Clare County

    Clare County Cleaver (1930-1934, 1936, 1938, 1940, 1972-1976) Free

    Clare County Press (1878-1881, 1883-1886) Free

    Clare County Review (2004-2008) Free

    Clare Courier (1895-1896, 1903, 1907, 1911, 1913-1915, 1921-1922) Free

    Clare Democrat (1887-1889)


    Clare Democrat and Press (1890-1892) Free

    Clare Press (1886-1887) Free

    Clare Sentinel (1892-1894, 1896-1999) Free

    Clare Sentinel and Democrat Press (1894-1896) Free

    The Farwell News (1953) Free

    Rotary Chronicle (1955-1975)


    Clinton County

    Clinton County News (1966-1976) Free

    Crawford County

    Crawford Avalanche - Grayling (1879-1884) Free

    Delta County

    Escanaba Daily Mirror(1906-1924) Free

    Escanaba Daily Press Pay

    Escanaba Daily Press (1922-1926) Free

    Escanaba Morning Press Pay

    Escanaba Morning Press (1909-1922) Free

    Escanaba Tribune (1869-1877)


    Evening Iron Port (1899) Free'

    Iron Port (1877-1910) Free

    Semi-Weekly Iron Port (1891-1892) Free

    Semi-Weekly Iron Port & Calumet (1891) Free

    Weekly Iron Port (1892-1898)


    Eaton County

    Grand Ledge Independent Newspaper (1974-2010) Free

    Emmet County

    Daily Resorter (1883-1896)


    Emmet County Democrat (1875-1887) Free

    Emmet County Independent (1881-1920) Free

    Independent Democrat (1900-1903) Free

    Levering Local (1915-1925)


    Little Traverse Republican (1877) Free

    Northern Independent (1882-1887) Free

    Petoskey City Record (1878-1883) Free

    Petoskey City Weekly Times (1874) Free

    Petoskey Evening News (1906-1954) Free

    Petoskey News Review (1955-2014) Free

    Petoskey Record (1884-1913)


    Genessee County

    The Clio Messenger (1907-1922) Free

    Flint Journal (1898–1922) Pay

    Gogebic County

    Advocate – Ironwood (1891-1892) Pay

    American Citizen - Ironwood (1893) Pay

    Bessemer Gogebic Explorer (1885) Pay

    Bessemer Herald (1895-1989)


    Bessemer Pick and Axe (1976)


    Daily Advocate (Ironwood; 1891–1892) Pay

    Daily Globe - Ironwood (1919–2011) Pay

    Gogebic Advocate - Ironwood (1890–1892) Pay

    Gogebic Explorer - Bessmer (1885) Pay

    Gogebic Iron Spirit - Bessmer (1890–1892) Pay

    Gogebic Iron Spirit - Ironwood (1890–1892) Pay

    Inter State News Record - Ironwood (1890) Pay

    Interstate News Record - Ironwood (1890–1891) Pay

    Iron County Miner (Ironwood; 1985) Pay

    Ironwood (1939) Pay

    Ironwood Advocate (1891–1892) Pay

    Ironwood American Citizen (1893) Pay

    Ironwood Daily Advocate (1890-1892) Pay

    Ironwood Daily Globe (1925-2012) Pay

    Ironwood Gogebic Advocate (1890-1892) Pay

    Ironwood Inster State News (1890) Pay

    Ironwood Lake Superior Citizen (1894) Pay

    Ironwood News Record (1892-1921) Pay

    Ironwood Times (1888-1946)


    Lake Superior Citizen - Ironwood (1894) Pay

    Wakefield Advocate (1902-1924) Pay

    Wakefield Bulletin (1887-1888)


    Wakefield News (1925-1977)


    Wakefield News Review (1924) Pay

    Grand Traverse County

    Grand Traverse Herald (1858–1913) Pay

    Grand Traverse Herald and Traverse Bay Eagle (1908–1913) Pay

    Grand Traverse Press (1918)


    Traverse City Honest Opinion (1919) Pay

    Traverse City North Coast (2011-2012) Pay

    Traverse City Press (1917-1918) Pay

    Traverse City Record Eagle (1897-2012) Pay


    The Alma Record (1885-1914)


    St. Louis Leader (1880-1918)


    Hillsdale County

    Camden Advance (1898-1951)


    Hillsdale Standard (1865–1869) Pay

    The Hillsdale Standard (1851-1899) Free

    The Hillsdale Whig Standard (1846-1851) Free

    Houghton County

    The Calumet News (1909-1914) Free

    The Copper Country Evening News - Calumet (1896–1898)


    Huron County

    Harbor Beach Times (1899-1912) Free

    The Harbor Beach Times (1913-1998) Free

    The Huron County News (1862-1863) Free

    Huron Times (1880-1890) Free

    The Huron Times (1890-1898)


    Sand Beach Times (1898-1899


    The Times Harbor Beach Edition (1999-2000) Free

    Ingham County

    Dansville Herald (1888) Free

    Ingham County Democrat (1917) Free

    Ingham County News (1860-1969) Free

    Ingham Democrat (1846) Free

    Inner City Times (1868-1969)


    Lansing Post (1963-1964) Free

    Lansing State Republican (1859-1866) Free

    Lansing Times (1975) Free

    New World (1973) Free

    Response (1981) Free

    Sol de Aztlan (1970-1971)


    The Michigan State Journal (1841–1847) Free

    State News (Michigan State University; 1925–1980) Free

    Westside News (1969-1971)


    Ionia County

    Belding Banner-News (1918-1973) Free

    Belding Banner (1889-1918)


    Iron County

    Diamond Drill (1887-1919)


    Isabella County

    Central Michigan Life Student Newspaper Archive (1941-1998) Central Michigan University Free

    Central Normal Life (1919-1927) Free

    Central State Life (1927-1941)


    Isabella County Enterprise (1875-1926) Free

    Mount Pleasant Daily Times (1927-1931) Free

    Mount Pleasant Times (1926)


    Mount Pleasant Times and Isabella County Enterprise (1926-1927) Free

    Shepherd Argus (1960-1966)



    Jackson Citizen (1849-1903)

    Free at subscribing libraries and Web sites

    Jackson Citizen (1849-1903)


    Jackson Citizen Patriot (1865-1922) Free at subscribing libraries and Web sites

    Jackson Citizen Patriot (1865-1922) Pay

    Kalamazoo County

    Argus (Galesbrg; 1964-1985)


    Augusta Beacon (1902-1952)


    Augustinian (1905-1930) Free

    Climax Cereal (1900-1912)


    Climax Crescent (1912-2012)


    County Wide News (Galesburg; 2005-2007) Free

    Galesburg Argus(1919-1964)


    Horizon News (Galesburg; 2002-2005) Free

    Focus News (1968-1982) Free

    Focus News (1965-1968) Free

    Kalamazoo Evening Telegraph (1900) Pay

    Kalamazoo Gazette (1872-1922) Free at subscribing libraries and Web sites

    Kalamazoo Gazette (1837-1922) Pay

    Kalamazoo Gazette (1895)


    Kalamazoo Gazette Weekly (1895) Free

    Kalamazoo Shopper (2009)


    Kalamazoo Telegraph (1845-1916) Free

    Kalamazoo Weekly News and Shopper (2007-2009) Free

    Parchment Journal (1954-1955) Free

    Parchment News (1924-1952)


    Scotts Cereal (1905-1906)


    The Progressive Herald (Kalamazoo; 1912-1913) Free

    Western Herald (Western Michigan University; 1916-2009) Free

    Kalkaska County

    The Leader and Kalkaskian (1879-2012) (also known as The Kalkaska Leader) Free

    Kent County

    Afro-American Gazette - Grand Rapids (1991-1995) Pay

    Grand Rapids Herald (1898–1900) Free at subscribing libraries and Web sites

    Grand Rapids Herald (1898–1900) Pay

    Grand Rapids Herald (1894–1908) Free

    Grand Rapids Morning Telegram (1884-1885, scattered issues)


    Grand Rapids Press (1893–1922) Free at subscribing libraries and Web sites

    Grand Rapids Press (1893–1922) Pay

    Grand Rapids Press (2000–date) NewsBank

    Ledger Suburban Life (1968-1971) Free

    Lowell Journal (1873-1896)


    Lowell Ledger (1893-1968;1987-2017) Free

    Lowell Ledger Suburban Life (1971-1975) Free

    Lowell Weekly Journal (1870-1873) Free

    Telegram Herald - Grand Rapids (1886-1890, scattered issues)


    The Grand Valley Ledger (1975-1987) Free

    Lake County

    Lake County Star - Chase (1873-1889) Free

    Lenawee County

    Daily Express - Adrian (ONLY 1873-1877, other issues in this collection are the Daily Express from Petersburg, Virginia) Free

    Daily Press - Adrian (1815,1856 & 1873) Free

    Daily Telegram - Adrian (1893–1922) Pay

    Tri-weekly Telegram (Adrian; 1900-1903) Pay

    Weekly Press - Adrian (1874-1904, scattered issues)


    Livingston County

    Pinckney Dispatch (1883-1965, scattered) Free

    Mason County

    Ludington Daily News (1913-1977) Pay

    Ludington Daily News (1870-2006, scattered issues)


    Midland County

    Historical Midland Newspapers (1870–1922) Pay

    Montcalm County

    Flat River Community Library Daily Call (1922–1923) Free

    Flat River Community Library Greenville Independent (1857–1923) Free

    Muskegon County

    Muskegon Chronicle (1869-1922) Pay

    Oakland County

    Orion Weekly Review (1905)


    Lake Orion Review (1868–2014) Free

    Milford Times (1871-1910)


    Milford Times obituary index (1929–1949) index only Free

    The Novi Times (1955-2014)


    Oakland County Post Free

    Pontiac Bill Poster (1882) Free

    Pontiac Commercial (1876-1878) Free

    Pontiac Daily Gazette (1894-1896) Free

    Pontiac Evening Press (1896)


    Pontiac Gazette (1887) Free

    Pontiac Weekly Bill Poster (1872-1882) Free

    Pontiac Weekly Gazette (1871-1877) Free

    Rochester Era (1882-1910)


    Clarkston Advertiser (1894)


    Clarkston Eccentric (1998-2000) Free

    Clarkston News (1921-2018)


    Oakland County Advertiser (1895) Free

    Ortonville Progress (1933)


    Rochester Clarion (1974-1977)


    Rochester Eccentric (1972-1992) Free

    The Novi News (1955-2017)


    The Reminder (1977-1983)


    South Lyon Herald (1929-2007) Free

    Ontonagon County

    Lake Superior Miner (Ontonagon; 1855-1870) Free at subscribing libraries and websites

    Lake Superior Miner (Ontonagon; 1855-1870) Pay

    Ostego County

    Gaylord Herald Times (1903–2008) Free

    Ottawa County

    Grand Haven News (1858–1866) Free

    Grand Haven Tribune birth announcements (1891–1959, 2001–present) index only Free

    Grand Haven Tribune obituaries (1891–1979) index only Free

    Grand River Times (Grand Haven; 1851–1857) Free

    Holland City News (1960-1977) Free

    Holland Evening Sentinel (1948–1976) Pay

    Holland Sentinel (2005–2006)


    Keystone, Grand Valley State University (1966-1968) Free

    Lanthorn, Grand Valley State University (1968-2017) Free

    Valley View, Grand Valley State University (1966-1968) Free

    Saginaw County

    East Saginaw Courier (1859–1866) Free

    Frankenmuth News (1906-2014) Free

    Saginaw News (1881-1922)


    Saint Clair County

    Weekly Expositor (Brockway Centre; 1882-1894) Free

    The Yale Expositor - St. Clair (1894–1922) Free

    Saint Joseph County

    Constantine Republican (1836–1838) Free

    Sanilac County

    Marlette Index (1880-1967) (also known as the Marlette Leader) Free

    Minden City Herald (1893-1943) Free

    Sandusky Republican Tribune (1930-1985) Free

    Sanilac Jeffersonian (and Croswell Jeffersonian; 1876-1995) Free

    Sanilac County News Newspaper (1985-1999) Free

    Sanilac County Republican Souvenir (1901) Free

    Shiawassee County

    Argus-Press - Owosso (1951, 1972-2008) Free

    Corunna Journal (1887–1892, 1894–1905, 1907–1913) Free

    Corunna News (1934–1949)


    Evening Press - Owosso (1911) Free

    Owosso Argus-Press (1862-1869) Free

    Owosso Argus-Press (1914-1972, scattered issues)


    The Owosso Times (1881-1882) Free

    The Owosso Times (1897-1926) Free

    The Times (1882-1897) Free

    Tuscola County

    Cass City Chronicle (1881–2009) Free

    Cass City Enterprise {1881-1882, 1888-1906) Free

    Mayville Monitor (1884-2010)


    Tuscola County Advertiser (1868–1942) also includes Caro High School yearbooks (1922–2006) Free

    Van Buren County

    Hartford Day Spring (1931-1972) Free

    South Haven Daily Tribune (1942) Pay

    The True Northerner - Paw Paw (1855-1920) Free

    Washtenaw County

    Ann Arbor Argus (1889–1896)


    Ann Arbor Argus-Democrat (1902-1906, scattered issues)


    Ann Arbor Daily Argus (1898-1907) Pay

    Ann Arbor Daily Courier (April 1, 1895) Free

    Ann Arbor Daily Times (1903-1908) Pay

    Ann Arbor Journal (1855-1863)


    Ann Arbor News (2003–2009) (infoweb)

    The Ann Arbor News, historical; digitization project in progress at Ann Arbor District Library


    Ann Arbor News-Argus (1907-1908) Pay

    Ann Arbor News-Argus (2003-2009) Free

    Ann Arbor Record (1902-1903, scattered issues) Free

    Ann Arbor Register (1875-1879, scattered issues) Free

    Ann Arbor Signal of Liberty (1841–1848) , abolitionist paper Free

    Ann Arbor Sun, 1960s alternative paper, digitization in progress [5]

    Ann Arbor Sun (1967-1976, scattered issues) Free

    Chelsea Herald, 1873-1909


    Chelsea Standard, 1890-1893, 1895-2012 Free

    Chelsea Standard-Herald, 1906-1908 Free

    Chelsea Tribune, 1917-1923


    Daily Telegram Pay

    Dexter Leader, 1988 Free

    Michigan Argus (Ann Arbor; 1879-1907) Pay

    Michigan State Journal (1841-1847) Free

    Michigan Daily (1890–2014)

    Free University of Michigan student newspaper

    Michigan Daily (1947–2009, scattered issues) Free University of Michigan student newspaper

    Reporter (1955-1958) Free

    The Saline Observer (1880-1882, 1890-1915, 1917-1923, 1926-1948, 1950-1959)

    Saline Reporter (1958-2012)


    Saline Review (1874) Free

    Sun Times News (Chelsea/Stockbridge; 2012-2014) Free

    True Democrat (Ann Arbor; 1845-1849) Pay

    Ypsilanti Commercial (1865-1898) Pay

    Ypsilanti Sentinel (1843-1848)


    Wayne County

    Canton Observer (1974-2015)


    Dearborn Independent (1919-1921) Free

    Detroit Free Press (1831–1922) Free at subscribing libraries and websites. Pay at

    freep.com Pay

    Detroit Gazette (1817–1830)


    Detroit Independent (1923)


    Detroit Informer (1900) Pay

    Detroit Jewish News Foundation Free

    Detroit Jewish Chronicle (1916–1951) Free

    Detroit Jewish News (1942– )


    Detroiter Abend-Post (1914-1918) Free

    Dziennik Polski (1904–1941) name index Free

    One Step search page

    Detroit News subject index cards (late 1800's–late 1990's) index only Free

    Detroit Sunday Journal (1995-1999) Free

    Grosse Pointe Public Library Local History Archives: Newspapers Grosse Pointe Civic News (1920–1935) Free

    Grosse Pointe Public Library Local History Archives: Newspapers Grosse Pointe News (1940– ) Free

    Grosse Pointe Public Library Local History Archives: Newspapers Grosse Pointe Review (1930–1952) Free

    Plaindealer (Detroit; 1889-1893) Pay

    Plaindealer (Detroit; 1889-1893) Free at subscribing libraries and websites.

    The Northville Record (1869-1899, 1901-2014) Free

    Weekly Detroit Free Press and Supp. The Household (1886-1887) Free at subscribing libraries and Web sites

    Weekly Detroit Free Press and Supp. The Household (1886-1887) Pay

    Wynadotte Herald Pay

    Wexford County

    Cadillac Evening News (1951, 1971) Free

    Wexford County Pioneer (1879) Free


    Michigan Digital Newspaper Portal links to outside sites



    Brainerd Historic Newspapers Free

    Brainerd Dispatch (1883–1901)

    Brainerd Tribune (1872–1882)

    Chaska Valley Herald (1862–1887)


    The Duluth Evening Herald Free 1397 Volumes Scanned

    The Duluth Evening Herald (1883–1914)

    Farm, Field and Fireside Agricultural Newspaper Collection (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) Free

    Farmer's Wife; St. Paul, Minnesota (1906–1939)

    Minnesota Historical Society Free

    The Afro-American advance (Minneapolis, Minn.)

    Afro-independent (St. Paul, Minn.)

    The Aitkin age (Aitkin, Aitkin County, Minn.)

    The Aitkin independent (Aitkin, Aitkin County, Minn.)

    Aitkin independent age (Aitkin, Aitkin County, Minn.)

    The American issue (Westerville, Ohio : Minnesota edition)

    The Anoka star (Anoka, Minn.)

    The appeal (Saint Paul, Minn.)

    The Bemidji daily pioneer (Bemidji, Minn.)

    The Bemidji pioneer (Bemidji, Minn.)

    Border budget (Koochiching, Itasca County, Minn.)

    Both sides (Minneapolis, Minn.)

    The broad axe (Saint Paul, Minn.)

    Caledonia argus (Caledonia, Minn.)

    Cannon Falls beacon (Cannon Falls, Minn.)

    The Cook County herald (Grand Marais, Minn.)

    The Cook County news-herald (Grand Marais, Cook County, Minn.)

    The courier (Preston, Minn.)

    Daily globe (St. Paul, Minn.)

    The daily people's press (Owatonna, Steele County, Minn.)

    The daily pioneer (Bemidji, Beltrami Co., Minn.)

    Dodge Center press (Dodge Center, Minn.)

    Duluth evening herald (Duluth, Minn.)

    The Duluth herald (Duluth, Minn.)

    The Dundas news (Dundas, Rice County, Minn.)

    The Eveleth leader. (Eveleth, Minn.)

    The Eveleth news. (Eveleth, Minn.)

    Eveleth Republican. (Eveleth, St. Louis County, Minn.)

    The Eveleth star. (Eveleth, Minn.)

    Federal union (Rochester, Minn.)

    Finance and commerce of the Twin Cities (Minneapolis, Minn.)

    Der fortschritt (New Ulm, Minn.)

    The free homestead (Winnebago City, Minn.)

    The Freeborn County eagle (Albert Lea, Minn.)

    Freeborn County standard (Albert Lea, Minn.)

    The Goodhue volunteer (Red Wing, Goodhue County, Minn.)

    The Grange advance (Red Wing, Minn.)

    The Hastings conserver (Hastings, Dakota County, Minn.)

    The inter-county press (Saint Charles, Winona County, Minn.)

    International Falls press (International Falls, Minn.)

    International Falls press and border budget (International Falls, Minn.)

    The Koochiching press (International Falls, Minn.)

    The labor world (Duluth, Minn.)

    Little Falls herald (Little Falls, Morrison County, Minn.)

    Little Falls transcript (Little Falls, Morrison County, Minn.)

    Little Falls weekly transcript (Little Falls, Morrison Co., Minn.)

    The Mankato union (Mankato, Blue Earth County, Minn.)

    The Mankato weekly union (Mankato, Blue Earth County, Minn.)

    Mantorville and Kasson express (Mantorville and Kasson, Dodge County, Minn. )

    The Mantorville express (Mantorville, Dodge County, M.T. [Minn.])

    The Mantorville express (Mantorville, Dodge County, Minn.)

    The Minneapolis journal (Minneapolis, Minn.)

    The Minneapolis messenger (Minneapolis, Minn.)

    The Minneapolis observer (Minneapolis, Minn.)

    Minnesota farm review (Minneapolis, Minn.)

    The Minnesota farmer (Minneapolis, Minn.)

    The Minnesota issue (Minneapolis, Minn.)

    The Minnesota messenger (Minneapolis, Minn.)

    The Minnesota record (Rochester, Minn.)

    Minnesota Staats-Zeitung (Saint Paul, Minn.)

    The Mississippi Valley lumberman (Minneapolis, Minn.)

    Mississippi Valley lumberman and manufacturer (Minneapolis, Minn.)

    Mower County news (Austin, Minn.)

    Mower County register (Austin, Minn.)

    Mower County transcript (Lansing, Minn.)

    Mower County transcript-republican (Austin, Mower County, Minn.)

    The National advocate (Minneapolis, Minn.)

    The Negro world (St. Paul, Minn.)

    New Ulm review (New Ulm, Brown County, Minn.)

    New Ulm weekly review (New Ulm, Minn.)

    The news (Zumbrota, Goodhue County, Minn.)

    Der Nordstern (St. Cloud, Minn.)

    The North (Minneapolis, Minn.)

    The Northern Pacific farmer (Wadena, Minn.)

    The Northfield news (Northfield, Minn.)

    The northwestern bulletin (St. Paul, Minn.)

    Northwestern-vine (Minneapolis, Minn.)

    Our side (Minneapolis, Minn.)

    The Owatonna plaindealer (Owatonna, Steele Co., Minn.)

    The people's press (Owatonna, Steele County, Minn.)

    Pine Island journal (Pine Island, Goodhue County, Minn.)

    Pine Island record (Pine Island, Minn.)

    The Pioneer and Democrat (Saint Paul, Minn.)

    The Post and record (Rochester, Minn.)

    The press (Dodge Center, Minn.)

    The Preston democrat (Preston, Fillmore County, Minn.)

    The Preston republican (Preston, Minn.)

    Preston times (Preston, Fillmore County, Minn.)

    The Princeton union (Princeton, Minn.)

    The Progress (White Earth, Minn.)

    The protest (Minneapolis, Minn.)

    The record and union (Rochester, Olmsted County, Minn.)

    Red Lake news (Red Lake, Minn.)

    Red Wing sentinel (Red Wing, M.T. [i.e. , Minn.])

    Rochester city news (Rochester, Olmsted Co., Minn.)

    The Rochester city post (Rochester, Olmsted County, Minn.)

    Rochester daily post and record (Rochester, Olmsted County, Minn.)

    Rochester news (Rochester, Olmsted Co., Minn.)

    The Rochester post (Rochester, Olmsted Co., Minn.)

    Rochester Republican (Rochester, Olmsted Co., Minn.)

    Rochester semi-weekly central record (Rochester, Minn.)

    Rochester weekly central record (Rochester, Minn.)

    Roseau County times (Roseau, Minn.)

    The Saint Paul daily press (St. Paul, Minn.)

    The Saint Paul globe (St. Paul, Minn.)

    The Saint Paul press (St. Paul, Minn.)

    The Shakopee Argus (Shakopee, Minn.)

    Shakopee weekly Argus (Shakopee, Minn.)

    Southern Minnesota star (Albert Lea, Freeborn County, Minn.)

    St. Charles union (St. Charles, Winona County, Minn.)

    St. Cloud Democrat (Saint Cloud, Stearns County, Minn.)

    The St. Cloud journal (St. Cloud, Minn.)

    St. Cloud visiter [sic] (St. Cloud, Stearns County, Minn.)

    St. Paul daily globe (Saint Paul, Minn.)

    State Fair post (Rochester, Minn.)

    Stillwater messenger (Stillwater, Minn.)

    The Stillwater messenger (Stillwater, Minn.)

    The Stillwater Republican (Stillwater, Minn.)

    Taylors Falls reporter (Taylors Falls, Chisago County, Minn.)

    Taylors Falls reporter (Taylors Falls, Minn.)

    The Tomahawk (White Earth, Becker County, Minn.)

    Tower weekly news (Tower, Minn.)

    The Twin City guardian (St. Paul, Minn.)

    The Twin City star (Minneapolis, Minn.)

    The Twin-City American (Minneapolis, Minn.)

    Two Harbors iron news (Two Harbors, Lake County, Minn.)

    Valley herald (Chaska, Minn.)

    The Virginia enterprise (Virginia, St. Louis County, Minn.)

    Wabasha County herald (Wabasha, Minn.)

    The Wabasha herald (Wabasha, Minn.)

    The Wabasha herald (Wabasha, Wabasha County, Minn.)

    Wabasha weekly herald (Wabasha, Minn.)

    The Wabashaw County herald (Read's Landing, Minn.)

    The Wabashaw County herald (Wabashaw, Minn.)

    Wabashaw semi-weekly co. herald (Wabashaw, Minn.)

    The Wabashaw weekly county herald (Read's Landing, Minn.)

    Warren sheaf (Warren, Marshall County, Minn.)

    The Waumadee herald (Read's Landing, Minn.)

    The weekly valley herald (Chaska, Minn.)

    The Western advance (Worthington, Minn.)

    Western appeal (Saint Paul, Minn.)

    Willmar tribune (Willmar, Minn.)

    The Winona County union-free press (Saint Charles, Winona County, Minn.)

    The world (Duluth, Minn.)

    The Worthington advance (Worthington, Minn.)

    Worthington daily advance (Worthington, Minn.)

    Zumbrota independent (Zumbrota, Minn.)

    The Zumbrota news (Zumbrota, Goodhue County, Minn.)

    Holt Weekly News (1911–1952)


    (Minneapolis) Labor Review (1907– ) Free

    St. Cloud Times obituary index (1928–2013) index only Free

    (St. Paul) Union Advocate Free

    Southwest Newspapers (2000–2012) Pay

    Chanhassen Villager

    Chaska Herald

    Eden Prairie News

    Jordan Independent

    Prior Lake American

    Savage Pacer

    Shakopee Valley News

    Winona Newspaper Project (1855–1946) in image Free

    Winona Argus

    Winona Daily News

    Winona Daily Republican

    Winona Republican-Herald



    The American Jewess (1895–1899)


    Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune

    archives, Livingston County (1889–2008) pay

    Chillicothe Constitution (Chillicothe, Mo) 1889–1928

    Chillicothe Constitution-Tribune (Chillicothe, Mo) 1930–1985

    Constitution Tribune (Chillicothe, Mo) 1927–2009

    Constitution-Tribune (Chillicothe, Mo) 2007–2008

    Friedens Messenger (?–1940) Pay publication of Friedens United Church of Christ, St. Louis

    Missouri Digital Heritage Free

    Border Star/Weekly Border Star (1858–1860)

    Cape Girardeau Argus (1863–1871)

    Columbia Missourian (1929, 1969–1975)

    Daily Evening Herald and Commercial Advertser (Jun–Oct 1835)

    Far West (Aug 11–Oct 6, 1836)

    Hannibal Clipper (1874–1875, 1877)

    Hannibal Courier-Post (Oct 1935)

    Liberty Banner (Mar 3, 1844)

    Liberty Tribune (1846–1848, 1852–1867, 1869–1878, 1880, 1882, 1883)

    Phelps County New Era (1875–1878)

    Rolla Express (Oct 1860–May 1863, Nov 1872–Dec 1873)

    Rolla New Era (Apr 10, 1880–Mar 13, 1897, intermittent)

    St. Louis Christian Advocate (Aug 22, 1857–Oct 22, 1879)

    St. Louis Palladium (1904)

    Houston Herald (1881– ) Pay

    O'Dell's Abstracted Newspaper Index (1859–2014) covers newspapers of southwest Iowa and northwest Missouri Free

    Scenic Regional Library (Franklin, Gasconade, and Warren counties)


    Bland Courier (1914–1924)

    Franklin County Observer (1893–1926)

    Franklin County Tribune (1899–1916)

    Gasconade County Republican (1905–1922)

    Hermann Advertiser and Advertiser-Courier (1875–1922)

    Marthasville Record (1901–1922)

    New Haven Leader (1903–1918)

    Pacific Transcript (1895–1921)

    Sullivan News (1910–1950)

    Sullivan Sentinel (1901–1914)

    Union Republican Headlight (1904–1919)

    Union Republican Tribune (1919–1922)

    Warrenton Banner (1902–1924)

    Washington Citizen (1905–1923)

    St. Louis Argus obituary index (1915–1919, 1921–1927, 1942–1945) index only Free

    St. Louis Globe-Democrat clipping index (~1920–1990) index only


    St. Louis Globe-Democrat death notices index (1860–1861, 1880–1881, 1883) covers Illinois and Missouri index only Free

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch (1874– )


    St. Louis Post-Dispatch death notices index (1975–1977) index only Free

    St. Louis Post-Dispatch obituary index (1880–1930, 1942–1945, 1960–1969, 1992–2011) index only


    State Historical Society of Missouri Digital Newspaper Project Free

    Benton News Boy (Scott County; 1894-1897)

    Benton Scott County Kicker (Scott County; 1901-1917)

    Bolivar Free Press (Polk County; 1868-1875)

    Boon's Lick Times and Glasgow Weekly Times (Howard County; 1840-1869)

    Boonville Weekly Observer (Cooper County; 1854-1856)

    Bowling Green Salt River Journal/Radical/Democratic Banner (Pike County; 1839-1851)

    Buffalo Reflex (Dallas County; 1869-1873)

    Butler Bates County Record (Bates County; 1868-1878)

    California Loyal Missourian/Loyal Journal/Moniteau Journal (Moniteau County; 1866-1875)

    California Moniteau County Democrat/California Democrat (Moniteau County; 1870-1876)

    California Weekly News and Central Missourian (Moniteau County; 1858-1868)

    Cape Girardeau Democrat (Cape Girardeau County; 1891-1901)

    Carthage Banner (Jasper County; 1866-1879)

    Charleston Courier (Mississippi County; 1859-1875)

    Columbia Missourian (Boone County; 1908-1922)

    Columbia Professional World (Boone County; 1901-1903)

    Commerce Dispatch (Scott County; 1867-1872)

    Doniphan Prospect (Ripley County; 1874-1878)

    Hannibal Journal (Marion County; 1853-1853)

    Hannibal Journal/Western Union (Marion County; 1850-1853)

    Hayti Herald (Pemiscot County; 1909-1922)

    Ironton Iron County Register (Iron County; 1867-1879)

    Jackson Herald/Cape County Herald/Cape Weekly Tribune (Cape Girardeau County; 1901-1918)

    Jackson Missouri Cash-Book (Cape Girardeau County; 1871-1878)

    Jasper News (Jasper County; 1901-1922)

    Jefferson City Missouri State Times (Cole County; 1863-1870)

    Jefferson City Peoples' Tribune (Cole County; 1865-1878)

    Jefferson City State Journal (Cole County; 1872-1878)

    Jefferson City State Republican (Cole County; 1890-1896)

    Kansas City Daily Journal of Commerce (Jackson County; 1865-1878)

    Kansas City Journal (Jackson County; 1895-1899)

    Kansas City Rising Sun (Jackson County; 1903-1907)

    Kansas City Sun (Jackson County; 1914-1920)

    Kirksville Weekly Graphic (Adair County; 1880-1896)

    Lexington Missouri Valley Register (Lafayette County; 1866-1869)

    Mexico Missouri Message (Audrain County; 1899-1918)

    Mt. Vernon Fountain and Journal (Lawrence County; 1874-1880)

    Lamar South-West Missourian (Barton County; 1870-1874)

    Lincoln University Clarion (Cole County; 1935-1975)

    Marshall Democrat (Saline County; 1858-1861)

    Marshall Republican (Saline County; 1898-1914)

    Marshall Saline County Progress (Saline County; 1868-1876)

    Monroe City Democrat (Monroe County; 1898-1919)

    Montgomery Tribune (Montgomery County; 1900-1910)

    Neosho Times (Newton County; 1870-1876)

    Oregon Holt County Sentinel (Holt County; 1865-1921)

    Osceola Herald (Saint Clair County; 1866-1873)

    Pleasant Hill Leader (Cass County; 1869-1873)

    Rich Hill Tribune (Bates County; 1901-1910)

    Richmond Democrat (Ray County; 1879-1888)

    Rolla Weekly Herald (Phelps County; 1869-1876)

    Sainte Genevieve Fair Play (Sainte Genevieve County; 1872-1921)

    Savannah Andrew County Republican (Andrew County; 1871-1876)

    Sedalia Democratic Press/Democrat/Weekly Democrat (Pettis County; 1868-1878)

    Sedalia Weekly Bazoo (Pettis County; 1877-1893)

    Sedalia Weekly Conservator (Pettis County; 1903-1908)

    Springfield Mirror (Greene County; 1856-1859)

    Springfield Missouri Weekly Patriot (Greene County; 1865-1876)

    Springfield Leader (Greene County; 1867-1878)

    St. Joseph Observer (Buchanan County; 1915-1922)

    St. Louis Daily Missouri Republican (St. Louis County; 1854-1873)

    St. Louis Republic (St. Louis County; 1900-1905)

    St. Louis Republican (St. Louis County; 1873-1876)

    Troy Lincoln County Herald (Lincoln County; 1866-1878)

    Tuscumbia Osage Valley Banner (Miller County; 1879-1881)

    Versailles Morgan County Democrat and Morgan County Republican (Morgan County; 1903-1914)

    Vienna Banner of Liberty and Vienna Courier (Maries County; 1873-1875)

    Warsaw Saturday Morning Visitor (Benton County; 1848-1849)


    Bozeman High School (1939–2015) Free

    Gallatin High News

    Hawk Tawk

    CharKoosta News (1956–1961, 1971–1988) Free

    The Columbian (Columbia Falls; 1891–1925) Free

    Gallatin County obituary index (1980–2013) downloadable PDF file Free

    Montana Newspapers

    Baker Sentinel (1912-1917, 1924-1925)

    Big Timber Pioneer (1893–1901, 1914-2000)

    Choteau Acantha (1904-1950, 1956-1959)

    Choteau Calumet (1885-1889)

    Choteau Montanan (1913-1924)

    Choteau Montanian (1891–1892, 1901, 1904-1905)

    (Choteau) Montanian and Chronicle (1902-1903)

    Fallon County Times (1916-2005)

    Fallonite (1916)

    Ismay (1908-1910)

    Ismay Journal (1910-1913)

    Little Rockies Miner (1907-1909)

    (Polson) Flathead Courier (1910-1922)

    (Polson) Lake Shore Sentinel (1909-1911)

    Poplar Shopper (1975-1998)

    Poplar Standard: A Good Newspaper (1975)

    Poplar Standard: Voice of the Oil City (1955, 1960-1965, 1975-1976)

    Saco Independent (1912-1916, 1919, 1921-1922)

    Teton Chronicle (1897-1898, 1900-1901)

    Wotanin Wowapi (1972-1973, 1975-2007)

    (Baker) Advocate (1925)

    Baker Sentinel (1914–1925)

    (Baker) Fallon County Times (1916–2005)

    (Baker) Fallonite (1916)

    Bear Paw Mountaineer (1911–1921)

    Big Timber Pioneer (1893–1975, 1975–1982, 1983–2003)

    (Billings) Buzzer (1955)

    (Billings) Eastern Highlights (1964)

    (Billings) Eastern State (1945–1946)

    (Billings) Emcoe (1949–1959)

    (Billings) Pulp (1970)

    (Billings) Retort (1959–2014)

    (Billings) Rimrock Echo (1929–1943)

    (Billings) Semcoe (1954)

    (Billings) Yellow Jacket (1953)

    (Billings) You Name It (1949)

    Choteau Acantha (1904–2010)

    Choteau Calumet (1885–1889)

    Choteau Montanan (1913–1924)

    (Choteau) Montanian (1891–1905)

    (Choteau) Montanian and Chronicle (1901–1903)

    (Choteau) Teton Chronicle (1897–1901)

    (Columbia Falls) Columbian (1891–1897, 1905–1925)

    (Columbia Falls) Hendricks' Columbian (1903–1905)

    Dillon Tribune (1889–1891)

    (Dillon) Monmal (1906–1918)

    (Dillon) Montanomal (1926–1949)

    (Dillon) Summer Script (1985)

    (Dillon) Western Wire (2002–2004)

    (Dillon) Wescolite (1949–2009)

    (Dixon) Char-Koosta (1971–1985)

    (Eureka) Evergreen) (1946–1968)

    (Eureka) Ksanka Annex (1940–1943)

    (Fort Benton) River Press (1889–1901)

    (Helena) Mount Saint Charles Scholastic (1912–1916)

    (Helena) Prospector (1916–2015)

    (Helena) Tumbleweed (1975–1977)

    Ismay, The (1908–1910)

    Ismay Journal (1910–1913)

    Kendall Chronicle (1902–1903)

    Kendall Miner (1905–1911)

    (Pablo) Char-Koosta News (1985–1988)

    (Plains) Sanders County Democrat (1909–1910)

    (Plains) Sanders County Signal (1906–1924)

    (Polson) Flathead Courier (1910–1963)

    (Polson) Lakeshore Sentinel (1909–1911)

    (Ronan?) Char-Koosta (1956–1961)

    Roundup Record (1914–1919)

    Saco Independent (1912–1922)

    (Thompson Falls) Sanders County Independent Ledger (1918)

    (Thompson Falls) Sanders County Ledger (1905–1918)

    (Thompson Falls) Weekly Montanian (1894–1896)

    (Zortman) Little Rockies Miner (1907–1909)

    Montana State University Exponent (1895–2014) student newspaper



    Nebraska State Newspaper Extraction Project extracts only


    North Bend Public Library Free

    North Bend Argus (1890–2011)

    Eagle (1974–1982)

    North Bend Republican (1895–1897)

    University of Nebraska at Lincoln: Digitizing Nebraska's History Free

    Cherry County Independent (1892–1896)

    Custer County Republican (1899–1910)

    Daily Nebraskan (1901–1914)

    Falls City Tribune (1904–1908)

    The McCook Tribune (1885–1912)

    McCook Weekly Tribune (1883–1885)

    The Norfolk Weekly News (1899–1900)

    The Norfolk Weekly News-Journal (1900–1912)

    Omaha Daily Bee (1874–1900)

    Valentine Democrat (1900–1907)

    Western News-Democrat (1898–1900)

    The Ord Quiz Newspaper Archive 1895-1980 Free

    Wayne County Newspapers Free


    Henderson Digital Public Library Free

    The Big Job, and Basic Bombardier (1942–1944) newsletters published by Basic Magnesium, Inc.

    Henderson Home News (1951–)

    Las Vegas Age (1905–1924; incomplete run) in image Free

    New Jersey

    Asbury Park Press (1905– ) Pay

    (Belmar) Coast Echo/Advertiser (1881–1974) Free

    Belvidere Apollo/Intelligencer/Apollo-Journal obituary index (1826–1914) index only Free

    Bordentown area newspapers (1845–2002) Free

    Burlington County newspapers (1810-1980's) Free

    Cranbury Press; Cranbury, New Jersey; (1886–1926) in image Free

    Cranford Chronicle & Cranford Citizen (Cranford, NJ) 1894–2005


    Elizabeth Daily Journal (1872–1922) Free

    Elmer Times death announcements (1901–1940) index only Free

    New Jersey Mirror (Burlington; October 14, 1818–March 5, 1947)


    New Brunswick newspapers (1871–1918) New Brunswick Free Public Library Free

    New Brunswick Daily Times (1871–1916)

    Daily Home News (1887, 1889, 1903–1918)

    New Brunswick newspapers (1871–1916) Pay

    New Brunswick Daily Times (1871–1916)

    Daily Home News (1878–1907)

    New Jersey Hills Media Group Pay

    Bernardsville News (1897–2006 with gaps)

    Chatham Courier (2003–2012)

    (Warren Township) Echoes-Sentinel (1963–2010)

    Newark Sunday Call Free scattered issues



    NJ.com Free

    Cranford Chronicle

    Hunterdon County Democrat

    Independent Press

    Jersey Journal


    South Jersey Times


    Suburban News

    Times of Trenton

    Warren Reporter

    Papers of Princeton (1876–2013)


    Daily Princetonian (1876–2003)

    Local Express (1935–1939)

    Princeton University Weekly Bulletin (1911–2010)

    Town Topics (1946–2013)

    (Plainfield) Courier News obituary index (mid-1920's–mid-1980's)

    index only Free

    Plainfield early newspapers (1837–1918) Free

    Central New Jersey Times (1868–1880)

    Constitutionalist (1868–1911)

    (Plainfield) Daily Press (1887–1916)

    (Plainfield) Evening News (1884–1894)

    North Plainfield Weekly Review (1903)

    Plainfield Courier (1891–1894)

    Plainfield Gazette (1848–1851)

    Plainfield Record (1916–1918)

    Plainfield Union (1837–1852)

    Suburbanite (1903–1909)

    Red Bank Register (1878–1964) and Daily Register (1964–1991) Free

    (Rockaway) Iron Era (1872–1905)


    Rockaway Record (1890–1935)


    South Amboy Citizen 1910–2000


    South New Jersey historical papers


    Atlantic County Record (1908–1917)

    Atlantic Democrat and Cape May County Register (1864–1865)

    Atlantic Democrat and Cumberland County Patriot (1866)

    Atlantic Democrat (1866–1868)

    Atlantic Journal (1860)

    Hammonton Farmer (1863, 1866)

    Hammonton Item (1872–1877)

    Mays Landing Record (1877–1906)

    South Jersey Republican (1863–1923)

    South Jersey Star (1917–1923)

    Tuckerton Beacon (August 1917–1987) Free

    Woodbridge Township Historic Newspapers Free

    Avenal Bulletin (1922–1923)

    Carteret Press (1925–1965)

    Fords Beacon (1936–1960)

    Independent Hour (1876–1877)

    Independent Leader (1940–1965)

    Leader Journal (1934–1939)

    Leader Press (1967–1970)

    Weekly Register (1898–1902)

    Woodbridge Independent (1919–1939)

    Woodbridge Leader (1926–1934)

    Woodbridge News (1899–1902)

    New Mexico

    Santa Fe New Mexican historical archive Pay

    Santa Fe New Mexican (1849–2013)

    Santa Fe Daily New Mexican (1868–2011)

    Santa Fe New Mexican Eldorado (2007)

    Santa Fe New Mexican Review (1883–1899)

    El Nuevo Mexicano (1863–1934)

    Santa Fe Daily New Mexican Review (1885)

    Santa Fe Republican (1847–1949)

    Santa Fe Weekly New Mexican Review (1883–1895)

    Santa Fe Weekly New Mexican Review (1884–1887)

    Santa Fe Weekly New Mexican (1871–1888)

    White Sands Missile Range newspapers Free

    Missile Ranger (1969–1990)

    Wind and Sand (1950–1969)

    New York

    Allegany Public Library Free

    Allegany Citizen (1896–1976)

    National Tribune (1942)

    Portville Star (1903)

    Times Herald (1954)

    Aufbau (1934–2004) Free

    Brewster Standard (1870–1982) Brewster Public Library Free

    Burden Iron Company death notice clippings index (1890–1895) index only Free

    Burden Iron Company marriage notice extractions index only Free

    Brooklyn Daily Eagle (1841–1955) Brooklyn Public Library Free

    Buffalo Jazz Report (1974–1978)


    Catskill Mountain News (1902–1943) Margaretville Free

    Columbia University Spectator student newspaper (1877–2012)


    Cornell University Daily Sun student newspaper (1880–1981) Free

    Freedom (1950–1955) Free

    Freedom's Journal (1827–1829) New York City Free

    Friend of Man (1836–1842) Utica


    Gildersleeve Scrapbooks obituary index (1915–1982) from Mattituck-area newspapers index only Free

    The Griffin (1933–1948) Canisius College, Buffalo Free

    Hudson River Valley historical newspapers (1831–2013) Free

    Bronxville Review (1909, 1916)

    Irvington Gazette(1907-1942)

    Kingston Daily Freeman (1895, 1903–1912)

    Left Of Center (1988–1992)

    Miscellany News (1914–2013)

    Newburgh Telegraph (1831–1835, 1838–1839, 1841)

    Palisades (1943-1946)

    Rockland County Journal (1850–1900)

    Rockland County Messenger (1848, 1851–1855, 1857–1878, 1884, 1892-1898)

    County Times (1894, 1902–1904)

    Scarsdale Inquirer (1901–1907, 1909, 1912–1918, 1919–1941)

    Shanks Villager (1946-1953)

    Unscrewed (1976–1989)

    Vassar Chronicle (1944–1978)

    Vassar Miscellany (literary publication; 1872–1915)

    Vassar Spectator (1983–1993)

    Womanspeak (1983–1992)

    International Business Times Free

    Lansingburgh newspaper death notices index (1787–1895) index only Free

    Lansingburgh newspaper marriage notices index (1787–1895) index only Free

    National Library of Israel (19th–20th centuries) Jewish newspapers Free

    Forward/Forverts [Yiddish] (New York; 1897–2015)

    Jewish Morning Journal [Yiddish] (New York; 1906–1922)

    Die Wahrheit [Yiddish] (New York; 1905–1919)

    New York Daily Tribune (1842–1866) New York City Free

    New York Evening Post death notices (1801–1890) Pay

    New York Journal (1897–1899) William Randolph Hearst newspaper


    The Journal (1896)

    New York Journal (1896–1897)

    New York Journal and Advertiser (1897–1899)

    New York State Historic Newspapers Northern New York Library Council, Rochester Regional Library Council Free

    5th Freedom (1971-198?)

    The A.T. Eye (1956-1963)

    The A.T. See (1970-1971)

    Adirondack Daily Enterprise (1927-current)

    Adirondack Mountain Sun (1992-2004)

    Adirondack News (1887-1934)

    Adirondack Record-Elizabethtown Post (1917–1971)

    Adirondack Record (1908-1920)

    Akwesasne Indian Time (1982–2002)

    Arcadian Weekly Gazette (April 1889–March 1892, March 1893–March 1906)

    Brockport Republic (October 1854–December 1972)

    Canton Commercial Advertiser (1900–1952 )

    Cardinal Points of SUNY Plattsburgh (1940–2006)

    Catholic Journal (October 1889–March 1929)

    Catholic Courier Journal (March 1929–January 1933)

    Catholic Courier (January 1933–April 1945)

    Catholic Courier Journal (April 1945–March 1968)

    Catholic Journal (March 1968–February 1989)

    Catholic Courier (February 1989–December 2004)

    Chateaugay Journal & Chateaugay Record (1881–1995)

    Clarkson Integrator (1920–2007)

    Elizabethtown Post (1882–1920)

    Essex County Republican (1844–1973)

    Fairport Herald (February 1873–March 1889, April 1890–April 1925)

    Fairport Herald-Mail (May–December 1925)

    Fairport-Perinton Herald-Mail (1980–1992)

    Fort Covington Sun (1887–1987)

    Fulton Patriot (1916–1954)

    Geneva Advertiser (1841–1842, 1880–1914)

    Geneva Courier (1831–1903)

    Geneva Daily Times (May 1895–May 1904, May 1920–June 1923)

    Geneva Expositor (1806–1809)

    Geneva Gazette (1809–1839, 1846–July 1901)

    Geneva Palladium (1821–1828)

    Gouverneur Tribune-Press (1864–2004)

    Heuvelton Bee (1912–1923)

    Lake Placid News (1914–1951)

    Lewis County Democrat (1867–1906)

    Lowville Journal & Republican (1860–1940) expanded coverage

    Malone Farmer (1900–1936)

    Malone Franklin Gazette (1876–1899)

    Monroe County Mail (1885–1893, 1896–1979)

    Marion Enterprise (September 1880–1894, 1896–1904, 1906–December 1923)

    Massena Observer (1891–1989)

    Newark Courier (December 1870–1886, 1889–June 1916, 1917–1922)

    Newark Gazette (August 1906–March 1908)

    Newark Union (August 1872–December 1891)

    Newark Union-Gazette (April 1908–December 1908, April 1909–1912, 1915–1922)

    North Country Catholic (1946–2006)

    Ogdensburg Advance & Ogdensburg Advance-News (1861–1962)

    Ontario Repository (April 1809–March 1826)

    Ontario Repository and Freeman (December 1836–June 1837)

    Oswegonian of SUNY Oswego (1935–2002)

    Plattsburgh Daily Press (1931–1942)

    Plattsburgh Press-Republican (1942–1992)

    Plattsburgh Republican (1811–1820)

    Plattsburgh Sentinel (1866–1931)

    Potsdam Courier-Freeman (1861–1989)

    Potsdam Herald-Recorder (1906–1951)

    Potsdam St. Lawrence Herald (1897–1904)

    Rush Echo (December 1879–December 1881)

    St. Regis Falls Adirondack News (1887–1933)

    Saranac Lake Adirondack Daily Enterprise (1948, 1952–1976; August 1955 is missing)

    Ticonderoga Sentinel (1874–1950)

    Tupper Lake Free Press and Herald (1911–2005)

    Watertown Herald (1886–1918)

    Western Repository (May 1803–April 1805)

    The New York Times ; (1851–1980) in image and (1980– ) in text Paid subscription required 1851–1920 and 1980–present; Pay 1921–1979

    New York Tribune (1866–1924) New York City Free

    New Yorker (1925- ) requires New York Public Library card

    Poughkeepsie Journal (1785- ) Pay

    The Ram, Fordham University student newspaper (roughly 1918–2008) Free

    The Polytechnic (1869, 1885–2001) Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute student newspaper Free

    The Spectrum (1950–1962) , State University of New York at Buffalo


    The Record (1913–2006) , State University of New York College at Buffalo Free

    Staten Island Papers Free

    Richmond County Advance (1886–1910)

    Richmond County Mirror (1837–1839)

    Staten Island Leader (1866–1928 with gaps)

    Staten Island Magazine (1888)

    Suffolk County Historic Newspapers Free

    Babylon Beacon (1967–1972)

    Corrector (Sag Harbor; 1822–1911)

    County Review (1904–1950)

    East Hampton Star (1950–1956)

    Islip Bulletin (1962–1975)

    Long Islander (1839–1978)

    Long Island Traveler (1871–1940)

    Long Island Traveler Watchman (1940–1990)

    Mid-Island Mail (1935–1941)

    Patchogue Advance (1926–1969)

    Port Jefferson Echom (1892–1931)

    Sag Harbor Express (1885–1898)

    South Side Signal (Babylon; 1869–1920)

    Suffolk County News (Sayville; 1888–19742 and 1996–2007)

    Watchman (1930–1939)

    Suffolk Times obituary index (1920– ) index only Free

    Tompkins County Public Library

    index only Free

    Ithaca Journal birth index (1915–1918)

    Ithaca Journal death announcements index (1854–1920)

    Ithaca Journal obituary index (1860–1876, 1900–1914, 1980–1999)

    Trumansburg newspapers (1827–1940)

    Troy newspaper death notices (1797–1860) index only Free

    Troy newspaper death notices of Revolutionary War soldiers (1797–1860) index only Free

    Troy newspaper death notices of soldiers not from the Revolutionary War (1797–1860) index only Free

    Troy Newspaper Project marriage and death notices (1812–1885)

    index only Free

    Vassar College student newspapers (1872–2013) Free

    Left of Center (1988–1992)

    Miscellany News (1914–2013)

    Unscrewed (1976–1989)

    Vassar Chronicle (1944–1978)

    Vassar Miscellany (literary publication; 1872–1915)

    Vassar Spectator (1983–1993)

    Womanspeak (1979–1992)

    Villanova University Digital Library


    Fatherland [New York City] (1914–1917)

    Vital Issue/Issues and Events [New York City] (1914–1919)

    World War [New York City] (1914–1916)

    West Troy Advocate (1837–1865) transcribed marriages, deaths, and miscellaneous news Free

    Old Fulton New York Post Cards 37,400,000 newspaper pages, mostly New York but other places also (1726–2015) Free

    Adams Herald (1876–1877)

    Addision Advertiser (1858–1927)

    Addison Voice of The Nation (1855)

    Adirondack News St. Regis Falls (1887–1930)

    Albany Argus (1813–1865)

    Albany Evening Journal (1830–1936)

    Albany Evening News (1926–1937)

    Albany Evening Times (1867–1891)

    Albany Knickerbocker News (1937–1969)

    Albany Morning Express (1857–1898)

    Albany Times Union (1891–1970)

    Albion Orleans Republican (1845–1944)

    Alfred Sun (1884–1980)

    Alplaus Home Town News (1942–1945)

    Amenia Harlem Valley Times (1913–2007)

    Amenia Times (1852–1914)

    Amsterdam Evening Recorder (1884–1974)

    Angelica Advocate (1908–1949)

    Angola Journal (1952–1985)

    Angola Record (1871–1937)

    Ardsley Tribune (1897)

    Attica News (1887–1966)

    Auburn Argus (1891–1903)

    Auburn Cayuga Chief (1849–1854)

    Auburn Cayuga County Independant (1886–1897)

    Auburn Cayuga County News (1914–1920)

    Auburn Cayuga Patriot (1826–1828)

    Auburn Cayuga Republican (1819–1833)

    Auburn Christian Advocate (1845–1878)

    Auburn Citizen (1905–1931)

    Auburn Citizen Advertiser (1931–1989)

    Auburn Daily Advertiser (1846–1847)

    Auburn Daily American (1855–1859)

    Auburn Daily Bulletin (1870–1905)

    Auburn Daily Union (1860–1861)

    Auburn Democrat (1868–1869)

    Auburn Democrat Argus (1894–1913)

    Auburn Evening Auburnian (1878–1885)

    Auburn Free Press (1824–1941)

    Auburn Journal (1833–1877)

    Auburn Journal and Advertiser (1837–1847)

    Auburn Morning Dispatch (1886)

    Auburn Morning News (1872–1879)

    Auburn News and Bulletin (1880–1885)

    Auburn Semi Weekly Journal (1906–1913)

    Auburn Weekly Auburnian (1885–1888)

    Auburn Weekly Bulletin (1895–1913)

    Auburn Weekly Journal (1850–1861)

    Auburn Weekly News and Democrat (1872–1897)

    Auburn Western Federalist (1811–1813)

    Avon Herald News (1939–1987)

    Avon News (1907–1921)

    Baldwinsville Onondaga Gazette (1846–1857)

    Baldwinsville Gazette Anniversary (1846–1896)

    Baldwinsville Gazette Farmers Journal (1879–1965)

    Baldwinsville Messenger (1941–1988)

    Baldwinsville Republican (1843–1846)

    Ballston Spa Daily Journal (1913–1987)

    Batavia Batavian (1895–1897)

    Batavia Daily Herald (1859)

    Batavia Daily News (1878–1922)

    Batavia Genessee County Herald (1857–1861)

    Batavia Genessee Weekly Democrat (1857–1859)

    Batavia Morning Call (1881–1882)

    Batavia Progressive Batavian (1868–1895)

    Batavia Republican Advocate (1822–1876)

    Batavia Spirit Of The Times (1830–1868)

    Batavia Times (1902–1945)

    Bath Constitutionalist 1837-1842

    Bath Courier and Steuben Advocate (1960–1969)

    Bath Farmers Advocate (1831–1832)

    Bath Steuben Adocate & Keuka Grape Belt (1943–1958)

    Bath Steuben Courier (1843–1958)

    Bath Stuben Advocate (1852–1900)

    Beacon Daily Herald (1913–1927)

    Belfast Blaze (1924–1969)

    Belmont Courier (1898–1927)

    Belmont Dispatch (1913–1966)

    Billboard (1894–1922) (New)

    Binghamton Broome Republican (1828–1909)

    Binghamton Phoenix (1815–1816)

    Binghamton Press (1904–1969)

    Blasdell Frontier Herald (1956–1966)

    Bloomville Mirror (1851–1871)

    Bolivar Breeze (1892–1965)

    Boonville Black River Herald (1860–1866)

    Boonville Herald & Tourest (1872–2004)

    Boonville Ledger (1853–1855)

    Brocton Mirror (1890–1943)

    Bronxville Reporter (1946–1952)

    Bronxville Review-Press and Reporter (1952–1979)

    Brookfield Courier (1876–1977)

    Brookfield Forest Stream and Farm (1890)

    Brookfield Young America (1875–1876)

    Brooklyn Daily (1956–1962)

    Brooklyn Daily Eagle (1841–1955)

    Brooklyn Daily Star (1898–1933)

    Brooklyn Daily Union (1870–1887)

    Brooklyn Daily Union Argus (1877–1883)

    Brooklyn Greenpoint Daily Star (1898–1968)

    Brooklyn Heights (1951–1971)

    Brooklyn New York & Brooklyn Daily (1962–1970)

    Brooklyn Recorder (1956–1987)

    Brooklyn Standard Union (1888–1932)

    Brooklyn Union (1883–1886)

    Brooklyn Weekly People (1901–1973)

    Buffalo Courier (1888–1926)

    Buffalo Courier Express (1926–1970)

    Buffalo Daily Courier (1847–1888)

    Buffalo Evening Courier and Republic (1862–1884)

    Buffalo Evening News (1881–1928)

    Buffalo Everybody's Daily (1920; in Polish)

    Buffalo Express (1866–1874)

    Buffalo Irish Times (1991–2001)

    Buffalo Morning Express (1880–1924)

    Buffalo Polish Weekly Review (1929–1930)

    Buffalo Review (1899–1902)

    Caledonia Advertiser (1878–1988)

    Caledonia Era (1902–1917)

    Canajorarie Courier Standard Enterprise (1975–1987)

    Canandaigua Ontario Repository (1817–1826)

    Canandaigua Ontario Respository and Messanger (1840–1907)

    Canaseraga Times (1873–1937)

    Canisteo Times (1880–1957)

    Canton St. Lawrence Plain Dealer (1864–1958)

    Carmel Putnam Country Courier (1849–1988)

    Carmel Putnam Country Republican (1882–1946)

    Carthage Republican (1885–1906)

    Castile Castilian (1878–1960)

    Cato Citizen (1893–1966)

    Catskill Recorder (1805–1951)

    Catskill Western Constellation (1800–1805)

    Cazenovia Madison County Abolitionist (1841–1842)

    Cazenouia Republican (1914–1978)

    Chatham Courier (1867–1967)

    Chatham Republican (1886–1898)

    Cherry Creek News (1885–1945)

    Chittenangeo Phoenix (1848–1854)

    Chittenango Bridgeport Times (1976–1988)

    Chittenango Herald (1831–1836)

    Chittenango Madison County Times (1870–1975)

    Cicero Patriot (2000–2013)

    Cincinnatis Star (1939–1941)

    Cincinnatus Times (1923–1951)

    Clayton Independent (1872–1882)

    Clayton On the St. Lawrence (1880–1881)

    Cleveland Lakeside Press (1877–1930)

    Clifton Springs Press (1886–1946)

    Clinton Advertiser (1906–1913)

    Clinton Courier (1863–1988)

    Clinton Signal (1846–1847)

    Clyde Democratic Herald (1888–1911)

    Clyde Eagle (1844–1847)

    Clyde Herald (1912–1950)

    Clyde Times (1858–1903)

    Clymer Independent (1960–1969)

    Cohocton Times Index (1898–1930)

    Cold Springs Recorder (1866–1934)

    Cooperstown Otsego Farmer (1885–1962)

    Cooperstown The Glimmerglass (1909–1937)

    Corning Evening Leader (1917–1953)

    Corning Journal (1847–1905)

    Cortland Advocate (1831–1834)

    Cortland County Express (1847–1850)

    Cortland Democrat (1840–1966)

    Cortland Gazette Banner (1861–1869)

    Cortland Independent Villager (1980–1987)

    Cortland News (1880–1887)

    Cortland Observer (1825–1832)

    Cortland Republican Eagle (1837–1840)

    Cortland Standard (1867–1975; 1893–1921)

    Cortland Standard and Cortland Daily Journal (1892)

    Cortland Standard and Homer Republican (1918–1921)

    Cortland Tribune (1950)

    Cortland Whig (1840–1855)

    Cuba Daily News (1881)

    Cuba Patriot (1866–1888)

    Dalton Enterprise (1894–1898)

    Dansville Advertiser (1860–1883)

    Dansville Breeze (1924–1971)

    Dansville Express (1877–1931)

    Dansville Genesee County Express (1932–1982)

    Delhi Delaware Republican (1866–1890)

    Deruyter Gleaner (1876–1963)

    Deruyter New Era (1876–1887)

    Dobbs Ferry Greenburgh Register (1884–1894)

    Dobbs Ferry Register (1896–1970)

    Dobbs Ferry Sentinel (1926–1969)

    East Hampton Star (1885–1988)

    Ellicottville American Union (1855–1863)

    Ellicottville Cataraugus Republican (1834–1859)

    Ellicottville News (1884–1901)

    Ellicottville Post (1884–1969)

    Elmira Morning Telegram (1888–1921)

    Elmira Star Gazette (1891–1907)

    Fair Haven Register (1890–1969)

    Fairport Herald (1873–1925)

    Fairport Monroe County Herald Mail (1885–1992)

    Farmer Review (1892–1904)

    Farmer Saturday Morning Review (1887–1892)

    Fayetteville Bulletin (1901–1989)

    Fayetteville Luminary (1840–1842)

    Fayetteville National Citizen & Ballot Box (1878–1881)

    Fayetteville Onondaga Independent (1899)

    Fayetteville Thrift News (1935–1941)

    Fayetteville Weekly Recorder (1866–1897)

    Flushing Comet (1887–1889)

    Forest Parkway Leader Observer (1912–1980)

    Fort Plains Mohawk Valley Register (1854–1893)

    Fredonia Censor (1843–1963)

    Freeport Daily Review (1921–1952)

    Friendship Allleghany Republican (1901–1903)

    Friendship Chronicle (1880–1881)

    Friendship Volunteer (1960–1965)

    Friendship Weekly Register (1872–1958)

    Fulton Chroncle (1837–1840)

    Fulton Newspaper Index (1820–1880)

    Fulton Patriot (1900–1993)

    Fulton Times (1881–1917)

    Geneseo Conesus Laker (1940–1964)

    Geneseo Democrat (1835–1857)

    Geneseo Livingston County Leader (1934–1988)

    Geneseo Livingston Democrat (1887–1929)

    Geneseo Livingston Journal (1823–1833)

    Geneseo Livingston Progress (1888)

    Geneseo Livingston Register (1824–1840)

    Geneseo Livingston Republican (1837–1979)

    Geneseo Union Citisen (1879–1882)

    Geneva Advertiser (1841–1904)

    Geneva Courier (1831–1883)

    Geneva Daily Times (1895–1978)

    Geneva Expositer (1806–1809)

    Geneva Finger Lake Times (1977–1988)

    Geneva Gazette (1824–1914)

    Geneva Palladium (1825–1828)

    Genoa Tribune (1891–1931)

    Gilboa Monitor (1878–1918)

    Glens Falls Morning Star (1893–1908)

    Glens Falls Post Star (1913–1946)

    Gloversville Daily Leader (1888–1903)

    Gloversville Intelligencer (1867–1878)

    Gloversville Leader Herald (1955–1977)

    Gloversville Leader Republican (1937–1954)

    Gloversville Morning Herald (1913–1955)

    Greece Press (1934–1958)

    Greenwood Times (1899–1919)

    Groton Balance (1837–1872)

    Groton Journal (1900–1960)

    Hamburg Erie County Independent (1875–1944)

    Hamburg Front Page (1964–1979)

    Hamburg Photo News (1970–1976)

    Hamburg Sun (1945–1988)

    Hammondsport Herald (1914–1931)

    Hammondsport Kuka Grape Belt (1939–1941)

    Hancock Herald (1878–1975)

    Hanover Gazette (1890–1892)

    Hastings on the Hudson News (1927–1969)

    Hastings on the Hudson Echo (1899–1925)

    Hastings on the Hudson Enterprise (1980–1988)

    Havana Journal (1849–1918)

    Havana Republican (1837–1859)

    Hempstead Queens County Sentinel (1858–1898)

    Hempstead Sentinel (1900–1949)

    Hilton Record (1906–1968)

    Holley Standard (1878–1964)

    Homer Independent (1959–1962)

    Homer Post (1931–1936)

    Hornell Evening Tribune (1924–1928)

    Hornelleville Weekly Tribune (1851–1899)

    Hudson Columbia Republican (1887–1923)

    Hudson Daily Star (1851–1875)

    Hudson Evening Register (1867–1944)

    Hudson Weekly Star (1858–1875)

    Huntington Long Lslander (1839–1936)

    Illion Citizen (1857–1919)

    Illion Sentinel (1917–1955)

    Interlaken Review (1905–1980; 1970–1982)

    Ithaca Daily Chronicle (1846–1850)

    Ithaca Daily Democrat (1884)

    Ithaca Daily Journal (1870)

    Ithaca Daily News (1895–1919)

    Ithaca Independent (1907–1908)

    Ithaca Ithacan (1868–1870)

    Ithaca Morning Herald (1894–1895)

    Ithaca Tompkins County Democrat (1857–1861)

    Jamaica Daily Long Island Farmer (1908–1926)

    Jamaica Long Island Daily Press (1926–1945)

    Jamaica Long Island Farmer ] (1826–1864)

    Jamestown Daily Journal (1870–1881)

    Jamestown Evening Journal (1882–1941)

    Jamestown Journal (1826–1870)

    Jamestown Post Journal (1942–1966)

    Jefferson County Journal (1872–1922)

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    Chaska (Minnesota) Weekly Valley Herald (1864–1882)

    Crookston (Minnesota) Polk County Journal (1878–1908)

    Duluth (Minnesota) Evening Herald (1887–1922)

    Goodridge (Minnesota) Banner (1918–1923)

    Goodridge (Minnesota) Eleven Towns (1915–1918)

    Gully (Minnesota) Sunbeam (1904–1919)

    Holt (Minnesota) Northern Light (1911–1914)

    Holt (Minnesota) Weekly News (1914–1952)

    Mankato (Minnesota) Weekly Union (1863–1867)

    Owantonna (Minnesota) Plaindealer (1863–1866)

    Plummer (Minnesota) Pioneer (1907–1913)

    Red Lake Falls (Minnesota) Era (1882–1883)

    Red Lake Falls (Minnesota) Gazette (1886–1919)

    Red Lake Falls (Minnesota) News (1890–1906)

    Saint Paul (Minnesota) Pioneer Democrat (1865)

    Sharkopee (Minnesota) Argus (1861–1869)

    St. Hilaire (Minnesota) Spectator (1890–1942)

    Stillwater (Minnesota) Messenger (1861–1865)

    Thief River Falls (Minnesota) Northern Watch (1991-2008)

    Thief River Falls (Minnesota) Press (1892-2002)

    Thief River Falls (Minnesota) Tri County Fourm (1936–1943)

    Thief River Falls (Minnesota) Tribune (1919–1927)

    Taylor Falls (Minnesota) Reporter (1860)

    Winnebago City (Minnesota) Free Homestead (1864–1868)

    Fayette (Mississippi) Chronicle (1908–1916)

    Fayette (Mississippi) Watch Tower (1855)

    Jackson (Mississippi) Citizen Council (1955–1961)

    Goldfield (Nevada) Chronicle (1908–1909)

    Bloomfield (New Jersey) Citizen (1872–1913)

    Bloomfield (New Jersey) Independent Press (1913–1961)

    Bloomfield (New Jersey) Record (1873–1936)

    Clifton (New Jersey) Jewish Community News (1980–1985)

    Fair Lawn (New Jersey) Israelight (1960–1970)

    Jersey City (New Jersey) Jewish Standard (1931–1936)

    Hackettstown (New Jersey) Forum (1974–1978)

    Hackettstown (New Jersey) Gazette (1857–1962)

    Hackettstown (New Jersey) Warren Republican (1885–1920)

    Little Falls (New Jersey) Herald (1927–1960)

    Little Falls (New Jersey) Passaic Valley Journal (1975–1982)

    Little Falls (New Jersey) Reporter (1919–1929)

    Little Falls (New Jersey) Times Herald (1960–1973)

    Paterson (New Jersey) Daily Guardian (1857–1864)

    Paterson (New Jersey) Evening News (1895-WIP)

    Paterson (New Jersey) Federation News (1970–1986)

    Paterson (New Jersey) Morning Call (1885-WIP)

    Paterson (New Jersey) The Jewish Post (1934–1941)

    Paterson (New Jersey) Sunday Call (1885–1888)

    Wayne (New Jersey) Passaic Valley Today (1986–1989)

    Raleigh (North Carolina) Biblical Recorder (1890–1917)

    Saint Paris (Ohio) Dispatch (1950–1954)

    Saint Paris (Ohio) Enterprise (1878–1891)

    Saint Paris (Ohio) New Era (1877–1893)

    Saint Paris (Ohio) News (1892–1906)

    Saint Paris (Ohio) News Dispatch (1881–1949)

    Mosier (Oregon) Bulletin (1909–1919)

    Chambersburg (Pennsylvania) Valley Sprit (1862–1866)

    Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) Morning Herald (1854–1858)

    Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) Pennsylvania Reporter (1839–1843)

    Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) Pennsylvania Telegraph (1840–1855)

    Harrisburg (Pennsylvania) Telegraph (1857–1861)

    Honesdale (Pennsylvania) Citizen (1908–1913)

    Honesdale (Pennsylvania) Wayne County Herald (1853–1912)

    Montrose (Pennsylvania) Democrat (1860–1900; 1896–1899)

    Narberth (Pennsylvania) Our Town (1914–1948)

    Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) Dollar Newspaper (1840–1856)

    Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) Evening Ledger (1914–1922)

    Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) Inquirer (1860–1963)

    Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) Nation Reformer (1) (1838)

    Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) Public Record (1870–1872)

    Philadelphia (Pennsylvania) Saturday Museum (1843)

    Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania) Courier (1923–1987)

    Susquehanna (Pennsylvania) Weekly Journal (1890–1906)

    Charlestown (South Carolina) American General Gazette (1764–1782)

    Elk Point (South Dakota) Leader Courier (1965–2010)

    Elk Point (South Dakota) Union County Courier (1864–1990)

    Elk Point (South Dakota) Union County Herald (1936–1947)

    Elk Point (South Dakota) Dakota Gleaner (1874)

    Buffalo (Texas) Banner (1906)

    Chattanooga (Tennessee) Daily Times (1873–1907)

    Rogersville (Tennessee) Review (1814-2012)

    Caddo Mills (Texas) News (1913)

    Calvert (Texas) Courier (1918)

    Cameron (Texas) Herald (1895–1918)

    Childress (Texas) Index (1913–1918)

    Ganado (Texas) Jackson County Independent (1913)

    Rockdale (Texas) Messenger (1876–1905)

    Taylor (Texas) Daily Democrat (1913)

    Thorndale (Texas) Champion (1918)

    Thorndale (Texas) Thorn (1902–1907)

    Hampton (Virginia) Southern Workman (1872–1886)

    Virginia Beach (Virginia) Virginia Beach Sun (1952–1988)

    Williamsburg (Virginia) Virginia Gazette (1736–1780)

    Sydney (New South Wales, Australia) Morning Herald (1842–1918)

    Victoria (British Columbia, Canada) Daily Colonist (1870–1920)

    Essex (Ontario, Canada) Free Press (1906–1945)

    Flesherton (Ontario, Canada) Advance (1882–1950)

    Markdale (Ontario, Canada) Standard (1880–1901)

    Newmarket (Ontario, Canada) Courier (1868–1869)

    Newmarket (Ontario, Canada) Era (1854–1954)

    North York (Ontario, Canada) Express Herald (1940–1942)

    North York (Ontario, Canada) Sentinel (1856)

    Bonthe (Sierra Leone) Early Dawn (1882–1892)

    North Dakota

    Chronicling America Free

    Beach, Billings County, N.D., 1905-1916 - Golden Valley chronicle.

    Bismarck, D.T. [N.D.], 1873-1875 - The Bismarck tribune. volume

    Bismarck, D.T. [N.D.], 1875-1878 - Bismarck weekly tribune.

    Bismarck, D.T. [N.D.], 1875-1881 - Bismarck tri-weekly tribune.

    Bismarck, D.T. [N.D.], 1878-1884 - Bismarck tribune.

    Bismarck, Dakota [N.D.], 1881-1916 - Bismarck daily tribune.

    Bismarck, Dakota [N.D.], 1884-1943 - Bismarck weekly tribune.

    Bismarck, N.D., 1916-current - The Bismarck tribune.

    Bowbells, Ward Co., N.D., 1899-1969 - The Bowbells tribune.

    Cooperstown, Griggs Co., Dak. [N.D.], 1883-1884 - Cooperstown courier.

    Cooperstown, Griggs Co., Dak. [N.D.], 1885-1885 - Griggs County courier.

    Cooperstown, Griggs Co., Dak. [N.D.], 1885-1902 - Griggs courier.

    Cooperstown, Griggs Co., N.D., 1902-1913 - The Cooperstown courier.

    Devils Lake, N.D., 1909-1915 - Devils Lake inter-ocean.

    Devils Lake, N.D., 1911-1911 - The Devils Lake world.

    Devils Lake, N.D., 1911-1914 - Devils Lake weekly world.

    Devils Lake, N.D., 1914-1915 - Devils Lake world.

    Devils Lake, N.D., 1915-1920 - The Devils Lake world and inter-ocean.

    Devils Lake, N.D., 1920-1982 - The Devils Lake world.

    Devils Lake, Ramsey Co., Dakota [N.D.], 1884-1905 - Devils Lake inter-ocean.

    Devils Lake, Ramsey County, N.D., 1905-1909 - Devils Lake free press.

    Dickinson, Stark County, D.T. [i.e. N.D.], 1883-1927 - The Dickinson press.

    Fargo, N.D., 1915-1921 - The nonpartisan leader.

    Fort Yates, Sioux County, N.D., 1914-1929 - Sioux County pioneer.

    Grand Forks, N.D., 1906-1914 - The evening times.

    Grand Forks, N.D., 1914-1914 - Grand Forks daily herald and the evening times.

    Grand Forks, N.D., 1914-1916 - Grand Forks daily herald.

    Grand Forks, N.D., 1916-1955 - Grand Forks herald.

    Hope, N.D., 1882-1964 - The Hope pioneer.

    Jamestown, Stutsman County, D.T. [N.D.], 1878-1882 - Jamestown alert.

    Jamestown, Stutsman County, D.T. [N.D.], 1882-1925 - Jamestown weekly alert. volume

    Langdon, N.D., 1891-1920 - Courier Democrat.

    Langdon, N.D., 1920-1921 - Cavalier County farmers press.

    Little Missouri, Dakota [i.e. N.D.], 1884-1886 - The Bad Lands cow boy.

    Minot, Ward County, N.D., 1902-1965 - The Ward County independent.

    Oakes, Dickey County, D.T. [i.e. N.D.], 1883-1898 - Oakes weekly Republican.

    Oakes, N.D., 1898-1906 - Oakes Republican.

    Oakes, N.D., 1906-current - The Oakes times.

    Pembina, Dakota [N.D.], 1883-1928 - The pioneer express.

    Valley City, N.D., 1912-1922 - The weekly times-record.

    Wahpeton, Richland County, Dakota [N.D.], 1879-1919 - The Wahpeton times.

    Washburn, McLean County, N.D., 1890-1986 - The Washburn leader.

    Williamsport, D.T. [i.e. N.D.], 1884-current - Emmons County record.

    Williston, Williams County, N.D., 1895-1919 - Williston graphic

    North Carolina

    Duke Chronicle student newspaper (1960's, 1980's) Free

    DukEngineer Digital Collection (1940–2013, most issues) Duke University School of Engineering student publication Free

    Mooresville Tribune, Mooresville, NC 1904-2015 Free

    Templon-Chemspun News, Mooresville, NC company newspaper, 1973-75 Free

    North Carolina Newspaper Digitization Project (1751–1898)


    North Carolina Newspapers (1824–2011) Free

    The Alamance Gleaner (Graham; 1875–1926)

    The Badin Bulletin (Albemarle; 1918, 1920)

    The Carolina Times (Durham; 1937–1964)

    Catawba Journal (Charlotte; 1824–1828)

    Charlotte Jewish News (1979–2011)

    Charlotte News (1911)

    Cloudbuster (Chapel Hill, Navy Pre-Flight School; 1942–1945)

    Courier (Asheboro; 1884–1917)

    Daily Concord Standard (1895–1900)

    Eastern Reflector (Greenville; 1914–1915)

    Elm City Elevator (1902)

    Enterprise (Williamston; 1901–1934)

    Fayetteville Observer (1851–1865)

    Firestone News (Gastonia; 1952–1971)

    The Goldsboro Headlight (1887–1903)

    Highland Messenger (Asheville; 1840–1851)

    Lincoln Courier (Lincolnton; 1845–1851, 1867, 1887–1895)

    Lincoln Republican (Lincolnton; 1840–1842)

    Marion Messenger (1896–1898)

    Marion Progress (1916, 1929, 1940)

    Marion Record (1894–1895)

    Mebane Leader (1911–1915)

    Mecklenburg Jeffersonian (Charlotte; 1841–1849)

    Miners' and Farmers' Journal (Charlotte; 1830–1835)

    The News-Journal (Raeford; 1943–1969)

    North Carolina Whig (Charlotte; 1852–1862)

    Pilot (Southern Pines; 1929–1942)

    Pinehurst Outlook (1897–1923)

    Roanoke Beacon (Plymouth; 1889–1918)

    Roanoke News (Weldon; 1878–1882)

    Rocky Mount Record (1906)

    Standard (Concord; 1888–1898)

    Sylvan Valley News (Brevard; 1900–1911)

    Tarboro Free Press (1824–1844)

    Trench and Camp (World War I Army newspaper; 1917–1918)

    Weekly Reporter (Rocky Mount; 1884)

    Wilson Advance (1874–1899)

    North Carolina State University Free

    Nubian Message (1992–2005) black student newspaper

    Technician (1920–1990) general student newspaper

    North Carolina Library system allows cardholders to access newspapers (not necessarily N.C. newspapers) normally behind a paywall for free from personal computers via proxy through their portal, nclive.org .

    The Salemite (1920–1990) Salem College student newspaper pay


    Akron Beacon Journal obituary indices (1841–2012) index only


    Barberton Public Library obituary indices index only Free

    Barberton Herald (1928–1932, 1934–present)

    Barberton Leader (1913–1922)

    Barberton News (1892–1929)

    Barberton Post (1953–1960)

    The Buckeye Guard (1976–2011)

    Free Ohio National Guard publication

    Cleveland Jewish News Digital Archive Free

    Cleveland Jewish News (1964– )

    Hebrew Observer (1889–1890, 1897–1898)

    Jewish Independent (1906–1964)

    Jewish Review (1895–1899)

    Jewish Review and Observer (1899–1958)

    Jewish World (1913–1952)

    Cleveland Press (1878–1982) Free

    Cleveland Public Library index only


    Cleveland Necrology File

    Cleveland Herald (1833, 1847–1848, 1876, 1878–1879)

    Cleveland Plain Dealer (1850–1975)

    Cleveland Press (1941–1975)

    Cleveland News Index

    Cleveland Magazine (1983–2014)

    Northern Ohio Live (1990–2009)

    Ohio Magazine (1990–2014)

    Plain Dealer (1983–1999)

    Huron County, Willard area birth and obituary indices index only Free

    Kent State University student newspapers (1939–2015) Free

    Daily Kent Stater/Kent Stater (1939–2015)

    Kent State University Summer News (1950's–2000's)

    KSU Buzz (2013–2015)

    Lepper Public Library Free newspapers from around Lisbon (formerly New Lisbon)

    Aurora (1838, 1841–1842, 1851–1856)

    Buckeye State (Lisbon; 1901–1914)

    Buckeye State (New Lisbon; 1865, 1873, 1875–1882, 1884–1892)

    Buckeye State and Lisbon Journal (1901)

    Daily Patriot (1901, 1907–1908)

    Evening Journal (Lisbon; 1928–1929, 1931–1933, 1946–1950, 1952–1960)

    Evening Journal (New Lisbon; 1914, 1914, 1918–1921, 1923, 1933)

    Fair Daily (1881)

    Journal (1868–1870)

    Morning Journal (1974–1980, 1995, 2000–2001, 2003–2011)

    New Lisbon Journal (1873, 1881, 1883–1884)

    Ohio Patriot (1810–1812, 1815–1821, 1823–1824, 1831–1833, 1840–1843)

    Ohio Patriot and Farmers and Mechanics Shield (1833, 1835–1839)

    Ohio Patriot and New Lisbon Gazette (1828–1831)

    Ohio Patriot and New Lisbon Weekly Advertiser (1824–1828)

    Republican Leader (1895)

    Western Palladium (1836, 1838–1840, 1842–1846, 1850–1852, 1939)

    Minster Post (1894–1992) Free

    Ohio Memory Free has several digitized newspapers

    Ohio Jewish Chronicle (Columbus; 1922–1994)

    Ottawa County Exponent (1897–2015) Free

    Salem Public Library Free

    Salem News obituary index (1938–2016) index only

    Salem News "Yesteryears" (1991–2002)

    Stark County District Library historical publications (1840–1930)


    Canton Daily News

    Canton Evening News

    Canton Morning News

    Canton News Democrat

    Democratic Transcript

    News Democrat

    Stark County Democrat

    Stark County Republican

    Toledo Blade ; Google News archives Free

    Toledo Blade obituary index (1873– ) index only Free

    Tuscarawas County Genealogical Society death notices and obituaries index only Free

    Daily Reporter (1954–1967)

    Times-Reporter (2003–2011)

    Warren County (1810–2010) two obituary indices Free

    Warren-Trumbull County Public Library Free

    Warren Tribune Chronicle obituary index (1900–1949)

    index only

    Youngstown Vindicator obituary index (2011–2014) index only

    Western Round-Up (1930–1971) Western College for Women, Miami, Ohio Free

    Western Weekly (1971–1974) Western College for Women, Miami, Ohio Free

    Westlake Bay Village Observer (2009–2015) Free

    WestLife Observer (2013–2015)


    Williams County obituary index (1862–2013; gaps in coverage)

    index only Free

    Wright Brothers collection (Evening Item, Midget, and West Side News, newspapers published by the brothers) Free

    at Dayton Metro Library

    at Wright State University

    Wright State University student newspaper (1965–1982, 2012–2013) Free

    Youngstown Vindicator; [6] Free


    The Daily Oklahoman in images and in text Pay

    Gateway to Oklahoma History Free

    Beaver Herald

    Canadian Valley News

    Carney Enterprise

    Chandler News

    Cherokee County Democrat

    Cheyenne Transportwer

    Choctaw Herald

    Cleveland County Enterprise

    Daily Oklahoma State Capital

    El Reno Democrat

    Enid Echo

    Enid Weekly Wave

    Fairland News-Herald

    Hennessey Clipper

    Hennessey Eagle

    Hennessey Kicker

    Konawa Chief-Leader

    Lawton Constitution

    Lexington and Cleveland County Leader

    New Era

    Norman Daily Transcript

    Norman Democrat-Topic

    Oklahoma City Pointer

    Oklahoma Digital Newspaper Program

    Oklahoma Farmer

    Oklahoma Farmer and Laborer (Guthrie)

    Oklahoma Guide

    Oklahoma Leader (Guthrie)

    Oklahoma Neuigkeiten

    Oklahoma Representative

    Oklahoma State Register

    Oklahoma Times-Journal

    Pauls Valley Democrat

    People's Voice (Norman)

    Perry Enterprise-Times

    Press Democrat

    Shawnee Daily News-Herald

    Southwest World

    State Sentinel

    Stroud Democrat

    Tulsa Star

    Muskogee County newspaper deaths index (1907–2015) index only Free

    Norse Wind student newspaper (1948–2007) Free Northeastern Oklahoma A&M College

    Tulsa World (1989– ) Free


    Bend Bulletin (1903-1994) Free

    Clatskanie Chief (1948-1953, 2000-2003, 2005-2009) Free

    Coquille Valley Sentinel (1936-1940, 1971, 1973, 2006-2009) Free

    Dayton Tribune (1970-2006) Free

    Enterprise (Boardman; 1982-1985)


    Gazette-Times (Heppner; 1930-2009) Free

    Flora M. Laird Memorial Library


    Myrtle Point Herald (1928-2010)

    Myrtle Point Enterprise (1895-1917)

    Herald (1969-1997)

    Southern Coos County American (1917-1928)

    Salem Daily Press (1870-1870)

    Fossil Journal (1952-1952)

    Wallowa County Chieftain (1943-1944)

    Enterprise Record Chieftain (1917-1943)

    St Johns Review (1928-1928)

    Polk County Itemizer (1906-1906)

    Oregon State Journal (1897-1897)

    Oregon Independent (1893-1893)

    West Oregonian (1894-1894)

    News of Port Orford (1953-1953)

    Farmers Union News (1923-1923)

    Monmouth Herald (1918-1919)

    Amity Enterprise (1906-1906)

    Oregon Observer (1916-1916)

    Evening Record (1915-1915)

    Newberg Graphic (1901)

    Daily Evening Telegram (1879-1886)

    Roseburg Plaindealer (1900-1901)

    Turner Tribune (1926)

    Oregon Scout (1912)

    Weston Leader (1888-1903)

    Yamhill Record (1914)

    Amity Popgun (1893)

    Milwaukie Review (1924)

    Evening Telegram (1896)

    Coquille City Herald (1888)

    Plaindealer (1899)

    Eastern Oregon Republican (1890)

    Historic Oregon Newspapers Free

    Argus, Hillsboro Argus (Hillsboro; 1894-1922)

    Aurora Borealis (Aurora; 1908)

    Ashland Tidings, Ashland Daily Tidings, Ashland Weekly Tidings (1912-1922)

    Bandon Recorder, Bandon Semi-Weekly Recorder, Bandon Weekly Recorder (1890-1905, 1913-1916)

    Bend Bulletin (Bend; 1903–1922)

    Bohemia Nugget (Cottage Grove; 1899-1907)

    Broad-Axe, Broad-Axe Tribune (Eugene; 1894-1900)

    Capital Journal, Daily Capital Journal, Evening Capital Journal, Daily Journal (Salem; 1888-1909)

    Clackamas County Record (1903)

    Coast Mail, Daily Coast Mail, Weekly Coast Mail, Coos Bay Times (Marshfield; 1879–1916)

    Columbia Register (1904-1906)

    Columbian (1882-1886)

    Daily Astorian, Daily Morning Astorian, Morning Astorian (Astoria; 1876–1902)

    Daily Mountaineer (The Dalles; 1864–1866)

    The Dalles Daily Chronicle (The Dalles; 1890–1922)

    The Dalles Times-Mountaineer (The Dalles; 1889)

    The Dalles Weekly Chronicle (The Dalles; 1890–1898)

    Eagle Valley News (Richland; 1914-1919)

    East Oregonian (Pendleton; 1877-1881, 1888–1922)

    Enterprise, Oregon City Enterprise, Morning Enterprise (Oregon City; 1866-1922)

    Enterprise News-Record, News-Record, Wallowa County Chieftain, Wallowa Chieftain (Enterprise; 1884-1911)

    Eugene City Guard (1876-1900)

    Evening Herald (Klamath Falls; 1908–1922)

    Grant County News (Canyon City; 1879-1908)

    Grants Pass Daily Courier, Rouge River Courier (1900-1919)

    Heppner Gazette, Weekly Heppner Gazette, Gazette-Times, Heppner Times, Heppner Herald (1883-1924)

    Hood River Glacier (1889-1922)

    The Illustrated West Shore, West Shore (Portland; 1875-1891)

    The Independent, Hillsboro Independent (Hillsboro; 1874-1877, 1881, 1882-1890, 1893-1908)

    Klamath Tribune (1956-1961)

    La Grande Evening Observer (1904-1911)

    Lake County Examiner (1900-1914)

    Lane County News, Springfield News (1907, 1915-1922)

    Lincoln County Leader (1893-1922)

    Madras Pioneer (1904-1914)

    Malheur Enterprise (1909-1922)

    Medford Mail Tribune (Medford; 1909–1916)

    New Age (Portland; 1899–1905)

    New Northwest (Portland; 1871-1881)

    Ontario Argus (Ontario; 1909–1922)

    Oregon Argus (Oregon City; 1855-1878)

    Oregon City Courier, Oregon City Courier-Herald, Oregon Courier, The Banner-Courier (1883-1884, 1890-1919, 1922)

    Oregon City Press (1898-1899)

    Oregon Daily Journal (1902-1922)

    Oregon Free Press (1848)

    Oregon Scout (1884-1891)

    Oregon Sentinel, Table Rock Sentinel (Jacksonville; 1856–1888)

    Oregon Spectator (Oregon City, O.T.; 1846–1855)

    Oregonian, Morning Oregonian, Sunday Oregonian (Portland; 1850, 1878–1906)

    Plaindealer (1895-1905)

    Portland New Age (Portland; 1906–1907)

    Rogue News (Ashland; 1929-1973)

    St. Helen's Mist, Oregon Mist (1910-1921)

    St. Johns Review (Saint Johns; 1904–1922)

    Southwest Oregon Recorder (Denmark; 1884-1885)

    Sumpter Miner (Sumpter; 1899–1905)

    Tillamook Herald (1913-1922)

    Times-Herald (Burns; 1906–1920)

    Tri-weekly Astorian (Astoria; 1873–1874)

    Umpqua Gazette, Umpqua Weekly Gazette (Scottsburg, O.T.; 1854-1855)

    Willamette Farmer (Salem; 1869–1887)

    Nineteenth Century U.S. Newspapers Pay

    Argus (Oregon City; 1859)

    Oregon Statesman (Oregon City; 1859)

    The State Republican (Eugene; 1862)

    Weekly Mountaineer (The Dalles; 1860)

    Weekly World (Portland, 1886)

    Northwest Heritage Index; index only lists obituaries from the Canby Herald and includes Clackamas County biographical bibliography from other sources Free

    Oregon Index; index only Free

    Oregon Index Cards Contains over 700,000 cards with citations to articles published in Portland and Salem newspapers, magazines, book chapters, and more. Coverage is early 20th century to the mid-1980s.

    Oregon Index continuation Online successor to the physical Oregon Index. Indexing of local Oregon newspapers and selected Oregon magazines and journals. 1985-2004 (Year coverage varies by title).

    Oregon Newspaper Archives Pay

    Daily Oregon Herald (Portland; 1871–1872)

    Democratic Standard (Portland; 1854–1859)

    Liberator (Portland; 1903)

    Oregon State Journal (Eugene; 1864-1880)

    Portland New Age (1900–1907)

    State Line Herald (Lakeview; 1879-1880)

    Weekly Oregonian (Portland; 1850–1862)

    Oregon Newspapers Index; index only Free

    Oregon Daily Emerald (Eugene; 1900–1979)

    Portland Oregonian (1852–1987)

    Register Guard (Eugene; 1963–2004)

    The Oregonian

    Historic Oregon Newspapers has 1861 through 1922. As part of Chronicling America's rights-free newspapers, these years have been republished in many databases such as Newspaper Archive and Newsbank. Free

    Newsbank has digitized through 1987 as the Historic Oregonian Archive , available for personal subscription or through some Oregon libraries. It is also included in Oregon Newspaper Archive and possibly other database offerings. Pay

    Pacific University Index (1974-2007) Free

    Rainier Review (1905-1906, 1909, 1916-1973, 1975-1979) Free

    Register Guard (Eugene; 1867-2008) Free

    SmallTownPapers (1800's-current) current and past editions of 250+ small (and some large) community papers Free

    Brownsville Times (1962-)

    Hells Canyon Journal (1985-)

    McKenzie River Reflections (1985-)

    New Era (Sweet Home; 1941-)

    Pendleton Record (1971-)

    Sheridan Sun (1953-)

    Times-Journal (Condon; 1939-2013)

    Valley Sentinel (Coquille; 1970-2013)

    University of Oregon Emerald (Eugene; 2006-) student newspaper


    Valley Sentinel (Coquille; 1936-1973, 2006-2009) Free

    Willamette University Collegian (Salem; 1875–2012) student newspaper Free


    Adams Centinel (Gettysburg) (1800-1860, 1883, Google news archive, Free )

    Altoona Area Public Library (1929–2011) birth and obituary indices


    Ambler Gazette, Wissahickon Valley Public Library, Montgomery County (1894–1931) Free

    Daily Pennsylvanian (1885–1900, 1965–1972, 1974–1985, 1988–1995) University of Pennsylvania student newspaper Free

    Centre Daily Times obituary index (1937–2014) includes many images Free

    Delaware County Library Archives (1876–2007) Free

    Chester Daily Times (1876–1881)

    Chester Evening Times (1886)

    Chester Reporter (1941)

    Chester Times (1882–1959)

    Daily Times (1977, 2007)

    Delaware County Daily Times (1959–1976)

    Elizabethtown College student newspapers Free

    Etownian, The (1934–2009)

    Our College Times (1904–1934)

    Green Free Library Archives Free

    The Agitator (Wellsborough, Pa) 1854–1986

    Bradford County Republican (Towanda, Pa) 1899-1899

    The Tioga County Agitator (Wellsboro, Pa) 1865–1873

    Tioga Eagle (Wellsborough, Pa) 1838–1919

    The Wellsboro Agitator (Wellsboro, Pa) 1867–1999

    Wellsboro Gazette (Wellsboro, Pa) 1874–2007

    Greenville Public Library Archives, Greenville, Mercer County (1869–2007) Free

    Hamlin Memorial Library Archives, Smethport, McKean County (1833–1977) Free

    Citizen, The (1859–1861)

    Forester and Smethport Register (1833)

    McKean Citizen (1855–1861)

    McKean County Democrat (1859–1871)

    McKean County Journal (1836)

    McKean County Miner (1870–1977)

    McKean Democrat (1890–1928)

    McKean Miner (1860–1881)

    McKean Orbit (1849)

    McKean Yeoman (1847)

    Settler and Pennon (1840–1845)

    Kutztown Patriot (1877–1898) Free

    Latrobe Bulletin obituary index (1902– ) index only Free

    Lititz newspapers obituary index (1889–1940) downloadable PDF file Free

    National Library of Israel (19th–20th centuries) Jewish newspapers Free

    The Occident and American Jewish Advocate [English] (Philadelphia; 1843–1869)

    Pennsylvania Civil War Newspapers


    Americian Presbyterian 1857–1864

    Bellefonte Democratic Watchman, 1855–1871

    Chambersburg Franklin Repository, 1863–1865

    Columbia Spy, 1847–1870

    Erie Weekly Observer, 1853–1859

    Erie Observer, 1859–1869

    Gettysburg Republican Compiler, 1854–1857

    Gettysburg Compiler, 1857–1868

    Huntingdon Globe, 1855–1870

    Lebanon Advertiser

    Philadelphia Daily Evening Bulletin 1857–1864

    Philadelphia Press, 1857–1864

    Reading Eagle, 1868–1869

    Waynesboro Village Record, 1862–1874

    Wellsboro Agitator, 1854–1865

    Tioga County Agitator, 1865–1871

    Wellsboro Agitator, 1872–1873

    POWER Library (previously known as Pennsylvania Digital Repository)


    The Ambler Gazette (Montgomery County; 1886-1944)

    The Campus (Allegheny College student newspaper)

    Christian observer (Philadelphia; 1840-1850)

    The Colonization herald and general register (Philadelphia; 1838)

    The Conshohocken Recorder

    Huntington Gazette (1801-1839)

    Huntington Journal (1835-1855, 1870- )

    Journal and American (Huntington; 1855-1870)

    Lancaster Examiner and Herald (1834-1872)

    Lancaster Intelligencer (1833-1852)

    Lewistown Republican (1840-1844)

    Lititz Record (1877-1942)

    Lycoming College Student Newspapers (1856-present)

    Mansfield advertiser (Tioga County; 1873-1973)

    Marietta Pioneer (1827-1828)

    Marietta register (1883-1890)

    Marietta advocate and farmers' and mechanic's intelligencer (1833-1835)

    Mariettian (1855-1861)

    Montgazette (Montgomery County Community College student newspaper)

    Nazareth Item (1891–1975)

    New Holland Clarion (1873–1950)

    Pioneer (Marietta; 1828-1834)

    Pittston Gazette (1850-1907)

    Potter County Journal (Coudersport; 1880-1969)

    Punxsutawney Spirit (1885-1916)

    State's Advocate (Milton, Northumberland County; 1826-1829, 1831)

    Sunday-school times (Philadelphia; 1862-1868)

    Wilkes-Barre Sunday Independent (1913-1958)

    Philadelphia Daily News (1978– )


    The Philadelphia Inquirer (1860-) and (1834–1922) Pay

    Pittsburgh Jewish Newspaper Project Free

    The American Jewish Outlook (1934–1962)

    The Jewish Chronicle (1962– )

    The Jewish Criterion (1895–1962)

    Y-JCC series (1926–1976)

    Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (1990– )


    Kutztown Patriot (1877–1898) Free

    Pittsburgh Press (1888–1992) Free

    Pittsburgh Tribune-Review (1990– )


    Villanova University Digital Library


    Clan-na-Gael Journal [Philadelphia] (13 issues between 1902–1918)

    Irish Press [Philadelphia] (1918–1922)

    Rhode Island

    The Cowl (1935–1943, 1946–1980) Providence College student newspaper Free

    Newport Daily News (1846-1947 with gaps) Newport, Rhode Island Pay

    Newport Mercury (1784, 1822, 1866, 1882-1953, 1963-77) Newport, Rhode Island Pay

    South Carolina

    The New South Newspaper, Port Royal (1862–1865); Beaufort (1865–1867) in image Free

    Richland County obituaries (1875–present) index only Free

    The Times (Charleston) (1801-1821), Google News Archive (free)

    The South-Carolina and American General Gazette , Archive at fultonhistory.com (1764-1782) Free

    South Dakota

    Chronicling America South Dakota newspapers Free

    Canton Advocate (1877–1888)

    Canton Daily Leader (1896)

    Daily Dakota Farmers' Leader (1890)

    Daily Press and Dakotaian (1875–1880)

    Dakota Farmers' Advocate (1890)

    Dakota Farmers' Leader (1890–1916)

    Forest City Press (1903–1919)

    Hot Springs Star (1887–1892)

    Hot Springs Weekly Star (1892–1917)

    Lincoln County Advocate (1876–1877)

    Press and Daily Dakotaian (1880–1889)

    Turner County Herald (1883–1896)

    Yankton Daily Press and Dakotaian (1875)

    Deadwood Historical Newspapers Index (1876–1894); index only Free

    Black Hills Champion

    Black Hills Pioneer

    Black Hills Times

    Rapid City Journal obituary index (1968–2012); index only PDF files



    Chattanooga Newspapers includes about 6000 pages from 1838-1911


    Confederate Veteran (1893–1932) includes link to searchable index


    Knoxville News-Sentinel (1922–1990 images, 1990–current text) Free to Knox County Public Library card holders

    Nashville Tennessean obituary index (1964–present) 1964–1998 index only Free

    Williamson County obituaries (1920– ) index and some transcriptions Free


    Arlington Public Library (1897–1940) select items, transcriptions only Free

    Baytown Sun Index (1931–current) Sterling Municipal Library, Baytown, Harris County Free

    Burnet County Library obituaries (1876–1910) index only Free

    Calhoun County Genealogical Society newspaper announcements (1876–1910) index only Free

    Corsicana Daily Sun (1909–1977)


    Dallas Morning News (1885–1977) in image and (1985– ) in text Pay

    Dallas Voice (1984– ) Free

    Dynamo (J. C. Penney company newsletter; 1917–1932) Free selection of 31 issues

    Fort Bend County Libraries obituary index (2007– ) some images Free

    Houston Chronicle (1985– ) Free

    La Marque Times (1921–1998) La Marque Public Library, Galveston County Free

    Lamar University student publications (1933– ) Free

    The Lariat (1900–2015) Baylor University student newspaper Free

    Nesbitt Memorial Library, Colorado County Free

    Colorado Citizen (1857–1980)

    Daily Tribune (1898)

    Mercury (1902–1915)

    Weimar Daily Gimlet (1887–1888)

    Weimar Daily Informer (1887)

    Weimar Gimlet (1885–1888)

    Weimar Mercury (1889–1980)

    San Antonio Daily Light (1886–1907) Free

    Southwest Collection/Special Collections Library Digital Newspapers Free

    Baird Star/Callahan County Star (1887- ; incomplete/in-progress)

    Big Spring Herald (1908-1955; incomplete)

    Castro County News (1928-2006)

    Clarendon News (1878-1883; incomplete)

    Cross Plains Review (1921- ; incomplete/in-progress)

    Darrouzett News (1931-1932)

    El Editor (1977-2014; incomplete)

    Gorman Progress (1920- ; incomplete/in-progress)

    Hansford Headlight (1919-1920; incomplete)

    Hansford Plainsman

    Haskell Free Press (1886-1975; incomplete)

    Hereford Brand (1901- ; incomplete/in-progress)

    Lubbock Enterprise (1910; single issue)

    Lynn County News (1903- ; incomplete/in-progress)

    Matador Tribune/Motley County Tribune (1911- ; incomplete/in-progress)

    Meadow Star (1941)

    Muenster Enterprise (1976- ; incomplete/in-progress)

    Post Dispatch (1929-1978; incomplete)

    Rising Star Record

    Ropes Plainsman (1941-1977)

    San Saba News/Star

    Santa Anna News

    Slaton Slatonite (1913- ; incomplete/in-progress)]

    Slaton South Plains Radiogram (1924; two issues)

    Southwest Digest (1977-2014)

    Spearman Reporter (1920- ; incomplete/in-progress)

    State Line Tribune (1916-2013; incomplete/in-progress)

    Der Texas Democrat (1864; single issue)

    Texas Revolution Newspaper Collection (1816-1837; 175 issues)

    Texas Tech Toreador/University Daily (1925- ; incomplete/in-progress)

    Texas Digital Newspaper Program ,

    Free, 1813-present Complete list of titles

    Texas Obituary Project (1975– )

    Free obituaries from Texas LGBT publications

    Wellington Leader (1909–2008) Collingsworth Public Library, Collingsworth County Free


    Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University (various) Click on Newspapers in the Collections by Format navbar. Free

    Utah Digital Newspapers (1858–2010) (complete list of papers )



    Arvin A. Brown Public Library Free

    Richford Gazette (1879-1927)

    Richford Journal (1901-1922)

    Journal Gazette (1950-1957)

    Charlotte News 1958-2017 Free

    Chronicling America Free

    Stowe Free Library Free

    Stowe Reporter (1958-1989)

    Stowe Journal (1896-1896)

    News and Citizen (1894-1894)


    (Charlottesville) Daily Progress (1893–1964) Free

    Fairfax County Historical Newspaper Index (1785–2000 nonconsecutive)

    Free index only

    Alexandria Gazette (1785–1788; July 25, 1854 – December 31, 1855; and May 3, 1860 – January 20, 1865)

    Arlington County Record (1932–1933)

    Fairfax City Times (1961–1968)

    Fairfax County Independent (1929–1932)

    Fairfax Herald (1886–1973)

    Fairfax News (1872–1875)

    Fairfax News – Herndon Observer (1925–1943)

    The Local News (1861–1862)

    The Rambler, Washington Star (1912–1928)

    Reston Times (1965–1973; 1975 – January 6, 1977; 1978; 1980–1983; 1985; and 2000)

    Fredericksburg Newspapers Index (1736–1928 nonconsecutive) index only scroll down to Newspapers


    Christian Banner (1850 and 1862)

    Democratic Recorder (1842–1861)

    Fredericksburg Ledger (1865–1874)

    Fredericksburg New Era (1865–1866)

    Fredericksburg News (1847–1884)

    The Free Lance (1885–1900)

    The Free Lance Star (1926–1928)

    Impartial Observer and the Rights of Man (1811)

    Political Arena (1827–1841)

    Virginia Gazette (1736–1780)

    Virginia Herald (1787–1876)

    Virginia Star, Fredericksburg Star, and Daily Star (1877–1926)

    Weekly Advertiser (1853–1860)

    Weekly Recorder (1844–1847)

    Library of Virginia historical newspaper archive (1809–1999)


    list of newspapers on site

    Petersburg Newspaper Index (1797–1877) index only Free

    Daily Press - Petersburg (ONLY 1856-1857, other titles in this collection are the Daily express from Adrian, Michigan Free

    Prince William County newspapers (1721–1986 nonconsecutive) Free scroll down page to "Newspaper Archives"

    Dumfries & Cherry Hill Merchant (1902, 1 issue)

    Journal Messenger and Suburban Times (1974, 1976, 1989, 3 issues)

    Manassas Democrat (1909–1921)

    Manassas Gazette (1872–1898)

    Manassas Herald (1968, 1 issue)

    Manassas Journal (1895–1945)

    Manassas Weekly Gazette (1872–1896, 1898)

    Potomac News (1972, 1986, 1987, 1988, 4 issues)

    Prince William News (1921–1923)

    Republican Journal and Dumfries Advertiser (1795–1796)

    Virginia Gazette and Agricultural Repository (1791–1793, 9 issues)

    Virginia Historical Chronicle (1986, 1 issue)

    Prince William County local newspaper index (1993– ) index only Free

    Daily Journal (Prince William Journal) only obituaries are indexed

    Manassas Journal M​essenger

    Potomac News

    Pulaski County Library historical archives Free

    Pulaski News Journal (1978)

    Pulaski News Review (1893–2013)

    Pulaski Southwest Times (1906–2015)

    Pulaski Times Journal (1976–1977)

    Radford News Journal (1955–2008)

    Richmond Daily Dispatch (1860–1865) Free

    University of Richmond Collegian student newspaper (1914–2013)


    Virginia Gazette (Williamsburg) (1736–1780) Free

    Winchester Star obituary index (1896–1914) Free index only


    Allyn Times (1889–1891) Free

    Arlington Times (1945–2009) Free

    Bainbridge Review (1941–1946)


    Bellingham Herald (1903-1928) part of Newsbank's GenealogyBank


    Bossburg Herald (1910) Free

    Cowlitz County obituary index (1871–2013) Free

    Ellensburg Daily Record (1885–2005) Free

    Green River Current (1965–2013)

    Green River Community College student newspaper Free

    Jewish Ledger (Seattle) (1924-2014) Free

    Morning Olympian (1891-1934) part of Newsbank's GenealogyBank Pay

    Olympia Daily Recorder (1902-1923) part of Newsbank's GenealogyBank


    Pacific Fisherman Journal (1903–1911) Free

    Pacific Northwest Regional Newspaper and Periodical Index Maintained by University of Washington Special Collections. The Regional Index contains citations from hundreds of newspapers and periodicals as well as monographs, theses, dissertations, scrapbooks, pamphlets and other ephemera dealing with all aspects of life in Seattle, Washington state and the Pacific Northwest from the mid-nineteenth century to the present.


    Port Angeles obituary index (1916– ) Free

    Port Townsend Leader (1903–1912)

    search or browse Free

    Puget Sound Chemist (1939–1943, 1960–1979) Free

    Seattle Republican (1896-1916)


    Seattle Times (1990– ) Free

    University of Washington student newspapers (1901–1910) Free

    Commons (October 1995–April 1997)

    Daily (September 1967–February 1968)

    Independent (November 1993–February 1996)

    Ledger (November 1996–December 2005)

    Walla Wallop, Walla Walla Army Air Base (1944–1946) Free

    Washington Historic Newspapers (1852–1892) Free

    The Columbian (Olympia) 1852–1853

    Lynden Pioneer Press (Lynden) 1888–1890

    The Northern Star (Snohomish) 1876–1979

    Pioneer and Democrat (Olympia) 1854–1861

    Puget Sound Argus (Port Townsend) 1882–1883

    Puget Sound Courier (Steilacoom) 1855–1856

    Puget Sound Herald (Steilacoom) 1858–1864

    Puget Sound Mail (LaConner) 1879–1884

    Puget Sound Semi-weekly (Seattle) 1866

    Puget Sound Weekly (Seattle) 1866–1867

    Puget Sound Weekly Argus (Port Townsend)1876–1882

    Puget Sound Weekly Gazette (Seattle) 1867

    Seattle Gazette (Seattle) 1863–1864

    Seattle Weekly Gazette (Seattle) 1864–1866

    Spokan Times (Spokane) 1879–1882

    Spokane Falls Review (Spokane) 1883–1890

    Truth Teller (Steilacoom) 1858

    Vancouver Register (Vancouver) 1865–1869

    Walla Walla Statesman (Walla Walla) 1864–1869

    Washington Gazette (Seattle) 1863

    Washington Pioneer (Olympia) 1853–1854

    Washington Statesman (Walla Walla) 1861–1864

    Weekly Argus (Port Townsend) 1870–1875

    The Yakima Herald (Yakima) 1889–1892

    Washington, D.C.

    See District of Columbia for Washington, DC papers.

    West Virginia

    Wood County obituary index (1841–1890, 1896–1902, 1930–2007)

    index only Free


    Door County Library Newspaper Archive Free

    The Advocate (1897–1912)

    The Democrat (1892–1895)

    Door County Advocate (1862–1897, 1918–1979)

    Door County Democrat (1893–1918)

    Door County News (1914–1924)

    The Expositor (1873–1877)

    The Expositor Independent (1877–1880)

    The Independent (1886–1890)

    The Republican (1890–1892)

    The Sturgeon Bay Advocate (1912–1918)

    Weekly Expositor Independent (1880–1886)

    Lake Geneva Public Library newspaper indices Free

    Obituary Index

    Birth Announcement Index

    Local People in the News

    UWM Post (1956–2012) Free University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee student newspaper

    Waukesha Freeman digital archives


    Cutover Land Bulletin (1846–1922)

    Daily Freeman (1883–1890)

    The Daily Freeman and Republican (1890)

    The Evening Journal (1890)

    The Republican (1887)

    The Republican-Freeman (1888–1898)

    Waukesha County Democrat (1854–1875)

    Waukesha Daily Freeman (1882–1955)

    Waukesha Democrat (1848–1852)

    The Waukesha Freeman (1846–1945)

    Waukesha Freeman (1882–1883)

    Waukesha Freeman and Republican (1890)

    The Waukesha Journal (1889–1891)

    The Waukesha Plaindealer (1865–1873)

    Wisconsin Local History and Biography Articles (c. 1860–c. 1940) thousands of newspaper articles on Wisconsin people and communities Free


    Wyoming Newspaper Project (1849–1922) all newspapers printed in Wyoming between 1849–1922 Free


    Accessible Archives Pay

    The Christian Recorder (1861–1902)

    The Colored American (1837–1841)

    Frank Leslie's Weekly (1852–1922)

    Frederick Douglass’ Paper (1851–1855; 1859–1863)

    Freedom’s Journal (1827–1829)

    Gazette of the State of South-Carolina (1777–1780)

    The Liberator (1831–1865)

    The Lily (1849–1856)

    National Anti-Slavery Standard (1840–1870)

    National Citizen and Ballot Box (1878–1881)

    The National Era (1847–1860)

    The North Star (1847–1851)

    Pennsylvania Gazette (1728–1800)

    Pennsylvania Newspaper Record: Delaware County (various papers; 1825–1871, incomplete)

    Provincial Freeman (1854–1857)

    The Revolution (1868–1872)

    South Carolina and American General Gazette (1764–1775)

    South Carolina Gazette (1732–1775)

    South Carolina Gazette and Country Journal (1765–1775)

    Virginia Gazette (1736–1750)

    Weekly Advocate (1837–1837)

    American Historical Society of Germans from Russia obituary index index only Free

    American Newspaper Directories links to directories of American newspapers published from 1869–1920, in online (all) and PDF (most) formats Free

    Aviation Week & Space Technology (1916– ) Free

    Catholic News Archive Free

    Catholic News Service Newsfeeds (United States; 1920–1952, 1965–1966)

    Catholic Standard and Times (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania; 1963–1968)

    Catholic World in Pictures (United States; 1962–1963)

    Clarion Herald (New Orleans, Louisiana; 1958–1959, 1963–1968)

    Monitor, The (San Francisco, California; 1965)

    National Catholic Reporter (United States; 1965)

    Pittsburgh Catholic (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; 1968)

    Shepherd of the Valley (Saint Louis, Missouri; 1832)

    Voice, The (Miami, Florida; 1964–1968)

    Centennial Newspaper Exhibition, 1876 PDF of scanned book that gives details on every paper published in the U.S. in 1876 Free

    Chronicling America multiple U.S. papers courtesy of Library of Congress and National Endowment for the Humanities (complete list of papers on site ) Free

    Densho Japanese internment camp newspapers (1942–1945) Free requires registration

    Denson Tribune, Jerome concentration camp, Arkansas (1942–1944)

    Gila News-Courier, Gila River concentration camp, Arizona (1942–1945)

    Granada Pioneer, Granada concentration camp, Colorado (1942–1945)

    Heart Mountain Sentinel, Heart Mountain concentration camp, Wyoming (1942–1945)

    Manzanar Free Press, Manzanar concentration camp, California (1942–1945)

    Minidoka Irrigator, Minidoka concentration camp, Idaho (1942–1945)

    Poston Chronicle, Poston concentration camp, Arizona (1942–1945)

    Rohwer Outpost, Rohwer concentration camp, Arkansas (1942–1945)

    Topaz Times, Topaz concentration camp, Utah (1942–1945)

    Tulean Dispatch, Tule Lake concentration camp, California (1942–1944)

    Early America (1750–1790) three early newspapers Free

    Garon family newspaper articles (1855–2013) Free

    Genealogy Images of History well indexed collection of old newspapers for sale Pay

    GenealogyBank (1690–present) part of NewsBank (complete list of papers on site ) Pay

    GenealogyBank obituaries (1980–2014) Free

    Google News Archive

    HistoryBuff.com (1700–2004) archived pages with articles about major events Free

    Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections (University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign) (1831-2011) Over 1 million pages from across the U.S.


    Labor Press Project (1892–1998) Pacific Northwest labor and radical newspapers Free

    Media History Digital Library Free media periodicals

    Broadcasting and Recorded Sound (1896–1964)

    Early Cinema (1903–1928)

    Fan Magazines (1911–1963)

    Global Cinema (1904–1957)

    Government and Law (1912–1995)

    Hollywood Studio System (1914–1948)

    Nontheatrical Films (1918–1973)

    Technical Journals (1924–1954)

    Year Books (1916–1964)

    MennObits (1892–1998) transcribed obituaries from U.S. national Mennonite newspapers Free

    Gospel Witness (1905–1908)

    Gospel Herald (1908–1998)

    Herald of Truth (1864–1908)

    The Mennonite (1998–present)

    Mennonite Weekly Review (parts; 1987; July–December 2002–present)

    Lazarus Project (various years including 1921, 2004, 2005, and 2006)

    Mennonitische Rundschau author and subject index (1878–1939) Mennonite newspaper index only


    NewsLibrary.com Pay

    Newspaper Archives/Indexes/Morgues Library of Congress portal

    NewspaperArchive.com (1690–current) more than 1 billion articles and 100 million pages, mostly U.S.


    Newspapers in Microform Free Library of Congress catalog list of newspapers published in U.S. and world 1948–1983, downloadable as PDF files

    Newspapers.com owned by Ancestry.com ( complete list of papers on site ) Pay

    Northwest History Database (early 20th century) collection of Northwest newspaper clippings Free

    SmallTownPapers (1800's-current) current and past editions of 250+ small (and some large) community papers Free

    Swedish American Newspapers (1859–2007) Free

    Gamla och nya hemlandet (Chicago, Ill.) 1870-1914 - (the Old and new homeland)

    Hemlandet det gamla och det nya (Galesburg, Ill.; Chicago, Ill.) 1855-1870 - (the Homeland the old and the new)

    Justitia (Chicago, Ill.) February-October 1871 - it ceased publication after the Great Chicago Fire.

    Nordstjernan (New York, N.Y.) 1872-1922 - (the North star)

    Ny tid (Chicago, Ill.; New York, N.Y.) 1922-1922 - (New era)

    Nya svenska amerikanaren (Chicago, Ill.) 1873-1877 - (the New Swedish American)

    Omaha-posten (Omaha, Neb.) 1904-1922 - (the Omaha post)

    Oregon posten (Portland, Or.) 1908-1922 - (the Oregon post)

    Pacific tribune (Seattle, Wash.; Tacoma, Wash.; Portland, Or.) 1903-1914

    Scandinavia (Worcester, Mass.) 1887-1918

    Svea (Worcester, Mass.) 1897-1922

    Svenska amerikanaren (Chicago, Ill.) 1866-1922 - (the Swedish American)

    Svenska amerikanaren hemlandet (Chicago, Ill.) 1914-1915 - (the Swedish American homeland)

    Svenska amerikanska posten (Minneapolis, Minn.) 1885-1940 - (the Swedish American post)

    Svenska folkets tidning (Minneapolis, Minn.; St. Paul, Minn.) 1881-1927 - (the Swedish people's paper)

    Svenska Pacific tribunen (Seattle, Wash.) 1914-1922 - (the Swedish Pacific tribune)

    Svenska socialisten (Rockford, Ill.; Chicago, Ill.) 1905-1921 - (the Swedish socialist)

    Svenska tribunen (Chicago, Ill.) 1877-1906 - (the Swedish tribune)

    Svenska tribunen-nyheter (Chicago, Ill.) 1906-1922 - (the Swedish tribune-news)

    Texas posten (Austin, Tex.) 1896-1922 - (the Texas post)

    Vårt land (Jamestown, N.Y.) 1890-1920 - (Our country)

    Vestkusten (San Francisco, Calif.; Mill Valley, Calif.) 1887-1922 - (the West coast)

    Vestkusten (San Francisco, Calif.) 1887-1922

    Westerns tribun (Seattle, Wash.; Tacoma, Wash.) 1902-1903 - (the West's tribune)

    Westra posten (Seattle, Wash.) 1889-1902 - (the Western post)

    USS Houston Blue Bonnet Newsletter (1 July 1933–24 May 1941 incomplete run) images Free

    USS Cumberland Sound Crew's News (6 issues from 1945) PDFs under "Papers" Free


    American Legion Archive (1919–1949; 2003–2011) Free

    The American Legion (2003–2011)

    American Legion Magazine

    American Legion Monthly

    American Legion Weekly

    Christian Science Monitor (1908–1980) Pay and (1980– ) Pay

    Epoch Times Online Print Archive (2000– ) Free

    Obituary Central index only Free

    Newspaper Pictorials: World War I Rotogravures, 1914 to 1919 Free

    Stars and Stripes (1918–1919) Free

    Stars and Stripes (1942–1946, 1948–1999) Pay

    Transport Topics archival content


    USAToday (4/1987– ) Pay

    Variety (1906– ) Pay

    Wall Street Journal (1884–1989) in image and (1984– ) in text Pay


    Publicaciones Periódicas del Uruguay (1800's to 1999) 242 periodical publications of Uruguay in .pdf and .jpg. In Spanish. Free


    National Library of Vietnam newspapers (1890-2013) in Vietnamese Free

    Ánh sáng

    Cậu Ấm

    Công luận báo

    Cờ giải phóng


    Cứu Quốc

    Dân luận

    Dân quốc

    Dân thanh

    Duy Tân

    Đoàn Kết

    Đông Dương Tạp chí

    Đông Pháp thời báo

    Đông Phương

    Đông Thịnh

    Đồng Thanh

    Độc Lập

    Gia Định báo

    Hà Nội Mới

    Hà Thành ngọ báo

    Journal officiel de l'Indochine Française

    Khoa Học

    Kiến quốc

    Lao Động (1945-1953)

    Lao Động (1954-)


    Lục Tỉnh Tân Văn

    Mặt trận kinh tế

    Nam Kỳ tuần báo

    Ngày mới

    Ngày Nay

    Nhà giáo

    Nhân Dân

    Nhật Tân

    Nước Nam

    Phong Hóa

    Phóng sự

    Phú Thọ công thương

    Phụ Nữ Tân Văn

    Quân Đội Nhân Dân

    Quốc Hội

    Quyết chiến

    Quyết thắng

    Sài Gòn Giải phóng

    Sài Gòn

    Sài Thành nhật báo

    Sông Hồng

    Sông Hương

    Sự Thật

    Tân văn

    Thanh niên

    Thanh Nghệ Tĩnh tân văn

    Thời sự

    Thời vụ

    Tia Sáng

    Tiền Phong

    Tiểu Thuyết Thứ Bảy

    Tiếng gọi phụ nữ

    Tin mới

    Tràng An báo

    Trung Bắc Tân Văn

    Trung hòa nhật báo

    Tuần lễ

    Tuổi Trẻ

    Tự Do

    Việt Nam Dân Quốc Công Báo

    Vì nước

    Vịt Đực


    Catholic Newspapers Online portal


    Epoch Times Online Print Archive (2000– ) Free

    Family Search Digital Historical Newspapers

    Google Newspapers mixture of abstracts and full newspapers

    Handwritten Newspapers Project (59 BC–AD 2011) Free newspapers from all over the world; images of many

    Historic Mexican & Mexican American Press (mid-1800's–1970's) Free newspapers from Tucson, Arizona; Los Angeles and San Francisco, California; El Paso, Texas; and Sonora, Mexico

    Americas 2001

    Basta Ya!

    Boletín Oficial

    La Constitución


    Corazon de Aztlan

    La Cronica

    La Estrella de Occidente

    El Fronterizo (1882–1908; 1926–1929)

    El Hijo de El Fronterizo

    Hispano América

    El Independiente

    El Mosquito

    El Paso Morning Times (English and Spanish)

    El Pueblo

    La Prensa

    La Raza


    South Tucson's El Independiente

    El Tucsonense

    JTA Jewish News Archive Free full articles and pdf files

    Last Seen: Finding Family after Slavery Free

    Afro-American Ledger (Baltimore, Maryland)

    Black Republican (New Orleans, Louisiana)

    Chicago Defender (Chicago, Illinois)

    Christian Recorder (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania)

    Colored Citizen (Cincinnati, Ohio)

    Colored Tennessean (Nashville, Tennessee)

    Frederick Douglass' Paper (Rochester, New York)

    Free Man's Press (Galveston, Texas)

    National Era (Washington, D.C.)

    Provincial Freeman (Windsor/Toronto/Chatham, Canada West)

    Richmond Planet (Richmond, Virginia)

    South Carolina Leader (Charleston, South Carolina)

    Southwestern Christian Advocate (New Orleans, Louisiana)

    State Capitol (Springfield, Illinois)

    Mennonite Library and Archives German Mennonite newspapers


    Der Berg (1934-1940)

    Bericht über unsere Mennonitische Hilfskassev (1892-1906)

    Blätter für Religion und Erziehung (1870-1871)

    Christlicher Gemeinde-Kalender (1892-1900)

    Dein Reich Komme (1920-1921, 1937)

    Gemeindeblatt der Mennoniten (1871-1941)

    Gemeindebrief der Mennonitengemeinde zu Hamburg und Altona (1933-1950)

    Jahresbereicht der Konferenz der süddeutschen Mennoniten (1904-1920)

    Jahres-Bereicht der Vereinigng der Mennoniten-Gemeinden im deutschen Reich (1886-1932)

    Jahresbericht der Realanstalt am Donnersberg (1900-1904)

    Jahresbericht der Taufgesinnten Missionsgesellschaft (1912, 1917)

    Junge Gemeinde (1948-1953)

    Die Kauenhowen (1926)

    Menno-Blatt [Paraguay] (1931-1945)

    Der Mennonit (1948-1954)

    Mennonitenbrief aus Göttingen (1948)

    Mennonitische Blaetter (1854-1941)

    Mennonitische Geschichtsblaetter (1936-1940)

    Mennonitische Jugendwarte (1920-1939)

    Mennonitische Volkswarte [Canada] (1935-1936)

    Mennonitische Warte [Canada] (1938)

    Mennonitische Welt [Canada] (1950-1952)

    Mitteilungen des Sippenverbands der Danziger Mennoniten-Familien (1935-1944)

    Mitteilungsblatt der Berliner Mennoniten-Gemeinde (1936)

    Mittheilungen aus dem religiösen Leben (1848)

    Monatsblätter der Mennonitengemeinde Crefeld (1905-1907)

    Monatshefte der Comenius-Gesellschaft (1892-1893)

    Monatsschift für die evangelischen Mennoniten (1846-1848)

    Predigten aus Mennoniten-Gemeinden (1888-1899)

    Protokoll der Sitzung des Kuratoriums der Vereinigung der Mennoniten-Gemeinden im Deutschen Reich (1893-1914)

    Russische Blätter (1929)

    Unser Blatt (1947-1950)

    Warte Jahrbuch [Canada] (1943-1944)

    Zeitschrift für deutsche Mythologie und Sittenkunde (1853-1859)

    Newseum Free contains front pages of various newspapers

    Newspaper Abstracts Free volunteer-contributed newspaper abstracts and extracts from eight countries

    NewspaperArchive.com (1759– )

    Pay Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, South Africa, United Kingdom

    PressReader used for Press display

    The Olden Times Free scans of someone's personal newspaper collection of U.S., Australia, England, Ireland, Scotland

    Seventh-day Adventist Periodical Index (list of periodicals in the index ) Free index only

    World Newspaper Archive Pay historical newspapers published in Africa, Latin America, South Asia and other regions

    Elephind Free search engine for multiple digital newspaper collections (federated search). Library of Congress Chronicling America, National Library of Australia Trove, New Zealand Papers Past, and others. More pages added daily.

    News magazines

    Time (magazine); (1923– ) in text

    Free to subscribers , this is a rare all-text archive, needs some OCR correction

    Newsweek ; (1990– ) in text Free

    U.S. News & World Report ;


    Comprehensive list

    Library of Congress

    See also

    Newspaper digitization

    Wikipedia:Free English newspaper sources

    A Brief History of Newspapers

    List of online magazines

    List of online image archives

    National Digital Newspaper Program

    Wikipedia:Newspapers and magazines request service



    Online newspaper

    Online magazine


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    External links

    Footnote's Historic Newspaper Archives

    Free Newspaper Archives in the US

    Free Online Newspaper Archives

    Newspapers from various libraries across Europe

    Google News Archive

    Historical Newspapers Online

    Historical U.S. Newspapers Online [ dead link ]

    Historical U.S. Newspapers Online: Filterable Database, Map, Timeline [ dead link ]

    ICON — Newspaper digitization projects, past, present and prospective


    Quiosc — Press. Newspapers and magazines

    Readex America's Historical Newspapers

    ELEPHIND Free worldwide federated search of many digital historical newspaper collections

    Bangladeshi Online Education News Portal

    Newsography Online International Current Affairs News Database

    Historical U.S. Newspapers -- Yesteryear Chronicle expands search capabilities of Chronicling America

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