• Adam and Eve, Norwich

    Adam and Eve is a pub in the city of

    Norwich , England. It is located in Bishopgate, close to Norwich Cathedral, the Great Hospital and Norwich Crown Court. It is widely claimed to be the oldest pub in the city, [1] with the earliest known reference made in 1249. [2][3]


    The earliest reference to a tavern on its site was in 1241 or 1249 as a brewhouse used by workmen building the nearby cathedral. [1] The brewhouse was owned by Benedictine monks at the nearby Great Hospital. [2] It was the last pub in Norwich to serve ale from the barrel, until a bar was installed in 1971. [4]


    The pub seen today is a 17th-century building constructed from brick and flint with later additions such as Dutch gables . A Saxon well is located beneath the lower bar floor. [2]


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